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President Obama, please put JOBS under the Christmas tree this year!

By Greg L | 15 December 2011 | National Politics | 35 Comments

Guest Post by Melody Himel Scalley 

Unless you have a high paying government job, and even if you do, you are probably well aware that the majority of American’s are deeply impacted by the ongoing devastation to the United States economy since President Obama took office.

While overall the unemployment rate hovers close to 9%, minority unemployment remains consistently near 15% and these figures show no indication of significant improvement in the near future. Meanwhile, the current administrations lack of a positive Energy Policy is not only hamstringing companies that could add much needed AMERICAN JOBS to the economy; it is also compromising our long term national security and unnecessarily delaying our economic recovery.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released a report that shows the U.S. is on track to actually export a net increase in gasoline, diesel and other oil-based fuels in 2011 for the first time in 62 years. This is due to the fact that while our economy is stalled, the economy in emerging markets is booming. However these record exports are not forecast to continue. EIA is also predicting domestic oil production will fall 240,000 barrels/day through 2012, mainly due to the continued Gulf “energy freeze” imposed by our current administration.

The United States has the highest standards for environmental protection in the free world. Other countries do not endeavor to protect the environment for future generations as we do, yet their lack of concern for the environment will affect all of us. We have the desire to be good stewards of the environment as well as the technology to extract our resources in a safe and efficient manner. The U.S. also has the most stringent work place safety requirements of any nation. We have the energy resources right here within our borders. If President Obama wanted to put American’s back to work he has an entire industry waiting for the green light to help him turn around our economy.

I grew up in New Orleans and my Dad worked on the oil rigs. I can attest first hand that oil industry jobs keep food on the table, the lights on and the rent paid. If we simply used the God-given resources we have in our great Nation, many American’s would not be needlessly losing their homes and struggling to keep their lights on and their families fed.

We still import over half of our oil and petroleum products. Instead of selling our debt to China we should be selling our OIL to China and reducing our national debt. We do not lack the resources in America. What we lack is leadership and the political will to demand our administration put forward an energy policy that is beneficial to Americans and the United States. Let’s start the New Year on the right path. It is time to resume drilling within American borders and stop exporting American jobs.

Melody Himel Scalley is an entrepreneur and talk-radio show host in Virginia.

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  1. Huh? said on 15 Dec 2011 at 8:31 pm:
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    All the damn tax cuts, where are the jobs 1%?

  2. Tullius said on 15 Dec 2011 at 11:41 pm:
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    The Bush tax cuts favored relatively high “income” earners, but did not extend to corporate income taxes or capital gains. High income tax payers are usually employees, albeit high-level, of a business. America has the second highest corporate income tax in the developed world at 35%. If this was cut to 15%, what would businesses do with an additional 20% or so at the end of the day? The answer: expand. That means more production, lower prices, and more demand for workers. It’s economic law, and it describes reality.

    This of course assumes that there exists a regulatory and tax climate sufficiently stable that additional revenue is not rolled into reserves as insurance, but that’s a separate issue.

    Only a fool is not aware that corporate taxes are not also taxes on consumers and employees. Crack a book and think sometime.

  3. Tullius said on 15 Dec 2011 at 11:43 pm:
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    Excuse me: the fool is not aware that corporate taxes ARE also taxes on consumers and employees.

  4. MPResident said on 16 Dec 2011 at 7:35 am:
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    I usually agree with your posts. But the piling on of government employees has gone too far. I am not sure that is what you meant to do, but most government jobs are not high paying. I have been a local government employee for 25 years and I am proud to say I have served the public with dignity without becoming independently wealthy. I work hard every day and feel as if I do good for the public. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have lazy employees. But so does every business. My wife has been a Fed for over 20 years and works hard everyday, never uses her sick leave, and has been recognized for her service inside and outside this country many times. Anyone can apply for a government job, don’t get mad just because they are doing well. The bashing of government employees in general has to stop.

