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More Illegal Alien Crime, This Time An Infant Dies

By Greg L | 11 March 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 15 Comments

Remember those two daycare workers arrested for operating an overcrowded and unlicensed day care facility who killed a three month old infant under their “care?”  Plenty of people suspected they might be illegal aliens, and this evening WUSA 9 is reporting that indeed they are.  What a surprise, unfortunately.

The two adults running the daycare have been charged with child endangerment. 50-year-old Yolanda Larin of Manassas and 42- year-old Mirna Mendez of Woodbridge, are being held on $20,000 bond, but because they’re apparently illegal immigrants, Commonwealth’s attorney Paul Ebert says they both have ICE detainers on them and immigration services have been notified.

The two women have each been charged with five counts of child endangerment because five of the children, not including the one who died, were under 12 months old.

This persistent problem is only allowed to fester, endangering the young, elderly, and everyone in between because our state and federal governments don’t care about the rampant lawlessness of illegal immigration and massive public safety issues it creates.  Senator Tommy Norment, deaths like these only occur because you let it happen.  Mr. President, this blood is on your hands because you are more concerned about appointing taxpayer-funded advocates for illegal aliens rather than enforcing the law.

How many more innocent people have to die before our government lives up to the promise it made to us and enforces the law?

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  1. Maureen said on 11 Mar 2012 at 6:51 pm:
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    Thanks Greg. The whole story needs to be told, not half of it.

  2. citizenofmanassas said on 11 Mar 2012 at 6:51 pm:
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    I’m waiting for the illegal alien supporters to come on here and spin this one. Five or six deaths just in the last year at the hands of illegals in our area. But, we do not have an illegal alien issue. The Government is simply not concerned with public safety. They of course want us to think they are by going after those illegals who, in their eyes, are a threat to National secuirty. However, as we’ve seen all too often, many illegals engage in low level criminal behavior all of the time, but get a pass because they’ve not commited a major crime. Well, had the focus been on all illegals not just the “bad” ones, this baby would still be alive. In fact I’d wager these two ladies would receive a pass from obama bassed on not being a threat, but as we’ve seen they are just as much of a danger to public safety as any “terrorist” .

  3. Maureen said on 11 Mar 2012 at 6:52 pm:
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    I believe I will email Norment this story and maybe all the other ones too

  4. Charles Sutherland said on 11 Mar 2012 at 7:26 pm:
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    With Obama in the White House, it’s a waste of time to hope for some strategic solution, or to think that he even cares…since his agenda is to increase the number of Hispanic voters, not to alienate (if you’ll forgive the pun) them.

    The weekly police reports show the ethnic composition of the crime in town!

    The most effective way to deal with the illegal alien issue is to take feasible steps any way we can to put pressure on them to leave town. One way is for the City Council to pass its own E-Verify law, which (for now) can only be punished by not renewing business licenses; but it’s a step in the direction of limiting illegal access to employment. And every action sends a signal to the illegals to pack their bags.

    For larger issues the City Council has options, but they hide behind the Dillon Rule. The Dillon Rule does not prohibit actions by local governments; otherwise, no local government could pass any laws. The Dillon Rule only has the right to trump actions by local governments. And with a conservative governor and legislature, the likelihood of them acting to ‘trump’ such actions pertaining to illegal aliens is unlikely.

    Hopefully, with some conservatives on the City Council after the next election, someone will have the courage to act.

    There are other ’small’ steps which can be taken in the school system as well. In the event that I end up on the School Board I will be introducing some of them.

    Everyone hides behind “the law” but few seem to even know the citations or the implications of the laws. Often it’s just a lazy excuse. It’s time to start focusing on the “little things” which are achievable and which will gradually add up — until we can get Obama, Eric Holder, and that whole crew out of office.

  5. Va_magoo said on 12 Mar 2012 at 8:39 am:
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    Virginians should be able to enforce State laws, pass a State law that illegal aliens are not “entitled” to anything and will be deported. Then escort them to the Potomac river and send them north. Let them live in the People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland.

  6. Robert L. Duecaster said on 12 Mar 2012 at 10:03 am:
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    Yes, Tommy Norment is the leader of the Republicans in the Virginia State Senate and has been the single major stumbling block for a lot of legislation the past several years that was intended to address the illegal alien invasion.

