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Civic Vandal Cries Foul

By Greg L | 10 March 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City | 4 Comments

Oh, poor Gaudencio Fernandez, the Mexica Movement poster child for what the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens has wrought upon the City of Manassas.  His cheap flagpoles sporting such standards such as a yellow six-pointed star with the word “Juden” emblazoned on it have started blowing down.  Of course in his view it’s all the fault of racists in Manassas.  Yeah, sure.  With his track record on truthfulness, I’m sure we’re going to swallow that one.

The latest incarnation of the perpetual protest of Gaudencio Fernandez has been annoying, but serves a rather useful purpose.  When the United States government offers blanket amnesty to illegal aliens, as we have done in ‘86 and seven times since then, such upstanding racist radicals as Fernandez are among those who benefit.  When local governments fail to enforce the law, radical goofballs like Gaudencio Fernandez erect billboards in historic districts sporting bizarre claims and causing unrest within communities.  From the federal to the local level, Gaudencio Fernandez demonstrates exactly what happens when lawlessness is permitted because government lacks either the courage or the principle to actually enforce the laws they enact.

There are things called “nuisance laws” in this country, that allow a locality to seize property that becomes a hazard, furthers crime, or constitutes blight.  It’s about time the City of Manassas got serious about this longstanding problem and found a way to use these laws to finally resolve the problem Gaudencio continues to pose.  I’m all for legitimate freedom of speech, but my freedom of speech does not allow me to consistently impose a physical danger on my community, willfully and persistently violate zoning ordinances, and impose blight on a historic district.

It’s time for this to end.

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  1. Matt S. said on 10 Mar 2012 at 9:42 pm:
    Flag comment

    Since the wind blew down my American Flag that I proudly display just the other day, I should say that the “racists” in my neighborhood took it down, too?

  2. Dave in PWC said on 11 Mar 2012 at 6:16 pm:
    Flag comment

    Just curious, did the wind really blow down the flagpoles or was it done “after dark”? I am crying crocodile tears for the owner of the race baiting property. Can you hear me?

  3. S K C said on 14 Mar 2012 at 12:03 pm:
    Flag comment

    I thought it looked like some of the flags came down in the wind, I honestly never thought it was “vandals”. Has there always been a “Che Guevara” flag or is that a new addition, first time I noticed it was this week.

  4. New city dweller said on 5 Jun 2012 at 2:48 am:
    Flag comment

    I have a neighbor that would hang the American flag on his balcony by the corners and pull the long end up and tie it in a knot. F-that. I reported him to the HOA an he said that the wind blew it and tangled it. BS. He is anti-American and doesn’t belong here. I will no longer put up with the harrassment of being an American citizen. He has since “fixed” it, but let’s wake up people. Read below on my take:

    I feel like I’m the only one in my community that is reporting overcrowding. The city is being bought up by illegals and foreigners folks! The house that I bought was met with resistance even when I offered a price well above what they asked for. The real estate agent would only sell to her people. Only after they saw they wouldn’t get this deal again, did they fold. The man was from Bolivia and the house was bought under his “wife’s” name. He woudn’t even shake my hand! I paid a huge chunk over his asking price, he should be grateul because he wouldn’t get that from a non-taxpaying illegal.

    I encourage anyone that wants to protect our rights and investments to become more active in restoring our country and communities for its CITIZENS. I am tired of being nearly run off the road (I will call the police on speed dial in the county I am driving in), tired of getting the wrong food that I order (I will call the business customer service number to complain about not having an english- speaking worker take my order or fill it), tired of the overcrowded houses that have children spilling out of them and into busy streets and parking lots where I have to drive (I call the city building zone to inspect), tired of the abandoned cars on the streets and lots (I call the city parking police that are desinated to handle these and do!), tired of the graffiti on everything (I call my HOA and city maintenance to fine and remove/repaint). There’s a number and office to handle every angle of the embedment of illegals. Instead of running and buying out in the boons, take back our turf! We pay and contribute to be here! We are the rightful citizens of this country and city/state. They are arriving in droves and bullying the residents from their own homes and all I see is blogging and moving. Stand up people and let’s defend one another because they are taking our jobs, properties, and identities!

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