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By Greg L | 11 April 2011 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | No Comments

Not many things bug me more than when people who are supposed to be able to think for themselves swallow obvious leftist inanities without hint a critical thought.  Such is the case with Bacon’s Rebellion today, a Virginia blog that at least used to receive widespread acclaim for thoughtful analysis.  When the wildly partisan leftist Commonwealth Institute puts out a policy report, this isn’t something you just skim over and do a drive-by article on.  It’s an easy target you blast at with a twelve gauge, if that’s the smallest weapon at your disposal, lest someone get the idea reading isn’t your strong suit.

Particularly if your reputation as an author involves finance and public policy.

When less-than-credible leftists start screaming that there’s an eight billion dollar structural deficit in the Virginia budget an understandable first reaction is to involuntarily guffaw.  Repeating that kind of nonsense risks making you the object of ridicule.  But let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and take a look at what Bacon’s Rebellion took from the report, just in case the stars made that certain rare alignment, time caught up to the stopped clock, and Al Gore invented something useful.

Ok, suspending disbelief was certainly uncalled for here.  This is the biggest bunch of baloney I’ve ever heard from the left.  Essentially their problem is that after the gargantuan spending hikes by the Warner and Kaine administrations we not only failed to keep spending that high during an economic downturn, but we failed to continue raising taxes at the same clip we were before.  That’s where the $8 billion comes from.  If we kept growing state spending at the same reckless clip of Kaine, we’d be fine somehow, and since we’re not, that creates a structural deficit.

Wow.  Seriously?  I’ve heard all sort of silliness from big government, raise-your-taxes-through-the-roof types before, but nothing ever approaching this breathless insanity.  I think even Maryland decided to cut spending somewhat during the past few years.  Continuing to raise spending at the state level as if you’re the federal government, which not only doesn’t have to balance their budget, but lately hasn’t even bothered to adopt a budget at all is utter lunacy.  I’ve never heard of anyone trying to peddle this kind of garbage, and I’ve heard a lot of strange things coming out of the left over the years.

If one of the left-wing nutroots decided to trumpet this idiocy, I wouldn’t bat an eye.  They do it all the time.  To see a blog that has had a reputation for conservative thought buying into this absolute nonsense is stunning, though.  If someone who apparently bothered to learn enough to decide they’re a conservative and then managed to write a whole lot of prose about conservative thought decides that socialism is cool, you know you’ve got a problem in the movement.  The same dumbing down of America is slowly gutting the conservative movement.

Perhaps that’s how Massachusetts ended up with RomneyCare. Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong here.  I like hearing new ideas, having my ideas challenged, and the intellectual growth that comes from it.  I’ll talk about all sorts of ideas.  The debate about socialism is long over however, and I’m not rehashing that conversation.  When someone gets the idea that a key metric to good governance and fiscal responsibility is making sure spending rises as fast as possible, regardless of the economic conditions, that’s socialism.  Maybe not right away, but you run out of other people’s money awfully darned fast this way.

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