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Ann Wheeler Turns To The Homosexual Lobby

By Greg L | 13 October 2011 | Prince William County | 5 Comments

Well, it sure didn’t take long for Ann Wheeler to show her true colors as a liberal Democrat.  Of all the places you could hold a fundraiser when you’re running for Gainesville Supervisor, picking the home of the founder of the homosexual lobby “Equality Prince William” to host an event certainly makes a statement.  Not one that Gainesville voters are likely to think very highly of, however.

Brian Pace is the current President of the Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Congregation, which as their confession of faith this year performed the “Vagina Monologues.”  They’ve raised money for Mexicans Without Borders in their congregation, hosted gay prom nights, and held some very interesting events at their facility where you get opportunities that might be termed “upskirt shots” at old guys, although they’re wearing togas this time and not cross dressing.

At least not usually.  Although that’s perfectly fine with the BRUU.  They’re very sensitive about that.

“Equality Prince William” is another rather strange organization.  They were at the forefront of attacking the 2006 Marriage Amendment, and the force behind the candidacy of Jeff Dion, who withdrew from the 51st District delegate race after it was discovered that he was trolling online for homosexual sex partners at the same time he was running for office.  They also seem to have a relationship with the Gay-Straight Alliance at Battlefield High School which urged the ACLU to demand that Prince William County Schools stop blocking students from visiting homosexual-themed websites from school computer systems.

If Ann Wheeler is having fundraisers at the homes of people that engage in this sort of behavior, I have to conclude she is in full support of that behavior.  There really isn’t any other conclusion you can arrive at.  If you want to have Gainesville represented on the Board of Supervisors by someone who wants gay “marriage”,  pushing the homosexual agenda on our children in the public schools, and at least accepting of candidates for office trying to find gay “hook-ups” on gay dating sites, Ann Wheeler is your candidate.

Personally, I think Peter Candland is a much better choice.  I doubt he’d ever get so desperate as this.

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  1. Ed said on 14 Oct 2011 at 3:14 pm:
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    Well, perhaps you should get your facts “straight”. Brian Pace isn’t THE founder of Equality Prince William! There were four individuals who CO-FOUNDED EPW.

    Just thought you might like to know that.

  2. es_la_ley said on 14 Oct 2011 at 9:38 pm:
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    Ed said on 14 Oct 2011 at 3:14 pm:

    Well, perhaps you should get your facts “straight”. Brian Pace isn’t THE founder of Equality Prince William! There were four individuals who CO-FOUNDED EPW.

    I take it you’re okay with the rest of Greg’s post.

  3. The_REAL_Elvis said on 15 Oct 2011 at 8:15 pm:
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    what’s up with these homo’s?

  4. Ed said on 16 Oct 2011 at 4:04 pm:
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    Greg is certainly entitled to his opinion. This is his blog and he may say anything he wants. I just like to see a bit of ‘journalistic accuracy’ in it. That’s all!

    I disagree with Greg on a great number of things. That is what is great about this country! We can be on opposite sides of an issue and still be polite!

  5. Jack said on 17 Oct 2011 at 8:54 am:
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    A church without God — perfect for liberals.

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