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More Catch-And-Release With Illegal Aliens?

By Greg L | 18 May 2011 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 17 Comments

Some years ago the General Assembly passed a measure that established a “rebuttable presumption” that illegal aliens wouldn’t be able to qualify for bail.  They’re clearly flight risks. During those discussions I also heard a number of law enforcement professionals discussing how they are required to positively establish the identity of all persons detained for a violation of the law and that it would be negligent in almost all cases for them to release an illegal alien on a summons because of the huge difficulty in establishing any certainty about the identity of these “undocumented” persons.  The amount of identity fraud within this population is astronomical.

So imagine my surprise when this snippet of a patch article grabs my attention:

In 2010, 1357 suspected illegal aliens were charged with a violation of law. Of that number, 1233 were physically arrested and 124 were released on a summons. Deane said that of all persons arrested or summonsed, 2.4 percent were suspected to lack legal status.

The Prince William County Police are releasing suspected illegal aliens who violate a state or local law on a summons?  In addition to wondering how many of these folks actually appear, why in the heck would they be releasing suspected illegal aliens on a summons in the first place?

I hope the nominal bosses of Good Time Charlie start asking some questions about this.

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  1. Maureen said on 18 May 2011 at 8:55 pm:
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    It would be interesting to see if those released showed up at court and if any of the released illegal aliens committed another crime

  2. VA_Magoo said on 19 May 2011 at 7:22 am:
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    1357 “suspected Illegals” and only 2.4 percent were suspected of illegal status? What kinda of double speak is that? 1357 “suspected illegals” were arrested and charged with a violation of the law. Would that charge be “Illegally entering the Commonwealth of Virginia”? or was it some other “petty” crime? It appears to me that they are either arresting a very large portion of the population as a “suspected illegal” and only finding 2.4% of them as actually illegal (hard to believe).
    Or they arrested 100% of them on a charge of suspected illegal entry into our country. SO which is it?

  3. Patty said on 19 May 2011 at 8:00 am:
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    News Flash…

    The Prince William County Police no longer publicizes legal status of those arrested (illegal aliens). They will publish the perp’s mug shot and address but if they are here illegally they will not publish that at all. The cite privacy issues.

    I think the readers need to contact Chairman Stewart, their county supervisor and the Chief to complain.

  4. DPortM said on 19 May 2011 at 6:34 pm:
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    Patty is correct. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the immigration status of persons arrested is no longer being identified in the newspaper?

    The PWCPD won’t release immigration status information either and they ask you to contact ICE.

    If you want to find out legal status, you must submit a FOIA request.

    You really have to love the “transparency” of this administration.

  5. Anonymous said on 19 May 2011 at 8:03 pm:
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    Sounds like DOUBLE SPEAK!!!

  6. Maureen said on 20 May 2011 at 7:33 pm:
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    I believe that since we are finally getting real statistical information on illegals in the county ICE wants to shut the process down. I also believe that dots will be connected and we will be very unhappy with how few illegals are being deported.

    This is a sham. Napalitano doesn’t want the public to know that some illegal aliens are not here to just work. The public outcry when an illegal commits a henious crime needs to be silenced.

    The May day march in California this year brought thousands if illegal aliens out carrying signs promoting communism. There is no algience to this country from most illegal aliens.

  7. Black Saint said on 21 May 2011 at 6:51 pm:
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    Mexicans and Hispanics sneak into this country because they have breed their selves out of living space and turned their country into a Cesspool and Third World Slum so they cross the Border to repeat the process and do the same for this Nation.

    When they cross the Border they are met by our Corrupt/Treasonous/Lawless politicians usually a Democrat with open arms and a welfare check followed by CoC Republican to hire them at slave labor wages.

    The Government force American citizens pay the medical bills for their Prolific breeding and provide welfare and education for their anchor spawn.

    They earn more here in a half day’s work than they do in a week at home. The water is cleaner, the medical care (which they get for FREE) is much better, they get low-cost (or free) housing, don’t pay taxes, drive without licenses and insurance, attend schools for free (with 2-3 daily meals included, courtesy of Uncle Sam), get welfare, food stamps etc, etc.

    For all of this royal treatment, are they grateful? OF COURSE NOT. THEY’RE CONSTANTLY FURIOUS AT Us Protesting and demanding More, waving Mexican flags in our face while turning this Nation into the same type of Cesspool & Third World Slum they have created in their own countries, that they are now fleeing!

    We’ve given them the shirt off every taxpayer’s back, but they want MORE. Why do legal American CITIZENS that have obeyed our laws, fought the wars and with Blood, Sweat and Tears built this Nation not have the right to get angry, without being called RACIST by the Liberals & other Illegal loving, American hater,s?

    Tens of thousands American Families Homeless, 17 million American citizens unemployed & losing everything while millions of American kids living in poverty, but our Politicians allow the largest invasion in World history, at any Time, any place, by any means, as Millions of Criminals and Uneducated Third World Parasites march across our Borders to take our Jobs, drive our Standard of living to third world standards, overwhelm our schools, our hospitals, ER rooms, flood our prisons, cost us Billions in Welfare to provide medical, schooling, etc while destroying our culture and turning this Nation into the same type of Third World Slum they are fleeing!

