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A Tea Party Democrat In Fairfax

By Greg L | 14 July 2011 | DPVA, Fairfax County, Virginia House | 5 Comments

More details are emerging about the political pedigree of Democrat Eric Clingan, who is running against Jim LeMunyon in the 67th House District, and Democrats are utterly aghast.  For some unfathomable reason Brian Moran has managed to recruit the former head of the Arizona State College Republicans to run as a Democrat in Northern Virginia.  I guess Moran doesn’t know enough fellow lefty liberals, and is now relegated to mining candidates from the tea party.

Clingan was a somewhat prolific writer for the Arizona Wildcat, the ASU campus newspaper, and frequently commented on political topics leaving quite a trail of commentary.  Democrats have picked up on the trail and emails are flying among them as they try to figure out how they can revoke their nomination.  The deadlines have passed however, so they’re pretty much stuck with Brian Moran’s terrific Democrat candidate.  Their standard-bearer is now someone who thinks Bill Clinton is a thug, environmentalists are granola-crunching commies, and abortion is murder.  Heck, Clingan might well be to the right of Jim Lemunyon on many issues from the looks of his writings.

Simply put, our general reluctance to take responsibility for our actions, combined with an increasing disrespect for the sanctity of life is yielding deadly consequences. Prom queens, sorority sisters, as well as crackheads have heartlessly executed their innocent infants, robbing them of a sole glimpse of sunlight… At the heart of these events of infanticide lies America’s curse — this country’s blind reliance on abortion as a means to an end, while all too easily dismissing the ethical questions such an act inevitably poses… Some evidence of an ethical conundrum can be found in the procedure known as ‘Partial-Birth Abortion.’ This act allows the partial removal of a baby, often one month from its natural arrival, with the express intent to destroy its capacity for life. The ethical difficulty arises when one tries to draw a distinction between an 8-month-old ‘fetus’ and an 8-second-old ‘baby.’ If a doctor can earn a living from this practice, why can’t an 18-year-old prom queen induce her own labor with similar intent?” (”On the Ethics of Baby Killing,” Arizona Daily Wildcat, Nov. 18, 1997)

I’m certain Democrats won’t easily tolerate such heresy, as I haven’t seen a pro-life Northern Virginia Democrat nominated in quite a long time.  There are a few pro-life Democrat incumbents out there, but they haven’t faced a nomination battle in more than two decades.  While diversity of opinion might rarely be tolerated in regards to abortion, I haven’t ever seen any diversity of opinions on environmentalism from Virginia Democrats, but now they’re about to get it by the bucket-full.

“It is at this point that environmentalism normally cedes to socialism, complete with its outdated dreams of property redistribution and confiscatory governmental policies… Clearly, today’s brand of environmentalism has gone too far. It lacks the logical, cohesive base required for adaptability to the art of compromise, a trait shared with their pet species of the day… In between mouthfuls of tofu and granola, some environmentalists are busy braiding hemp while others chain themselves to trees in ridiculous efforts to bring back the lonely last vestiges of their parents’ ‘Summer of Love’ ’60s. Instead of tie-dye and dirty dreadlocks hidden under headgear resembling a Jiffy Pop container, these fringe groups would do their cause a greater service by donning ties and corporate haircuts and coming to the table to negotiate a settlement ostensibly palatable to all sides” (”The dodo and the pygmy: A modern fable,” Arizona Daily Wildcat, Jan. 21, 1998)

Now isn’t this rich:  A Democrat calling environmentalists a bunch of socialists.  I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing signs popping up in Centreville emblazoned with “Democrats for LeMunyon?”  The best I’ve saved for last, though.  Bill Clinton is a liberal Democrat hero, someone revered among their intellectual leaders, and disrespect for this impeached serial philanderer is not at all to be tolerated within the Democrat party.  So here’s Eric Clingan on Bill Clinton:

They came to Washington, DC, in 1993. Joyfully, they rode the tide of a new idealism, promising to change the way business is done on the Potomac. Among other watery pontifications, President Clinton promised a cabinet that ‘looks like America.’ Six years later, that idealism has sunk, leaving the swampy riverside brown, dirty, and scummy. If his cabinet ‘looks like America,’ Bill Clinton sees his country as one made of greedy thieves, corrupt liars and political prostitutes” (”A left-wing conspiracy,” Arizona Daily Wildcat, Feb. 18, 1998)

Democrats in Northern Virginia are just thrilled this week as Brian Moran and the DPVA have once again managed to screw the pooch with candidate recruitment.  He can’t find a single liberal to run for office in Centreville?  Even John Frey, the Republican supervisor there, is advocating for a day laborer center for illegal aliens to unlawfully obtain work in a controlled and comfortable environment!  Instead, Brian and the DPVA recruit someone who had lead a chapter of the College Republicans and who writes like a tea party guy to run as a Democrat.  The Democrat grass-roots are absolutely furious.  One of them characterized this to me as “epic fail,” and despite how overused that term is, it really does fit here.

