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Ann Wheeler Declares War On The Tea Party Movement

By Greg L | 19 September 2011 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

Democrat Ann Wheeler is trying to bolster her lackluster campaign finance report now that the General Election is looming, which means it’s time for crazy email blasts begging people to contribute to her campaign.  Casting aside any pretense that she’s actually “moderate,” it’s chock full of inanity blasting the very conservatives who represent a sizable majority of this voting district and voted for conservative John Stirrup over a Democrat in 2007 by over 20 points.  In screeching that Republicans are “out of touch,” it’s actually Ann Wheeler who is out of touch with the electorate in the Gainesville District in Prince William County.

Let’s just go through this piece-by-piece, shall we?

Could the current crop of Republican candidates be any more out of touch with what Virginians are looking for? Voters want experienced, capable candidates who solve problems, not ambitious politicians who always find someone else to blame.

Ok, let’s talk about experience for a moment.  Wheeler’s claim to fame here is that she’s on the board of the Northern Virginia Electric Co-operative.  That’s the same utility that charges the highest electricity rates in the state while it maintains enough excess cash on-hand to refund every family and business it serves a $600 refund, according to their latest annual report.  If you love paying 43% more than what the City of Manassas charges while NOVEC pads their coffers with money it doesn’t need, I’m sure you’ll just love what Ann Wheeler does for your taxes in Prince William County.

That kind of experience isn’t what voters in Gainesville are looking for.  We kinda like having our taxes low, and not giving our government more of our wealth than it actually needs.

That’s why 79 people showed up when I kicked off my campaign for the Prince William Board of County Supervisors; there’s genuine excitement about an educated candidate with management experience and a record of community service.

Here’s a crowd shot from Wheeler’s facebook page that shows the actual crowd at her kickoff, which was so minor of an event it was actually held in a coffee shop during business hours.


That’s 80 people?  Maybe this is some kind of new math, the same kind that Obama uses when he talks about how many jobs he “created or saved” with two trillion dollars borrowed from China.  Perhaps 79 people came in to buy coffee from this place while Wheeler incongruously held a campaign event there, but there’s no way she had that kind of turnout at her kickoff, and these folks hardly seem excited.  Let’s just make sure, though, by checking out another photo from Wheeler’s kickoff:

Oh, yeah.  Open borders nutcase Alanna Almeda (center) certainly seems enthusiastic in this campaign photo as Bruce Roemmelt (left) and Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell (right) discuss Wheeler’s chances in the heavily Republican Gainesville District, a district Rommelt has never won in before.  Any more of this sort of enthusiasm and they’re going to have to start dispensing epinephrine just to keep these people alive.

In response, the do-nothing board chairman Corey Stewart said, “[Wheeler’s] a nice person, but I really don’t think she has a true grasp of the issues the county faces.” He then went on to praise my right-wing opponent, who says his “conservative message” will resonate with voters.

Yep, that just about sums it up.  Funny how Ann Wheeler can’t handle the truth here.

They just don’t get it. They’ve spent too much time pandering to the Tea Party and mimicking Rick Perry. They’ve lost the ability to see the real world.

Now that’s the ticket!  Declare war on Conservatives and the Tea Party movement in the Gainesville District!  What a great way to win the hearts and minds of a district that has been handing Delegate Bob Marshall victory after victory since 1991 — attack the grass-roots conservatives that have been winning elections consistently in the District.  A smart campaign doesn’t go out of it’s way to antagonize their opponents.  A dumb campaign starts spewing gasoline around making voters hate them.  This is abysmally dumb.

The rest of garbage in this beggar’s bowl is a predictable and boring plea for money, but there’s one more gem that shows us exactly who Ann Wheeler is when she’s speaking to what she thinks is a friendly crowd of liberal Democrats.

I am convinced Prince William County doesn’t need another candidate offering a “conservative message”…

Yeah, Ann.  What we really need instead is more “hope and change” and maybe a little gestapo AttackWatch thrown in for good measure.  That’ll sell just great in Gainesville.  In case you haven’t noticed, Obama’s approval numbers in Virginia are cratering as we fully experience what Democrat “leadership” actually looks like.  Just sidle up to President Obama’s wonderful record on jobs, illegal immigration, and encouraging people to rat out their neighbors if they say anything uncharitable towards the anointed one, and let’s see how well that works.