  5. wrassler said on 16 Dec 2011 at 8:34 am:
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    I agree with you that the political convieniance of public employee bashing has become way too easy and way too acceptable. We have similar sources of family income so I hope that you will also agree that part of it - a big part of it - is “our” fault. Public employees have become a special class of citizen and that is dangerous, with higher than average wages, higher than average benefits - mode weighted at the wage grade level more than at the top - a sense of job security that does not exist in the private sector and, in too many cases, have developed a sense of entitlement. Teachers, for example, oppose home teaching, standards and school vouchers - while asking for more and more money to fix the problem. At the federal level, agencies can insource “yellow pages” work regardless of cost or performance, but are prohibited from even competing work performed by Feds with private sector employees - again regardless of cost or performance. Laws that prevent public-private partnerships and joint investment projects have little do do with cost or economics and a lot to do with public union membership and that sense of entitlement. This is not what America is about and setting public employment off as a special class has been destructive. It was not always that way. Then there is the fraud, waste and criminal activity - though rare - it still involves public funds/trust and not somebody’s profit share and that makes it all the worse. Individually we work as hard as anybody, but as a group we have lost taxpayer respect and I blame the Congress and the unions for that. Until these fundementals change through some tough love leadership and public service not self service once again becomes the hallmark of public employment, the bashing is gonna get worse - particularly in these tough budget times.

  6. Logical Thinker said on 16 Dec 2011 at 8:46 am:
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    Please President Obama, just go away….

  7. Anonymous said on 16 Dec 2011 at 10:35 am:
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    Ditto, his resignation under the Christmas, kwanza, ramadan - whatever tree would be the greatest present ever given to mankind

  8. Robert L. Duecaster said on 16 Dec 2011 at 12:12 pm:
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    Well, wait a minute, folks. I’m not ready to take my “Hope for Change in 2012″ bumper sticker off yet, but I’m willing to give the dude his props. Under the Obamanistas, illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle. This is mainly because this country now offers illegals no better future than most of the banana republics from which they emanate. But hey, you can’t argue with success. He’s accomplished more in this area than Dubya ever tried to accomplish.

  9. Reasonable and Rational said on 16 Dec 2011 at 3:22 pm:
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    The US went from a budget surplus to a huge deficit under GWB

  10. Logical Thinker said on 16 Dec 2011 at 5:37 pm:
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    The Obama Foreign Policy:

    Message to Iran form Obama: “Oh pa-lezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give us our UAV back…I on mah knees begg’in ya please…”

  11. Logical Thinker said on 16 Dec 2011 at 5:37 pm:
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    “from” that is….

  12. Anonymous said on 17 Dec 2011 at 6:17 am:
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    The economy blew up when bush was still president idiot!

  13. Logical Thinker said on 17 Dec 2011 at 8:47 am:
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    Anon, the only idiot is currently in the White House opposing an oil pipeline that will bring tens of thousands of jobs to America. Seems you are like-minded with him. Guess that makes you an idiot too.

  14. Citizen12 said on 17 Dec 2011 at 7:39 pm:
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    IMHO socialist-in-charge Obama has been putting jobs under the Christmas tree since he has been in office… if you don’t live in the U.S.A.

    This man is fulfilling the objectives of a long time effort to undermine the United States by globalist interest, who’s minions have been hard at work for decades within our own government.

    Reaction inside the beltway will only heighten when U.S. military actions abroad are scaled back resulting in a flood of job seekers from riffed defense contractors and military personnel, ala post gulf 1, only on a grander scale. Dumping this on an already deflated private sector job market could quite possibly result in most of us working at a pay scale on par with our illegal brethren from south of the border. And our tax forms written in Chinese.

    Stimulus Jobs in China? Senators Angry About U.S. Money Going Overseas


    GE moving X-ray business to China. What message is sent to U.S.?


    Obama to speak at NC company shipping jobs to Costa Rica

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/13/obama-to-speak-at-nc-company-that%e2%80%99s-shipping-jobs-to-costa-rica/#ixzz1gqCqBkjv

  15. Red,White and Blue said on 17 Dec 2011 at 7:51 pm:
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    Good post Greg. I agree that Obama is clearly out to force us on some sort of alternative fuels or bust. He said before the election that he would stand in the way of any new coal permits by regulating them into bankruptcy - his words. If some of these folks who posted are still for Obama then that is way America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave - nothing in there says anything about being smart or reasonably looking at logic and how it applies to the future of our country and our lives. I did not see that you were attacking any high paid government employees and the local resident who serves our communities is not to be counted among that group. In fact, at the local levels I would say that we appreciate all the endeavors of these workers.

