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Latest Democrat Candidate Drama: Murderer For School Board

30 June 2011 | Fairfax County | 11 Comments

Democrats sure do put forward some interesting candidates, and when those candidates suddenly disappear there’s usually a fascinating story behind it.  Today’s installment of “When Democrats Go Bad” involves Charisse Espy Glassman, the Gerry Connolly-endorsed candidate for the Fairfax County School Board who suddenly was taken out of contention for the nomination.  Despite getting a […]

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When Pictures Tell The Story

30 June 2011 | Prince William County | 4 Comments

So I happen across some pictures of a campaign kickoff that features the rock star of Virginia politics Ken Cuccinelli.  You’d think the overflow crowds would spill out in to the parking lot at an event like this, as Ken doesn’t just show up for anyone.  You gotta be pretty special to get the Cooch.  […]

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Spreading The Wealth Around

29 June 2011 | Fairfax County | 15 Comments

Fairfax County taxpayers must feel mighty proud that they’re providing these kinds of amenities for low-income residents, even if many of them can’t afford such luxury themselves. WMAL shines the light on taxpayers providing “resort-style swimming pools with fountains and heated spas, billiards rooms, granite counter tops, ceramic tile, indoor basketball courts, and stainless […]

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Get Involved!

29 June 2011 | RPV | 12 Comments

Tenth District Chairman Howie Lind recorded a series of short videos that urge grass-roots Republicans to get involved in this year’s elections and this is the first installment. This message is absolutely on the mark — this is an important election and we all need to be activists this year.

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Campaign Competency In Gainesville

26 June 2011 | Prince William County | 15 Comments

If a campaign is like a job interview, then in modern politics an internet presence might well be the equivalent of a cover letter.  Some candidates make the cut to the interview stage based on how well they express themselves, but for some a badly-written letter or the apparent inability of a candidate to supply […]

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Jo-Ann Chase’s Pit Stop in Bizarro World

26 June 2011 | Jo-Ann Chase, Loudoun County, Virginia House, Prince William County | 9 Comments

An incident I heard about today reinforces a pattern of behavior I’ve noticed over the past years and voters in the 87th House District would do well to take note.  When someone seems to repeatedly experience unusual difficulty in differentiating between fact and fiction, they really aren’t someone you’d consider qualified to exercise any degree […]

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Whoever Supports Marty Nohe Is Nuts

21 June 2011 | Prince William County | 36 Comments

Here’s a little blast from the past for those out there who seem to have forgotten that Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe turned out to be a big moral supporter of the illegal alien lobby back during the debate over the Rule of Law Resolution. When the illegal alien lobby got all worried that […]

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Chris Royse Kickoff Speech

21 June 2011 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

Chris Royse kicked off his campaign at the McCoart building today alongside a majority of the current members of the Board of Supervisors and I was able to be there. Without naming Principi’s predecessor Hilda Barg by name, Royse made some strong distinctions between the level of service given to constituents by Barg and […]

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Bob Pugh Money Bomb

20 June 2011 | Prince William County | 6 Comments

Challenger candidates are by default at a distinct campaign funding disadvantage, and in this race that’s especially true given that Marty Nohe has been carrying water for development interests for years and receives a majority of his campaign funding from them and businesses profiting from cheap illegal alien labor.  Bob has a tough challenge to […]

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Gerry Connolly’s Laser-Like Focus

19 June 2011 | Gerry Connolly | No Comments

Inspiration from a press release from Vaughn for Congress.

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What the Heck???

19 June 2011 | Prince William County | 10 Comments

Sometimes I have to wonder whether the Prince William County School board collectively has a lick of sense.  There are some people on the board I respect very much yet it is exceedingly frustrating to see reports like the one appearing in today’s InsideNOVA that make me wonder whether the inmates have taken over the […]

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Jeanine Lawson Money Bomb

18 June 2011 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

This weekend let’s help out one of the great insurgent campaigns in Prince William County. If you can spare a few bucks Jeanine Lawson can really use your help. Her opponent in the race has a significant funding advantage because of developer contributions and it is up to the grass roots to make […]

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

17 June 2011 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Seeing that all the political developments over the past few weeks have quite a few folks worked up a bit, perhaps it’s time to slow down and just enjoy something for a moment or two. Here’s something I put together for my church that helps explain what our building program […]

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Steve Hunt For Senate

17 June 2011 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

Folks in Fairfax County have some great candidates to choose from this year, and one of my favorites is Steve Hunt. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet Steve is one of the warmest, most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. I had a chance to do […]

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Townhouses or Telecomm?

17 June 2011 | Local Economy, Prince William County | 21 Comments

Guest commentary by Bob Pugh, candidate for the Republican nomination for Coles District Supervisor.
A surprising, but welcome new phenomenon is being seen here and there; only a little at first but hopefully something that will grow.  It is insourcing of jobs and bringing them back to America.  This article on CNN’s website today cites some […]

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PWC Candidates Certified

16 June 2011 | Prince William County | 23 Comments

For most of the races in Prince William County, the list of certified candidates is now official.  About the only deviation from conventional wisdom is that Corey Stewart will not be facing a challenger for the Republican nomination for County Chairman.  The rest of the candidate list is pretty much as expected, with contested nominations […]

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Notes From The PWCRC Meeting

14 June 2011 | PWCRC | 6 Comments

Chris Royse made his official announcement of his campaign for Woodbridge Supervisor at last night’s meeting of the Prince William County Republican Committee, and while I wasn’t set up to record video I figured that readers would be interested in seeing what he had to say even if the footage isn’t quite up to my […]

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George Barker’s Class Act

14 June 2011 | 39th VA Senate | 7 Comments

When Sen. George Barker has town hall meetings where he is asked to explain why he drew such ridiculous and undemocratic district lines, his staff apparently tries to block anyone attending that meeting from filming his remarks. Perhaps constituents should show up in greater numbers, ask even more pointed questions, and all bring video […]

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Chris Royse Will DUMP THE CHUMP!

12 June 2011 | Prince William County | 5 Comments

Virtucon has the breaking story and plenty of analysis this evening about Chris Royse’s announcement that he is running against Frank Principi for Woodbridge Supervisor.  The most fascinating part of Virtucon’s story is that former Woodbridge Supervisor Hilda Barg (a Democrat) is reported to be absolutely furious with Principi and will not be supporting him.

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The Culture of the Cover Up - A Tricky Spin on Weiner

12 June 2011 | National Politics | 6 Comments

Guest post by Sanford D. Horn
A Weiner by any other name is still a Nixon.
In this, the month of the cover up of all cover ups, US Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) should have learned a lesson from history that the cover up and subsequent lies are typically worse than the original act.
June 17, 1972 – […]

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