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10th District Facts Vs. Reality

By Greg L | 17 August 2011 | Loudoun County, Virginia House | 1 Comment

 As the primary approaches in the 10th District, facts are getting sacrificed on the altar of political expediency, as often happens.  Here’s a little cheat sheet to keep things straight.

Assertion: Randy Minchew said at the 10th district debate he was only for the voters choosing on the sales tax referendum not the actually raising taxes.

Fact: Randy wrote an op-ed saying, “This is a tax increase I can support.” He also publicy debated Bob Marshall in favor of the tax increase.

Assertion: Randy has said he never gave money to Democrats.

Fact: Campaign finance reports show that Randy did in fact give money to Democrats. Either the campaign finance reports are wrong or Randy is lying.

Assertion: Randy was part of Bob McDonnell’s economic team.

Fact: Randy was a deputy counsel to the Governor. He had nothing to do with crafting economic or transportation policy.

Assertion: Randy Minchew cannot spell.

Fact: Actually, this is true. Randy’s campaign misspelled Lansdowne as Landsdowne. Randy also misspelled the word judgment in his next mailer. Perhaps someone needs hooked on phonics.

I hope this helps voters sort out some of the rhetoric flying in this campaign.

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