    To Reasonable and Rational: Yes Bush is culpable in raising the deficit but we have had a deficit under all the recent past presidents - even Reagan. The fact is Bush started the ball rolling harder - 3 times more than Clinton - but Obama promised not Washington “as usual” but has taken the deficit up to 3 times HIGHER than Bush and is climbing every minute. Obama has no real plan to create jobs but he is spending without restriction - 15 plus trillion and counting - wait until Obama-Care hits in 2014, up another 2 trillion on that one alone.

    If people want to stick with Obama that is your choice. If we fail to REDUCE the debt this “party” will end. Stop blaming Bush, Obama is the one in the White House. If we fail to decrease our dependency on others to include foreign bond buying and interest being paid to the Chinese and others we have lost our independence.

    It is time for politicians to make hard choices and stop worrying about how to stay in office while we spend to extinction.

    The truth is we are broke and getting broker every minute. Either we get leaders who understand this and make hard decisions or Greece is coming to America and it will not be pretty.

    The truth is Obama spends, cuts jobs and is a socialist. One more thing; if Obama gets re-elected and the debt finally sinks us (it has to at some point), will those of you ush’s fault? Give me a break and get a new line. That one is two years stale right now.

  16. freedom said on 18 Dec 2011 at 5:36 am:
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    Red White and Blue, well stated — couldn’t agree with you more.

    Unfortunately, there are many who would rather get more “free stuff” from the government than accept personal responsibility, find a job and work for it. Those are the voters who want to take from the successful (they like to call ‘em “the rich”) to pay for all that “free stuff.” …and it’s the socialist politicians who pander for their vote, promising to give it to ‘em.

    If our government Keeps taking from “the rich” to pay for others’ “free stuff,” the incentive for success diminishes, the level of wealth that constitutes being “rich” will continue to fall, and eventually, the “average Joe,” the you and the me, will be “the “rich” to pay for all that “free stuff.” So, when the wealth of “the rich” is squandered and everyone is poor, we have “Obama Utopia.” Not for me, that’s for sure.

  17. Citizen-Veteran said on 20 Dec 2011 at 12:02 pm:
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    The current incompetence in the White House . . . and fraud, is a record that few will want to remember in the future. The manipulation of the US Civil Service increases daily, by this Administration, to the point that objectivity and integrity that taxpayers expect from our Federal civil servants is viewed by the public as all but gone.

    America deserves better. November 2012 will prove if the American People are up to defending the US Constitution and democracy or prefer to become a Third World country.

    Some leftwing writers insist the illegal alien invasion has dried up and unemployment is dropping. They make two mistakes . . . they accept the leftwing news media reporting as “news.” . . . and they accept the Administration’s claims.

    Reality is the illegal alien invasion continues - unabated. The illegals are so arrogant that many actually travel to Mexico for Christmas and return to the USA confident that they can slip in - again. The ICE monthly news releases need serious review for credibility. The professionals with integrity in ICE, feel this too and cannot be blamed.

    As for the unemployment figures in author Scalley’s article, it fails to recognize what so many reporters ignore, the real unemployment picture. We should significantly increase the reported numbers for unemployed and underemployed. The DOL’s Bureau of Labor Statistics does report the data - but they also bury it for their political masters.

    See: http://netrightdaily.com/2011/12/unemployment-rate-actually-11-04-percent/

    No Democrat or other stripe of leftist will tell you this. They work so hard at the big lie . . . while many Americans just look for work!

  18. The Bulletproof Monk said on 20 Dec 2011 at 1:55 pm:
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    “The US went from a budget surplus to a huge deficit under GWB”

    We exited 2007 at or right around the exact point in deficit that we exited 2002….immediately after we took the hit of 9/11.

    ONLY in 2008 and after, did the deficit grow. The cause???
    Two Houses of Democrat majority control that TRPLED the deficit in a mere 2 years.

    The bad news…. Obama TRIPLED that triple in the next 4 years.

  19. Jay said on 21 Dec 2011 at 9:26 am:
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    It’s those damn gov’t employees that are the problem. . .

