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General Election Outlook in PWC

By Greg L | 28 August 2011 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

Now that primaries are behind us it’s time to look ahead to the contests in November happening in Prince William County.  Some are going to be snoozers, but there are a couple that could be pretty exciting, and are certainly worth your time as a volunteer.  Don’t sit on the sidelines when the stakes are so high this year.

State Senate: this is where the real excitement will be this cycle.  The Jeff Frederick race against Toddy Puller and the impending Miller Baker takedown of George Barker are the most competitive and meaningful races in the county this cycle.  Both of them are positioned to put up a strong challenge, crushed their opponents in the primary, and both of them could win in November.  Dick Black should easily dispatch his Democratic opponent in the 13th District with his brigade of volunteers, and Tom Gordy (who I like a whole lot and strongly support) is on the other end of the spectrum really facing a tough uphill battle against Chuck Colgan that was joined rather late.  Richard Stuart in the 28th doesn’t have an opponent as far as I can tell.  Best use of your time is helping Miller Baker (39th) and Jeff Frederick (36th).

House of Delegates:  Fights in the 13th District (Bob Marshall) and the 87th District (David Ramadan) should be interesting, but Republicans are favored here.  Scott Lingamfelter (31st District) will mount Roy Coffey on his mantle with little difficulty (other than getting carcass above shoulder-height), and Mark Dudenhefer will crush the open borders communist (no exaggeration here) running against him in the new 2nd District easily.  Cleveland Anderson has a tough fight to unseat Luke Torian in the 52nd, but he is working hard and might pull it off.  Rich Anderson and Jackson Miller are unopposed.  If you’re looking for a house race to get involved with, your best opportunity to make a difference is in the 52nd, 87th and 13th Districts.

County Chairman: Corey Stewart is in pretty good shape against Babur Lateef who is under investigation by one of the Commonwealth’s Attorney offices.  Ebert won’t talk about it, uncharacteristically, but this is a fellow Democrat after all.  Dems are in despair they’re stuck with this left winger with a huge ethical cloud hanging over him, and although Lateef is good at raising money it seems his campaign is in slow motion.  Corey is in good shape at this point.

Supervisor: Chris Royse is mounting a strong challenge in Woodbridge against Frank Principi and Peter Candland has a democrat opponent in the open seat in Gainesville.  There’s also an independent challenger taking on Marty Nohe, but that doesn’t seem to be getting in to gear.  Chris Royse needs the help and is in a good position to take out the horrid Principi, Candland seems to be in decent shape but can use your help since the Dem didn’t have to burn through cash in a primary, and if you really dislike Nohe there’s somewhere for you to burn your excess energy.

School Board: A few challengers have cropped up, but the only one worth mentioning is Alyson Satterwhite who is in great shape to take down the AWFUL Don Richardson in Gainesville.  Places to help are the campaigns for Milt Johns, Gil Trenum, and Lisa Bell as well as Alyson Satterwhite.  (slightly off topic, if you’re in the Coles District and want to serve on the math curriculum committee, Dr. Otaigbe’s looking for someone).

Sheriff: Glen Hill has a free ride this time.  That’s not much different than the circumstance when he has an opponent.  UPDATE: Apparently last cycle’s joke candidate Mark Messier is running - this time as an independent - as this election cycle’s joke candidate.  I guess that explains some of the nonsense showing up in the comments section.  I really don’t relish Messier’s trolls being unleashed again as they were beyond annoying with their fanciful fabrications four years ago.

Commonweath’s Attorney: of course no one qualified is going to run against Paul Ebert given the obvious and well documented tremendous risk to your law practice if you lose to him.  Write-in Ham Sandwich for PWC Commonwealth’s Attorney in November.  If he gets beaten by a deli product, then we might actually have a chance to make a choice at a later time that would be other than this corrupt bum.

Soil and Water Board:  Steve Danziger, Austin Haynes and John Pickeral are running for re-election, and not surprisingly I haven’t heard about anyone running against them.  Since they’re very likely to get the Republican nominations, they’re pretty much a shoo-in.  Glad to see it.

