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The Clown Of The 31st District

By Greg L | 2 November 2011 | 31st HOD District, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Ever since “used condom girl” showed up to take the reigns of the Roy Coffey campaign, I knew Scott Lingamfelter would be in good shape.  After precisely guiding the Jeanette Rishell campaign into a political smoking crater that effectively ended Rishell’s hopes of ever being an elected official, the Coffey campaign seems to be a reprise of that debacle, only without money, resources, or it would seem, any sense.

To my knowledge, Coffey has managed to go through a “campaign” without personally knocking a single door, without sending out a single piece of literature to voters regarding this stances on the issues, and without calling for a single forum to voice his opinions. I am not even sure that he knows that the 31st District includes five precincts in Fauquier County. Campaign excellence, beyond compare, folks.

Lacking any reasonable chance to succeed, Coffey has also continued to use the same desperate attacks that Democrats typically resort to when they are either about to lose their jobs because they have been utterly incompetent policy makers or about to become a one sentence footnote on Wikipedia and a one page entry on VPAP as a failed challenger.  When in doubt, flail.  Wildly.  That worked so well for Ilana Kaplain-Shane the last time around, when the local editorial board of a nominally left-leaning newspaper started screaming about blatant lies and misrepresentations coming from the campaign she was managing.

You’d think a campaign manager might just bother to ask the candidate they’re working for a couple of questions about their interactions with the incumbent.  You know, little things, like whether the candidate ever endorsed the person they’re running against.  Apparently not.  That would have been too, well, sensible.

This is just pure comedy.  Who in the heck runs for office against someone whom they’ve praised like this before?

If this Democrat gets beaten as badly as I think he is going to on Election Day, this will probably be the last time that I ever mention a Democrat opponent challenging Scott Lingamfelter. This Democrat’s poorly executed campaign has probably ruined it for any other idealistic, tax and spend liberal that wants to try to turn the 31st District and the Commonwealth of Virginia the wrong direction.

It’s probably sunk “used condom girl” as well.

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  1. Bill Tracey said on 3 Nov 2011 at 7:48 am:
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    I believe you are off base on this one. Mr. Coffee, as chairman of the PWC Community Service Board at that time, signed this letter and it was sent to all of the Virginia state senators and delegates. The letter, dated dated February 27, 2007, as it says, was to thank this delegate and others for their support of state level measures for an agency that provides a variety of much needed adult mental health, intellectual disability, adult substance abuse, youth mental health and substance abuse, early intervention, emergency services, psychiatric services and medical management for the citizens of Prince William County and cities of Manassas and Manassas Park.

  2. Walk it back said on 3 Nov 2011 at 9:05 am:
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    Nice try Bill.  Most folks know you served with Coffey on the CSB.  And defending him is expected since you are a democrat.  But here’s the simple truth.  Coffey acknowledged his appreciation for Lingamfelter in a separate letter, not a group one.  If he didn’t think Scott deserved this individual accolade, why did he write the letter?
    Now Coffey wants to say that Scott has not supported the community and you want to “walk back” the letter.  Alas, I heard the familiar warble of the hypocrisy bird….

    By the way- how does the Chairman of the CSB misspell his colleague’s name?

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