    So why shouldn’t Americans be upset and hold our Corrupt/Treasonous/Lawless politicians accountable for their Treason in refusing to abide by our Constitution Article IV Section IV against invasion. refuse to enforce our Immigration Laws and refuse to honor their Oath of Office!

    We should demand arrest, impeachment and charges of Treason against all living Presidents and Pro Illegal Aliens politicians from coast to coast!

    But nothing will change as long as votes and money are more important than American citizens lives and the future of this Nation to our Corrupt/Treasonous Politicians which include many Republicans and 99.9% of Democrat politicians!

    What is a few deaths like the estimated 25 American killed each day by Illegal Aliens and the tens of thousands robberies, rapes, identify thief etc. etc and the 100,s of billions in cost of benefits for the invaders as compared to the Democrats requirement for Uneducated, Prolific breeding, Welfare Democrat voters or Businesses and the CoC love of Slave labor with 80% of their cost paid by tax payers!

  8. Hillel said on 23 May 2011 at 7:41 am:
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    Black Saint,
    Your clear hateful prejudice is shining through. Pretty ugly as a matter of fact. I feel sorry for you, to harbor so much hatred in your soul.

  9. Cynic said on 23 May 2011 at 9:41 am:
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    Yes, being opposed to the illegal invaders who commit all these crimes against U. S. Citizens is “hateful prejudice”.

    Only a liberal could come with that application and interpretation.

  10. elkulion said on 24 May 2011 at 10:45 am:
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    what a bunch of ignorants, stop wasting your time writing nonsenses

  11. Maureen said on 24 May 2011 at 7:56 pm:
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    @ elkulion what do you consider nonsense? The issue of illegal immigration?

  12. Anonymous said on 26 May 2011 at 5:38 am:
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    I am shocked, with the latest illegal alien child rapist in Manassas Park there have been 5 illegal aliens charged with raping children in Prince William county in the past month with nary a word from anyone including this blog. Inside Nova didn’t report one of them (thanks Washington Post) and disables comments on any Hispanic named crime reported.

  13. Cynic said on 26 May 2011 at 8:35 pm:
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    Anonymous, probably as you wrote your words, the POST and the other supporters of illegals were developing defensive strategies for those illegals charged with child rape.

    Please keep in mind that the supporting cast of these illegal invaders most likely considers your statement as nothing more than “clear hateful prejudice”.

  14. Black Saint said on 27 May 2011 at 10:51 am:
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    The 20 to 30 million Uneducated Illegal Aliens and Criminals are parasites on American tax payers that is providing them free Medical, Free Education for their numerous children, Food stamps, Welfare, Prison cells, in school meals, interpreters, documents in their language etc. etc, and like all parasites they will eventually destroy their host.

    This country is getting more like Mexico and Latin American every day and with amnesty, alone with chain immigration, and a prolific breeding rate, in a few years will be another Spanish speaking Third World Slum modeled on Mexico.

    Our Presidents, Past & Present and most Democrat Politicians alone with many Republicans aids, abets,encourages & sanction this invasion by failing to defend our borders, by refusing to enforce our immigration Laws, by providing 100,s of billions in benefits to the invaders & by Promising them Amnesty & American Citizenship as a reward for their Invasion & for committing numerous Felones & Crimes against American Citizens!

    All living Presidents both Republican and Democrat has gave nothing but a wink and nod to abiding by our Constitution against Invasion, enforcing our Immigration Laws and honoring their Oath of Office.

    Allowing millions of criminals and third world parasites walk across our Borders to take our Jobs, drive our Standard of living to third world standards, overwhelm our schools, our hospitals, ER rooms, flood our prisons, cost us Billions in Welfare to provide medical, schools, and thousands of American citizens to be Robbed, Raped and Slaughter by the invading horde of Criminals and third world Parasites!

    All living Presidents should be arrested and tried for Treason (none were worse than Bush Jr. the Stupid the big spending elitist RINO born with a golden foot in his mouth and a weak brain and Obama the Radical Kenya American hating Socialist) gave a fast but fair trial then a long drop with a sudden stop at the end of a strong rope!

    Our borders would be secured within a very short time and our immigration laws enforced and American citizens could start living without the massive crime and cost imposed by the invading horde and once again have, at least, a chance of pursuing the American dream!

  15. Cynic said on 27 May 2011 at 4:53 pm:
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  16. Vigilent1 said on 29 May 2011 at 2:03 pm:
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    Hillel said on 23 May 2011 at 7:41 am:

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    Black Saint,
    Your clear hateful prejudice is shining through. Pretty ugly as a matter of fact. I feel sorry for you, to harbor so much hatred in your soul.

    What has Black Saint said that is not true? Perhaps you dislike knowing the truth. The truth will set you free!

  17. Cynic said on 31 May 2011 at 6:05 pm:
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    Could one of our fine Economist give us an estimate on how much this trafficking activity contributes to our GDP?

    Good to see this stellar contribution to the Capital Region.

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