Pick a campaign or two and get involved, as these elections are coming up quick and these campaigns can always use a bit more help.  If you’re a patriot who cares, you’ll pick at least two, and one of them will be a Senate race.  Kicking Dick Saslaw out of the Senate Majority Leader spot is of critical importance this year if we are to do anything meaningful about illegal immigration and a host of other issues where the Democrat majority has been at best a difficult roadblock to overcome.  If you don’t have time, you probably have some spare change you can give to these excellent candidates, and if you’re broke your time is very valuable to them as well.

Just don’t sit on the sidelines.  That’s how we ended up with a host of bad, obstructionist Senators in the first place.

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  1. Anonymous said on 28 Aug 2011 at 10:47 pm:
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    Greg L., Why would anyone who claims to be a conservative support Sheriff Glendell Hill if he supports abortion and the immigration issue doesn’t affect him as stated in his own words to the press?

    By Dan Roem
    Source: Gainesville Times
    THURSDAY, MARCH 10 2011

    Abortion issue:

    “anti-abortion activists within the party take issue with him supporting abortion rights”
    “social issues have played little affect in his job”

    Immigration issue:

    When it comes to implementing the county’s 287 (g) agreement with the federal government that allows local law enforcement officials to begin deportation process for illegal immigrants in custody, Hill said the policy “hasn’t affected me” but he could use another civilian employee to help out with administrative work to free up his staff.
    “Each one of them can probably tie up half a day,” he said. Hill proposed that the extra employee could also work on finger printing and other activities away from strictly processing 287 (g) cases.

  2. Greg L said on 29 Aug 2011 at 12:16 am:
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    Got anyone better, and not some tired retread from the corrupt Stoffregan regime? Haven’t seen it so far.

    I’ll have to ask Glen about the policies regarding abortion that the Sheriff’s office have been implementing, though. I hadn’t thought to ask about that. Maybe they have a Planned Parenthood clinic at the courthouse that I wasn’t aware of, or there’s a side business of selling fetal tissue out of the Adult Detention Center. I’ll check into that and report back.

  3. Anonymous said on 29 Aug 2011 at 6:14 am:
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    With the corruption he has overseen in the sheriff’s office the child porn, drunk driving, illegal land deals, illegal use of state computer systems ( and this is only what we know about, we don’t know what all has been swept under the rug) raising the budget from 5.3 million to 8.3 million in only 8 years, and cutting services it would be a poor record for a Democrat, for someone running as a Republican it is a disgrace.

  4. Austin said on 29 Aug 2011 at 7:55 am:
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    Steve, John and I do have an opponent in November. He is a Dem. and his name is Pablo Elliott.

    Because he will appear second on the ballot, he will have a decent chance. We have never met him and he has never attended a district meeting.


  5. Hamilton "Ham" Sandwich, Esq. said on 29 Aug 2011 at 10:32 am:
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    Thank you for supporting my candidacy once again. While I had hoped that someone other than myself would step forward this time after I received over 700 write-in votes in 2007, I will do my best to improve on those totals.

    If Ebert wants another term, he’s going to have to beat the meat!

  6. Grayson said on 29 Aug 2011 at 2:35 pm:
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    Has Sheriff Glen Hill become the “Obama” of the Prince William Republican Party? People had high hopes when he was first elected but all we ended up with is corruption, big spending and low service.

  7. Hirons said on 30 Aug 2011 at 8:24 am:
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    While I’m sure Mark Dudenhefer appreciates the confidence you have in him to take the 2nd District. It is a new district and joins Stafford and PWC together in areas not before joined. Not a district to take for granted.

    The Dudenhefer campaign is always looking for voters on the Rt. 1 cooridor to help continue to spread the message about the new district and Mark Dudenhefer. Contact the Dudenhefer campaign on the website at Dudenhefer.com if you can help.

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