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The Dynamic Duo: Anna Lee And Jo-Ann Chase

31 January 2012 | RPV | 31 Comments

“Why is this witch running for Chairman?” was the first thing that came to mind when I heard that Anna Lee was going to challenge John Whitbeck for Chairman of the 10th Congressional District.  The answer apparently is that she thinks she’s actually going to win because Jo-Ann Chase is supporting her.  A witch and a psycho.  What […]

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Ian Lovejoy Crushes At Manassas Convention

28 January 2012 | Manassas City | 20 Comments

Today’s Manassas City GOP convention was quite a bit different than the rise of the establishment that marked this exercise back in 2008.  Then, incumbents cruised towards a certain victory in the general election with a slate of GOP incumbents that changed nothing.  This time around, a challenger not only knocked off an incumbent but […]

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Barf Time: Redistricting Is Done

26 January 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 17 Comments

After utterly zero consideration of the enormous flaws of the congressional redistricting map commonly known as “the incumbent protection plan,” Governor McDonnell has signed it into law.  Thank you so much, Mr. Governor and our representatives in the General Assembly, for rolling over on this tragic stupidity so Congressmen can feel more safe and comfortable.

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Mark Wolfe Using Illegal Alien Labor?

23 January 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City | 105 Comments

Virtucon alleges this morning that Manassas City Councilman Mark Wolfe has knowingly employed illegal aliens.  That’s not going to help with a convention coming up in Manassas on Saturday where Wolfe is on the ballot.  Not a bit.
My experience with Wolfe is that he’s been strongly in favor of cracking down on illegal immigration, so this […]

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PWCRC Chairman: A Contest Brewing

22 January 2012 | PWCRC | 2 Comments

This is one of those years when local committees reorganize themselves, and this year Lyle Beefelt, who has done an utterly outstanding job of sheparding the PWCGOP through the perils of committee politics is not running for re-election.  That has left an opening for Tom Whitmore, a dedicated activist who currently serves as Vice-Chair, to […]

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Bob Marshall Makes It Official

16 January 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 11 Comments

With Virginia’s Republican establishment blog Bearing Drift heaping scorn on Marshall on the same day Marshall officially announces his candidacy, I have little doubt George Allen is very concerned about his political future. To me, that’s good. A primary that does little more than anointing a candidate on the basis that they’re owed […]

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Manassas GOP Candidate Filing Update

14 January 2012 | Manassas City | 13 Comments

The candidate filing deadline for the Manassas GOP convention has passed and there are five candidates for council and two for mayor.  Incumbents Johnathan Way, Sheryl Bass and Mark Wolfe have all filed, along with challengers Ian Lovejoy and Charles Patullo.  Both Andy Harrover and incumbent Hal Parrish have filed for mayor.
A couple of observations on these races:

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Dumbest Virginia Senator: Donald McEachin Wins Hands Down

12 January 2012 | Virginia Senate | 4 Comments

Liberal Democrats might have their legs all a-tingly with Senator Donald McEachin, but they should realize by now that the guy is a blithering idiot.  He blew any chances at power sharing in the Senate with antics that display a stunning level of professional incompetence.

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You Make The Call

12 January 2012 | Crime, Manassas City | 11 Comments

A gang-banger trafficking in middle school girls as sex slaves in Manassas?  Just what might the chances be that he’s an illegal alien?  Anyone?
It would hardly be the first time.

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WashPo: Bob Marshall Is IN!

12 January 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 3 Comments

So sayeth the mainstream media.  If Bob Marshall indeed announces his candidacy for US Senate, he will have my full support.  No one has for so long, and with such consistent determination, fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Bob Marshall.

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A Great Finish For Dianne Blais

12 January 2012 | Fairfax County, Virginia House | 1 Comment

Dianne Blais might not have achieved much success in her run for Delegate in the 40th District, but she did manage to finish within the top three in a nationwide contest for the worst videos of 2011.  Her third-place finish in the Sucky Awards is truly a notable accomplishment and for that she well deserves our heartfelt […]

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Manassas Mayoral Shakeup Fortells Senate Shift?

5 January 2012 | 29th VA Senate, Manassas City | 24 Comments

Reader “JimmyV” noticed a new facebook page tonight for Andy Harrover for Mayor of Manassas, which is quite surprising and raises some interesting questions.  This is the first I’d heard that Harrover was interested in the post, and raises interesting questions about what Hal Parrish’s plans might be in public service.

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Supervisor Cook Follows Through On Deal With SEIU

4 January 2012 | Fairfax County | 2 Comments

I remember getting quite a bit of grief after reporting that Fairfax Supervisor John Cook (R) was cozying up to the SEIU during the last election cycle, but my hopes in doing that were that at the very least the critique might discourage him from helping this public sector union gain more power at the expense of […]

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Manassas Municipal Elections 2012

1 January 2012 | Manassas City | 26 Comments

Just in case you haven’t yet had your fill of elections in Virginia, there’s a campaign cycle ramping up in earnest in Manassas City right now.  With municipal elections coming up on May 1st that means there’s a Republican convention on January 28th, the outcome of which more often than not determines who is going […]

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