    Republicans in the Senate have had notice for many years that he is a supporter of illegal aliens, yet they’ve elected him as their leader. Consequently, all Republican Virginia Senators share in the blame for the inactivity of the State legislature on this issue. Illegal aliens from Alabama and Arizona are resettling here because of our legislature’s failure to provide for the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth.

    Norment is also a faculty member of the College of William and Mary. He also serves as a legal counsel for that institution, in blatant disregard of the conflict of interest that cozy situation creates in his capacity as a State Senator.

    So don’t blame everything on Mr. Obama, folks. There is plenty of blame to go around, and a lot of it rests with the Republican Party of Virginia.

  7. GOP said on 12 Mar 2012 at 10:13 am:
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    SHOCKING!!! One of them is from Woodbridge. Way to go Frank!!!

  8. Reasonable and Rational said on 12 Mar 2012 at 12:34 pm:
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    It is so depressing that people in PWC still think like this..

  9. Greg L said on 12 Mar 2012 at 1:57 pm:
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    Yes, it’s terribly depressing that people in Prince William County have become so familiar with criminal illegal aliens that they immediately suspect, and are soon proven right, that an illegal alien is responsible for yet another shocking tragedy. If the government would just do its job to get and keep illegal aliens out of the country a three month old infant would be alive today, along with a long list of other innocent victims who have died here in Northern Virginia because of illegal aliens.

  10. Dave in PWC said on 12 Mar 2012 at 7:39 pm:
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    What a surprise that they were illegal aliens. What is depressing is that the illegal aliens caused the housing downfall here in the county by getting loans Juan the gardener and Juanita the hotel maid couldn’t afford, so they moved in with four other families to pay the mortage and when concerned citizens like me complained to zoning they sent out their hispanic/spanish speaking inspector and he called all of us racist. Why should I pay the same amount of HOA fee for just me and 14 others pay the same monthly fee that covers our water usage, our trash pickup? Why has the fee gone up 200% in the five years I’ve been here? Because illegal alien owners didn’t pay that either… that’s depressing.

  11. Gone said on 13 Mar 2012 at 4:16 am:
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    I’m glad you covered this one, you never said a word about the illegal who stabbed and killed another in front of a 7-11 in Manassas about a month ago.

  12. citizenofmanassas said on 13 Mar 2012 at 7:45 am:
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    I’m at the point where I really do not care about illegal on illegal crime, or illegals who prey on their families or friends. Support for illegals is pretty wide spread in certain ethnic groups where many families have more than one illegal alien. It seems to me that support and the protecting of illegals fosters even more crime. A lot of crime could be avoided if illegals were not getting support from their family and friends.

  13. Charles Sutherland said on 13 Mar 2012 at 11:45 am:
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    I agree with you. Furthermore, if an illegal is arrested for a crime, I think the first thing the police should do is search that person’s home, and see which relatives (or co-dwellers) can be arrested for harboring a fugitive, concealing stolen property, or as co-conspirators, etc. Book’em all!

    Also, just as Rudy Giuliani did when he became mayor of New York: fines for parking, for traffic violations, for ANY violation of the law, AND enforce the fines! Force the law- breakers out of town. The City Council should pass some tough zoning laws — which could be enforced — to stop illegals from setting up shops to sell merchandise, cars, and anything else! Don’t let the Zoning Dept have the opportunity to avoid action. Make it a police matter.

    Hopefully, if Ian Lovejoy and Jerry Carman get elected to the City Council, maybe they or a couple of City Council members who have been paralyzed by other Council members will introduce legislation to toughen laws — and enforce the laws!

  14. cdubbs said on 13 Mar 2012 at 2:47 pm:
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    I have made this comment here before… Just another example of a 100% preventable crime. No illegal aliens=No illegal alien crime. I remember back in the days of the rule of law policy discussion Chief Dean making the astonishing statement that we should only be concerned with the illegal aliens who are committing crimes, not the law abiding illegal aliens. Well what about the first-timers? I imagine the parents of this dead child wish something had been done about these two long before this sad event. How is it that we can mandate people wearing seatbelts in cars in an attempt to save lives, and issue citations and collect fines for failure to do so, and yet illegal aliens just walk around with no penalties? It boggles the mind…

  15. citizenofmanassas said on 13 Mar 2012 at 3:18 pm:
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    I agree. With more officers on the force, there should really be no excuse to not have more enforcement of traffic laws and petty crimes that have a negative impact on the quality of life.


    You are also very right about the situation. It’s mind numbing to hear a law enforcement office talk like that.

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