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Leaders vs. Spectators In PWC

By Greg L | 27 October 2011 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

This has got to be one of the strangest campaign tactics ever, and given that it’s happening simultaneously on both ends of the county it can’t be coincidental.

Peter Candland has been working with Supervisor Stirrup’s budget committee in the Gainesville District for several years helping to create the economic conditions that will keep taxes low and stimulate job growth in our local economy.  Chris Royse has been building support among elected officials and key business leaders for some time to bring AFRICOM to Woodbridge, which would dramatically change Woodbridge from “a warzone” as Frank Principi calls it, into a major employment center in the region.  Instead of doing anything about jobs, what do their Democrat opponents do?

They file FOIA requests to figure out what these actual leaders are doing.  I guess some lead, and other people are perpetually spectators.

With such difficult economic times upon us, largely due to failed Democrat policies at the national level , you’d think that Democrat candidates might at least pay lip service to what their plans might be to improve the local economy and create the conditions for job creation in Prince William County.  Obama at least could ramble on about how supposedly bankrupting the federal government was supposed to “save or create” jobs, even if that Keynesian fallacy ended up doing nothing but saddling our children and grandchildren with astronomical levels of debt.  It was a hugely dumb idea, but at least it was some semblance of an effort to address the greatest issue facing the nation.

Here in Prince William County, you don’t even get to hear that from Democrats.  What you hear about are the results of them filing Freedom of Information Act requests regarding what their Republican opponents are doing to help economic recovery in the county, and then trying to throw rocks at them for their efforts.  Principi shouts that Chris Royse hasn’t actually spoken with AFRICOM about relocating 15,000 jobs to Woodbridge (which is strange, since Royse never claimed that he did), even though Principi hasn’t managed to bother trying to bring any jobs to Woodbridge himself.  Ann Wheeler gets all uptight about Pete Candland’s attendance record at budget committee meetings at the same time she’s never done a thing to try to find cost savings in government that would help to keep our taxes low and help create jobs.

Spectators.  Angry ones.  It’s like watching your crazy uncle endlessly screaming at the television complaining that the baseball umpire can’t tell a strike from a ball before you give up in disgust and go for a walk instead of suffering through it any longer.

On either end of the county you have some dedicated visionaries working to actually make a difference, and you have a couple of ankle-biters confused by the strange notion that filing FOIA requests about what those visionaries are doing somehow constitutes leadership.  It comes down to a really simple question: who is doing something that will make a positive difference for county residents?  Is working to bring jobs to the county and keeping taxes low important?  Or is filing paperwork requests to find out how people working to bring jobs and keep taxes low are doing it more important?  Apparently Democrats think the answer is the latter.

Heck, if Ann Wheeler or Frank Principi had any clue about how to improve our local economy, you’d think they’d have done something besides filing paperwork requests that would show us by now.  They haven’t.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said on 30 Oct 2011 at 9:07 am:
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    It’s laughable that you would complain about FOIA. We have one individual that FOIA’d the county to the tune of thousands of dollars, maybe even ten’s of thousands. I guess FOIA is fine when it’s use for purposes that suit you and your ilk. That woman just wanted to see who contacted the supervisors and what they had to say. That FOIA suited your cause, but don’t anyone else dare FOIA the county or you will come under scrunity. Can you say double standard?

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