    Sure. As people pay the price for bad investments and decisions, they get more angry and jealous of those with a steady job and benefits. Sounds awfully liberal to me. . .

  20. wrassler said on 21 Dec 2011 at 10:43 am:
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    Not sure I get your point. but in what country are government employed welders, custodians, vehicle mechanics, buildings operations folks, accountants, analysts, researchers, nurses, bus drivers, or pest controllers treated as a special class of employee as compared to the rest of society for no other reason than they are government employees? Every citizen employed by the private sector should be up in arms over the idea that as taxpayers they cannot compete for that kind of work - as a matter of law.

  21. The Bulletproof Monk said on 21 Dec 2011 at 8:54 pm:
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    Nor that once hired, it’s kind of hard to get rid of them, even if they suck at what they do.
    Go into any government reception desk, where the attitude is that they have you bent over….and witness the difference in them and the reception at a private business that needs your business and is willing to go after it.

  22. skepp said on 22 Dec 2011 at 6:01 am:
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    If you think it’s so great to work for the G/ment, why don’t YOU work for it?
    Bet Monk comes the the reception desk with an attitude.

    Wrassler - “treated as a special class of employee…”
    That treatment is ragging and razzing by people like you.

    “as taxpayers they cannot compete for that kind of work - as a matter of law”
    Could you please explain what you mean by that statement. As far as I know, any citizen of the US is allowed to apply for a G/ment job. Am I wrong?

  23. MPResident said on 22 Dec 2011 at 12:39 pm:
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    wrassler and bulletproof monk, you had the same damn chance to apply for a governement job. And I for one am sick and tired of jealous a-holes like you condemning me because when I was young I decide to go into public service and try to make my community better. I bet you guys weren’t complaining when the economy was good and the private sector was handing out bonuses and raises like it was candy because the governemt employee, for the most part, does not get bonuses. And please don’t think I am talking about the senior managers. I am talking about the everyday service level worker like me. You guys should really get a life and try to make your life better rather then sitting on your a$$es and bitching about governement employees.

  24. The Ghost said on 22 Dec 2011 at 1:28 pm:
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    The Ghost of Obama’s Future
    >(A video from Ted Cruz for Senate, Texas)

    “The Christmas season is meant to be a time of joy and giving, spent with our families and loved ones. Thanks to Obama, American families will instead gather around the tree this Christmas fearful of soaring healthcare costs, unconstitutional government mandates, and whether our children will be saddled with our skyrocketing debt. This is why we must ensure that by next Christmas, President Obama is packing his bags and getting ready to leave the White House.”

    Via the blog: No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

  25. wrassler said on 22 Dec 2011 at 2:24 pm:
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    I am not jealous of you or anybody. I am concerned that the conditions I have noted are real and getting worse. You are the one who started the whinning and don’t give me that public service employees are more patriotic BS either. Public employees are being set apart from the rest of us because of the unique out of /above the market status they hold. They do have generous wages and benefits - more than the DOL prevailing wages by type of work anywhere in the Country. Arguing for recurring competition for government required and managed commercial work (and teaching is that kind of commercial work) is not too much to ask for and it will put the rest of the “please stop beating up on poor old us” issues to the test.

  26. MPResident said on 22 Dec 2011 at 9:58 pm:
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    Wrassler, would you like a little cheese with that whine?

  27. Citizen12 said on 23 Dec 2011 at 12:43 am:
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    An interesting read. What would they find today?

    “This unsettling notion that the Government is harboring an ever-increasing number of poor performers tarnishes the whole institution, fueling the negative attitudes of a public
    predisposed to criticize it.”

