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Jason Flanary Gets Slammed

By Greg L | 28 July 2011 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 2 Comments

Mason Conservative has a fascinating story up tonight about how 37th Senate District candidate Jason Flannary stole content from a radio ad from Wisconsin and sold it to a candidate running in the 6th District.  I’m stunned.  When you rip off content and resell it to someone else not only do you put your client in legal jeopardy and embarrass them, but your client’s ad has to get pulled and their campaign plan is thrown into chaos.  A “lapse” of judgment (to put it mildly) as this has got to raise serious questions about Jason Flanary’s fitness for elected office.

The other item in this post talks about how Flanary was consulting for the Chamber of Commerce that quite predictably wanted to push a tax hike in order to fund transportation.  That I don’t have an issue with, as consultants don’t necessarily have to agree on everything their client is doing, they just have to do a good job promoting their interests.  It’s really nice when you agree with everything a client is doing, but holding a consultant responsible for the opinions of their clients is a little bit much.

Compared to outright theft, that’s so insignificant it’s really not worth mentioning.  To me the story begins and ends with someone trying to profit from theft who then tries to run for the Senate of Virginia.

Can you tell the primary season is heating up?  It’s going to be like this all the way to the end of August.

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  1. Lovettsville Lady said on 28 Jul 2011 at 11:01 pm:
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    WOW. I’ve always liked and respected Steve Hunt and I know he would make a good rep in Richmond. I have NO question about his morals. Jason Flannary sounds VERY questionable. I’ll stick with the proven good guy, Steve Hunt.

  2. Chris said on 29 Jul 2011 at 9:20 am:
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    Greg, here is my thing about the lobbying. The guy was clearly planning a political career, and had been working for Tim Hugo in the past. Despite that, he still takes a job that leads to slinging higher taxes on the people he one day hopes to represent. THAT brings some serious questions up, as well. I take your point well, but in contrast to Steve Hunt its quite stunning.

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