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Then Just Who The Hell Is My Congressman?

30 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Congress | 7 Comments

Like quite a few other Virginians, I recently got my new voter identification card in the mail (no, not the one Bob McDonnell will be sending out again) because due to redistricting I’m being moved into the 1st District from the 10th District.  I always liked pulling the lever for Frank Wolf and found him […]

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What Is Art?

30 May 2012 | Manassas City | 21 Comments

Finally, the long-awaited installation of Manassas’ contribution to Virginia sculptural artistry.  Brought to you courtesy of a $1,200 state VTA grant and an undocumented quantity of effort and resources courtesy of the City of Manassas.  This magnificent ouvre is right on par with the logo for “Discover Prince William,” solidifying our community as the very hub of artistic excellence […]

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I Must Live In A Black Hole

27 May 2012 | Prince William County | 10 Comments

After redistricting I’ve been moved from the 10th Congressional District to the 1st Congressional District.  I can handle that.  What is harder to handle is that when I attempt to send a message to my new Congressman via his website, I get this:
Your zip code indicates that you are outside of the 1st District […]

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The Final Debate

25 May 2012 | RPV, US Senate | 2 Comments

Tonight was the final debate between candidates for the Republican nomination for US Senate.  About 450 people were in the crowd, and plenty of others watched online as these candidates made their final case for your vote on June 12th.  This was probably the most interesting of the debates in my view, as it focused […]

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An Opportunity To Improve The PWC School Board

25 May 2012 | Prince William County | 5 Comments

Just a few months after telling voters he wanted their vote and winning his election, Occoquan School Board representative Grant Lattin suddenly decided he didn’t have time for this post and resigned.  Now the board gets to fill the spot by appointment, subject to an election in November where voters can confirm that appointment.  Several […]

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A US Senate Candidate Primer

24 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, US Senate | 7 Comments

On June 12th Virginia Republicans again return to the polls, this time to select a nominee for the US Senate election coming up in November. Not everyone who ends up on this site might have been following this contest as closely as I have, so for those readers here’s a quick primer on the candidates.

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Cuccinelli Channels Stonewall Jackson

22 May 2012 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 8 Comments

I had the chance to speak with Attorney General Cuccinelli over the weekend, and one of the topics that came up in that discussion is precisely what Mason Conservative felt compelled to discuss tonight.  After what we’ve seen happen over the past few weekends at district conventions across the state, is it even worth it […]

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An Endless Pestilence

22 May 2012 | National Politics | 10 Comments

It’s official, now.  I utterly despise the College Republicans.
Once, several years ago, I succumbed to an urge to be charitable to this organization and gave them probably about $50.  Ever since then I get a phone call once every week asking for more money.  I am now convinced the only purpose of that organization is […]

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On The Law, And Bad Cases

21 May 2012 | National Politics, Patriotism | 3 Comments

This isn’t a law blog, and I don’t pretend to be a lawyer.  That being said, the law isn’t some special area of expertise entirely beyond the understanding of non-attorneys, to be left exclusively to the attention of lawyers and judges while the rest of us poor and huddled masses cower in abject ignorance, praying […]

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Ken Cuccinelli Wins 10th CD

19 May 2012 | RPV, Loudoun County, Prince William County | 18 Comments

“Hey, wait a minute!  Ken wasn’t on the ballot in the 10th.  He wasn’t even a write-in!”
Yes, I know that.  But he still won.  And not only won, he absolutely crushed, and not only in the 10th District.

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Governor Campaign FAIL

17 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, Humor & Satire | 6 Comments

From the envelope enclosing the invitation to the Lt. Governor’s annual fundraiser. 
You’d think that someone running for the office of Governor of Virginia might be able to properly spell the title for his fundraiser, which is known as “Burgers With Bill.”  Nice job keeping your eye on the details there, Bill.  Without even opening an […]

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The 11th District Convention Gets Crazy

16 May 2012 | RPV, Fairfax County, Prince William County | 9 Comments

I get that candidates in a convention are going to try to make the rules as favorable to them as possible.  That’s simply part of the political game.  What I don’t get is when an incumbent district chairman is reported to have made a last-minute change in the rules that contradicts what was specified in […]

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Blogging Without Core Principles

16 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 29 Comments

There’s quite a bit of chatter bouncing around the Virginia blogosphere about how the appointment of Tracy Thorne-Begland as a judge was shot down this week, most of which has wrongly claimed — and without any supporting evidence whatsoever — that anyone opposing this nomination was simply a bigot. Quite a few Republicans, most […]

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Peter Candland Proposes Eliminating Slush Funds

16 May 2012 | Prince William County | 10 Comments

A while back, fellow blogger Al Alborn predicted that the debacle Wally Convington precipitated over his attempt to funnel about $200,000 in taxpayer money to the charity his wife runs would end the practice of allowing supervisors to dole out excess “magisterial district funds.”  It looks like Al was right, with Supervisor Pete Candland making a motion […]

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The Establishment On The Ropes

14 May 2012 | RPV | 6 Comments

The big story from this weekend’s Republican Congressional District conventions, and one that the mainstream media has so far missed, has been the remarkable inroads that Ron Paul supporters have made within the leadership structure of the Republican Party.  These Ron Paul folks care more about what’s going on than the Republican rank and file, […]

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Act Now To Stop A Radical Leftist

12 May 2012 | Virginia Politics, Virginia House | 29 Comments

Call your Delegates and Senators right away and urge them to put a stop to efforts to appoint a homosexual activist to a District Court as a judge.  Delegate Bob Marshall has proposed an amendment to the legislation appointing these judges that is scheduled on Monday, May 14th and unless that amendment prevails Virginia will […]

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The Paulbot Factor

12 May 2012 | RPV | 8 Comments

As has been going on for some time elsewhere, the Paulbots showed up in force to the Republican 1st District Convention trying to elect their slate of candidates to be delegates at the Republican National Convention.  I have no idea why, since they will accomplish utterly nothing in doing so, but the display provoked an […]

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Look Ma! I can Spell!

11 May 2012 | Manassas City | 25 Comments

Apparently, this concept rendering represents Manassas City’s grand plan to promote tourism in Old Town.   I can just imagine what kind of excitement and enthusiasm this will generate across the country, as people flock to come see that yes indeed, we in this part of the world can spell.
And produce art, at fairly substantial […]

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Illegal Alien Murders Man In Yorkshire

11 May 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 6 Comments

In 2007 more people in the Prince William County area died at the hands of an illegal alien than by citizens or legal residents.  After the Rule of Law Resolution, murder by illegal aliens dropped to zero.  Now unfortunately that statistic is starting to rise again, with a murder allegedly committed by Elvin Yobex Guzman Lopez, […]

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And More Illegal Alien Crime…

10 May 2012 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics, Crime | 7 Comments

A drug smuggling ring is taken down in Alexandria, and what a shocker, illegal aliens are part of the operation.  It kinda figures that if we don’t know who is coming into the country, we also might not know they’re lugging kilos of Cocaine along with them.  It also stands to reason that people whose […]

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