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Supervisor Cook Follows Through On Deal With SEIU

By Greg L | 4 January 2012 | Fairfax County | 2 Comments

I remember getting quite a bit of grief after reporting that Fairfax Supervisor John Cook (R) was cozying up to the SEIU during the last election cycle, but my hopes in doing that were that at the very least the critique might discourage him from helping this public sector union gain more power at the expense of the public.  Unfortunately, those hopes have been dashed, and the SEIU is building a bridgehead into the selection process of the next Fairfax County Executive just as I feared.

On January 9th, Cook has a very unusual public forum on the topic of this personnel choice.  It starts out with a panel discussion on the topic, and then switches to an open discussion where the panel bizarrely provides “reaction” to public comments instead of elected officials.  I’ve never seen a meeting held by an elected official with his constituents set up as a debate between the public and four selected political players including the head of an SEIU affiliate, a developer, and a political appointee.

The Town Hall will be broken into two halves. The first have will be a panel discussion and in the second the floor will be opened for citizen comments and questions, with reactions by panel members. Moderated by former Board of Supervisors and School Board member Stuart Mendelsohn, the four person panel will include John Peterson of the Peterson Companies; Karen Conchar, president of the Fairfax County Government Employees Union; Ann Zuvekas, the current Braddock appointee to the Health Care Advisory Board and past chair of the Disabilities Services Board and CCFAC, and Paul Liberty, most recently Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations for GTSI.

The “Fairfax County Government Employees Union” is an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (as evidenced by their logo, to the left here), which is famously known for promoting communism, acting as thugs for the far left, supporting the “occupy movement,” and actively working to destroy capitalism.  This same entity is being invited by a Republican supervisor to “react” to the wishes expressed by the electorate about who they want serving as a government official and drawing a salary they pay for?  Why doesn’t Supervisor Cook “react” to his constituents himself?  Why the hell does he need the SEIU to do it for him?

All those friends who were rather blunt with me about how it was not a good idea to criticize Cook for seeking the endorsement of the SEIU and potentially make deals with them about the process for selecting a new county executive would do well to re-think their position in light of this.  Cook has sold all of you out and is closely aligning himself with a radical public sector union and abandoning you.

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  1. Tom Brady said on 4 Jan 2012 at 10:55 pm:
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    That’s why he won. Without the SEIU support he would have lost. You are a rare true Conservative willing to expose ‘pay to play’ eh hem, public servants that have no loyalty, principles, or values.

  2. Mai Bad said on 5 Jan 2012 at 7:15 pm:
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    She’s cuter than Crystal Ball.

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