Unbelievable.  Peter Candland is going to utterly crush this nut.

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  1. freedom said on 20 Sep 2011 at 4:45 am:
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    Sorry Ann, but what we REALLY don’t need is another “tax and spend” liberal on the BOCS. “Vote with my feet (almost)” Frank Principi will soon be able to tell you all about that, Ann!!!

  2. Gainesville said on 20 Sep 2011 at 6:37 am:
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    Why are the Libs always so angry? Look at the pick she actually puts up on her facebook page. NOBODY is smiling. Not even the candidate.

  3. Robert L. Duecaster said on 20 Sep 2011 at 8:57 am:
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    I can answer that question, Gainesville. Liberalism is a syndrome, characterized by depression, hate, envy, and guilt.

  4. Harry said on 20 Sep 2011 at 4:51 pm:
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    Oh, I can’t wait to vote.

    Ann, you want to pick a fight with the Tea Party? Okay…I’ll take that match. I’ll be fighting at the voting booth. And since you don’t like my Party much, I am going to use every vehicle I have to make sure all my other Tea Party friends have my back at the voting booth.

    That’s right, Ann - we’re going to blog, tweet, Facebook, call, campaign, put up yard signs …we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you are humiliated at the polls. I hope you don’t spend too much of your own money.

    Ann, you picked a fight with the wrong party.

  5. Anonymous said on 20 Sep 2011 at 5:54 pm:
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    Re: “Wheeler’s claim to fame here is that she’s on the board of the Northern Virginia Electric Co-operative”

    That’s akin to Martian Nohe’s claim to political fame starting out on the PW Soil and Water Conservation Board. Nohe couldn’t plow a straight furrow from his kitchen to his toilet. A total liberal fraud using the mantra of Reaganism to cloak his admiration for Frunk Principeeonus.

    Wheeler perhaps got a NOVEC discount for the 440 volt NOVEC electric service she needs to run her DEWALT 2500E vibrator.

    Bite me ass kissing Obamafraud RINO’s and Democraps - we are taking America back.

  6. Ken Reynolds said on 14 Oct 2011 at 5:53 pm:
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    A smart campaign doesn’t go out of it’s way to antagonize their opponents. A dumb campaign starts spewing gasoline around making voters hate them. This is abysmally dumb. Now this is what you said and look at all the penned up hatred that flows from candland’s supporters. And duh…..NOVEC does not dividend out what serves as its working capital……any idiot knows that……Ann Wheeler seems to have a lot of common sense……..no attitude……just wants to work for the people of Gainesville and not pour out venom……i am a charter member of the PWC Tea Party, and i dont think they like you guys either!!!!! We may have differences with the Tea Party, but we all behave like adults.!!! Now go to your rooms……

  7. Ken Reynolds said on 27 Oct 2011 at 10:21 pm:
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    p.s. Freedom - “tax and spend” is a worn out slogan. The people of Gainesville are smarter than this. And Gainesville and Harry…..have someone read that comment”someone is pandering to the Tea Party….pandering does not mean declaring war or picking a fight. At least this charter member of the Tea Party didnt take it that way!! And Robert, Robert……your Mom would be so mad you using such mean words….just where did you get all those man words Robert?????hummmmmwhy you got them right out of your little head. Also Robert, check your disctionary..”Liberalism” means “free”…….and Harry, btw, you want “humiliation”…….why i believe you humiliated yourself using ssuch a hateful expression. You must also be one mean b……and you are the best kind of person for us lowly campaign workers to run against ….mean and dumb!!!

  8. Greg L said on 28 Oct 2011 at 12:22 am:
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    Found out this evening that a Senate race in Loudoun that had not been thought of as competitive since it’s a 58% Obama district now has Obama at 29% approval with over 50% disapproval. If these “slogans” you’re referring to are meaningless, apparently they’ve garnered huge meaning within an electorate weary of failed stimulus policies, massive debt, and economic disasters.

    Ken, your LIBERAL policies have failed, and the electorate is blaming Democrats, as they should be. Your base is demoralized and won’t turn out on election day. Look out for a massacre as Republicans flip the Senate by the largest margin since reconstruction and sweep Democrats into the trash can this election cycle at every level.

    It is precisely Tax and Spend has destroyed whatever credibility Democrats have had with the electorate.

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