    Quest for
    the True Story


  28. Robert L. Duecaster said on 23 Dec 2011 at 1:18 pm:
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    All three of you (MPR, Citizen 12, and BPM) are, to some extent, correct. Many government employees, myself included, come to work and do our jobs well. Unfortunately, there has been a government program in place in one form or another for about 40 years that does not reward industriousness and competence. It’s been referred to as affirmative action, equal opportunity, diversity, and a few other names. The bottom line is, it results in hiring and promoting people based upon their sex and/or skin color. So for 40 years, people have been getting hired and promoted for reasons other than merit. As a result, not every government employee is the person who should be filling that particular job. Consequently, incompetence and poor performance have been accepted in order to create “a diverse work environment.” Once incompetence and poor performance have been accepted for that reason, they must be accepted for any reason. The bar has simply been lowered. As a result of lowering the bar for competence and performance, more people must be added to an office or agency in order to compensate. So now you have a bloated government made up of many of us who not only do our own jobs, but must, in one way or another, clean up after those who will not do or are not capable of doing their jobs. It’s very frustrating, but the solution to the problem is not to rant and rave at all government employees. The solution is to end the program that encourages promoting and hiring people for reasons other than merit.

  29. Doug Brown said on 23 Dec 2011 at 2:24 pm:
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    @Citizen 12, R. Duecaster, and others,

    It is good to cite OPM when it comes to the search for why poor performers have become such a problem in the Federal Government because in many respects OPM has been a major contributor to the problem.

    I’m not sure simply eliminating diversity or any other variable other than merit would be “the solution” to the woes of federal work force performance. Perhaps, simply allowing merit to be the first among equal variables would be change enough, as it stands now the fraud and mismanagement in federal hiring practices, (thank you OPM among other contributors), is as much responsible for the problems within the federal work force as the misguided notion that diversity in the work force should be the number one priority in any federal government agency. Ask George Tenet how well that worked out for him before 9/11.

  30. Citizen12 said on 23 Dec 2011 at 6:35 pm:
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    @ Robert L. Duecaster, Doug Brown

    Points well taken.

  31. MPResident said on 23 Dec 2011 at 9:19 pm:
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    Mr. Duecaster, I respectfully disagree with your comment that all three of us are correct. Bulletprrof and wrassler both insinuated that all government employees are lazy and useless. Bulletproof commented”go into ANY government reception desk” followed by a negative comment. saying all governement employees are lazy and useless is like saying all plumbers are bad when one came to your house and gave poor service. I am tired of it and I refuse to sit back and take it anymore. While you are at home sleeping for the past 25 years I have come in to work and pushed snow, repaired water lines, worked on electric lines and may other services you need in the morning to get your a$$ to work in the morning. I do it with a smile and I enjoy my work. My wife spent a year in Iraq helping keep our country safe. Again, I refuse to sit back and let people lump all governemnt employees together as poor excuses for workers. It sounds more like jealously to me or as Jay said, It sounds awful liberal to me.

  32. Anonymous said on 24 Dec 2011 at 10:02 am:
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    are noy we fracking the country side away with cheap natural gas????

  33. Doug Brown said on 24 Dec 2011 at 3:36 pm:
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    I respect both you and your wife’s commitment to public service. It can be and often is a noble calling for many, but Mr Duecaster didn’t say you were all three correct. He qualified his statement. To broadly tarbrush public employees as this or that is no more accurate than to characterize private sector employees or business owners as the paragon of all virtue and source of all our prosperity as a nation. The private sector can be just as corrupt and incompetent as the accusations against the stereotypical bureaucrat. Bernie Madoff et al ….and then we can talk about how the public sector and private sector fares when they combine their efforts e.g Fannie Mae. I won’t get into the immigration dimension of the public/private relationship.

    If we look to the original focus of this thread surely the dysfunctional relationship between the private and public sector in the energy sector offers more than enough evidence for the need to renew our nation’s commitment to merit and competence in whatever and wherever we may labor, too often the demagogues on either side of the debate concerning private vs public sector take our eye off the work at hand so as to partake in their simple and maddening view of the world.

  34. morgan said on 7 Jan 2012 at 2:12 am:
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    well…at least there’s one thing about Obama i like….

    …the S.O.B. can’t be president forever. or can he???…..lolol

  35. Frank said on 23 Jan 2012 at 1:56 pm:
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    It’s about time people start to realize that far right and far left thinking is detrimental to progress. Tax breaks for the rich to create jobs is a myth. They have had ten plus years to show they can produce. Take their breaks from them and give it to the other 98% of America and see how fast things improve. Real people spend money and hire people. Our country doesn’t suck just the ultra rich and our best politicians that money can buy in office today.

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