I think Republicans are going to have a great November this year, as Democrats are actively trying to do everything they can to defeat themselves.

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  1. Get Bullwinkle! said on 14 Jul 2011 at 10:23 pm:
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    Seems much like tactics of modern Russia. If party cannot find person to run try to make as much confusion as possible. That way people see election as joke and stop participating.

    Stalin would be proud of Mr. Moran. He learns the lessons well.

  2. Not Really said on 15 Jul 2011 at 5:26 am:
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    We’ll assume someone was smart enough not to leak the best quotes, but is saving them until perhaps October 15th or so.

  3. G.Stone said on 15 Jul 2011 at 9:10 am:
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    Taking a page from the Rham Emanuel playbook ? Maybe .

  4. debbie c said on 17 Jul 2011 at 8:51 pm:
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    I am a Dem who used to be in Delegate Plum’s district and now I’ve been redistricted into Delegate LeMunyon’s. He seems like a good guy, but honestly, I would like a credible Democrat to vote for. Can’t we do better than this?

  5. Matt K. said on 9 Aug 2011 at 8:04 pm:
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    [You I know only the government (and not a private citizen) can infringe on my 1st Amendment rights, I hope in the name of respectful disagreement, you are willing to post my below opinion…..]

    I’m glad that no one is holding me to whatever ideas I espoused during my college days. I enjoyed my undergrad years as an opportunity to challenge myself, challenge ideas, and challenge others. Some of the opinions I held freshmen year had softened, hardened, or even changed 180 degrees at the time I graduated after senior year of college. Back then, I had friends from all types of circles, and I’m the better now for it. I recall stting in my college dorm when a conservative friend nearly had me in tears when she described the horror of a partial birth abortion; I also recall another college friend who was led the “pro-woman” campus group getting me worried that the government would force a rape victim to deliver the baby and deny her the right to choose. I learned that there are two sides to many issues, that people I valued and liked may have wildly diametic opinions, and that I matured intellectually by listening, putting forth, and debating such ideas. And yes, I observed that passionate people excited about issues talk and write in animated ways.

    Here, you criticize Democratic candidate Eric Clingan for some opinions he made in a college newspaper about 15 years ago, when the Internet was a novelty and when the Redskins’ Super Bowl glory seemed like it just happened. You call him a “Tea Party Democrat”? Really? First, I say take with a grain of salt what a guy wrote about in college. Second, so what if Mr. Clingan was involved in a leadership role in the College Republicans? Oh no, he was a leader back then?! And, oh no, those College Republicans surely were up to no good! Third, the fact he apparently has grown in this political views could be seen by some reasonable folks as a sign of intellectual maturity. I wish more politicians would be open to the slight possibility that the other side of the aisle might just have a good idea or two.

    Finally, let’s consider the substance (to the extent that a brief college newspaper article can be examined for lots of substance) of what Mr. Clingan wrote. No offense intended to Mr. Clingan’s college writing style, but the above passages he apparently penned in the late 1990s are a bit overloaded with creative yet flowery metaphors
    and rhetoric. It’s almost as if he was an opinionated young man trying to find his voice. Looking past this, here’s the apparent substence of Eric Clingan’s college views on the following policial issues, as I see it having read and re-read the above quotes you cite above:
    (#1) Abortion- People should not lightly disregard the moral implications of abortion. Partial-birth abortion raises very, very important ethical issues.
    (#2) Environment- Treehuggers in 1998 who lack a cohesive base are ineffective, and are more concerned with a hollow effort to recapture the 60’s than in meaningful change. Government takings of people’s property has gone too far.
    (#3) Bill Clinton- Clinton failed to live up to the idealism with which he came into office. There were a number of scandals surrounding the Clinton Administration.

    Geez–you have uncovered a number of smoking guns! Do you prefer Democrat candidates who instead profess things like ‘abortion is no big deal, just do it’ and ‘Bill Clinton never did anything wrong’?!? C’mon.

    If your goal is to drive liberals insane, and in your heart and mind you think Mr. Clingan is truly to the right of his Republican opponent, then perhaps you should donate or otherwise support Clingan’s candidacy. Indeed, I suspect you only want to stir the pot and criticize the Democrat party, kinda like a perhaps overzealous college student.

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