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Ken Cuccinelli Wins 10th CD

By Greg L | 19 May 2012 | RPV, Loudoun County, Prince William County | 18 Comments

“Hey, wait a minute!  Ken wasn’t on the ballot in the 10th.  He wasn’t even a write-in!”

Yes, I know that.  But he still won.  And not only won, he absolutely crushed, and not only in the 10th District.

This year’s party elections were sort of like one of those reward challenges in the television show “Survivor” where players get to eliminate each other if they win a round in a contest, and where at the end everyone gets to see who is at the top of the game, and who’s going home next.  If we disregard what Ron Paul supporters are doing in congressional district conventions this year for a moment, what we’re seeing is a matchup between Bill Bolling (and Mitt Romney) and Ken Cuccinelli.  Both sides have endorsed slates of candidates and in the 10th the battle wasn’t even close.  The Mitt Romney/Bill Bolling slate got absolutely thumped.  Ken now owns the 10th Congressional District.

John Whitbeck utterly trounced Anna Lee 81-19%.  Anna Lee and the rest of her group of former Jim Rich acolytes are firmly in the Bill Bolling camp and while the Romney/Bolling team didn’t publicly get involved in this particular race, behind the scenes they were working pretty hard for Anna Lee.  What an unfortunate choice of a standard-bearer, as Lee’s abysmal performance here makes the Bolling/Romney team look utterly impotent.  That’s not only good for Ken, but it suggests that the level of drama emanating from this camp is going to abate significantly.  No matter what they do, they lose.

Oh, and by the way, ding-dong.  The witch is gone.  At least for a while.

State Central was next on the ballot, with the Cuccinelli ticket trouncing again with Eve Gleason (KC’s former legislative aide) getting 789 weighted votes, Mark Berg getting 785 and Kay Gunter getting 676.  The next highest vote getter pulled in only 277 delegate votes, less than half of the haul of the lowest Cuccinelli slate candidate.  National convention delegates shook out pretty close to the same way, with Jo Thornburn, Erin Smith and Howie Lind (delegates) and Jim Huber, Phil Griffin and John Stirrup (alternates) cruising to easy victories over Bolling/Rmoney (oops, did I spell that wrong?) candidates such as JoAnn Chase.  Despite being endorsed by both Cuccinelli and Bolling camps, John Stirrup ended up at near the bottom of the list which suggests that the Bolling/Romney endorsement was more of a hindrance to his chances than a help.  Griffin was also a Romney endorsee and was at the bottom.  Here the Romney team made some inroads, but national convention delegates don’t have any impact on statewide races.

For elector, Cuccinelli candidate Mark Sell got 71% of the vote in a four-way race over Bobbie Kilberg, a Romney slate candidate.  This isn’t just victory for Cuccinelli, this is an utter disaster for Bill Bolling and raises some serious questions about whether it even makes sense for him to continue his run for Governor at this point.  Not only are these landslide sweeps indications for the awesome power of his campaign among activist Republicans, but they will deliver the State Central Committee and like a strong portion of RPV’s executive committee into Ken’s hands.  Although RPV can’t do all that much to ensure you win as a candidate, they sure can make it a lot easier for you to lose.

Elsewhere, Ken won big in the 1st District, took the chairmanship of the 11th District this weekend in an upset, and spent today personally down in the 5th District making sure things went his way there.  I hear plenty of indications that Ken has either won in other district races this year or will be able to forge coalitions with Ron Paul supporters to control most of the others.  RPV previously became an appendage of Bob McDonnell after McDonnell became the clear frontrunner in the Governor’s race.  Now, it has become a Cuccinelli army not because Ken has won, but as the leading wave of the grassroots effort that will make him win.

Howie Lind deserves a big shout-out here for not only doing a great job building the 10th District as a powerhouse (attendance at the 10th Convention was at least twice as big as the turnout in the 1st District where there was a motivating throw-the-bums-out dynamic driving attendance) but ensuring his ideological successor took the reins after he stepped down.  In the 1st District they threw out the incumbent Chairman.  Same in the 11th.  When what you build survives after you’ve stepped aside as chairman, that’s a huge and rather rare victory.  Congrats on a very successful tenure Chairman Lind, and I look forward to seeing your talents applied in a role with greater responsibility and impact as soon as there’s an opening.

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  1. Dave Karmol said on 19 May 2012 at 7:15 pm:
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    My first visit to your blog, and I was linked here from a link in a post at VirginiaVirtucon.

    While of course you are free to put whatever spin you want on the 10th District results, I was there, and would not put quite the same spin on the 10th District results. For background, I am a longtime Republican activist from Fairfax County (actually ran for a constitutional office in 1995, recruited by Pat Mullins). However, I have not been active in the 10th District for a five or six years.
    I was motivated to become a delegate, and come out to the convention today, by the disaster unfolding daily in Washington under Barack Obama.
    I am supporting Governor Romney, and have been for several months. I voted for John Whitbeck, as many of my fellow Romney supporters did. I also voted for Mark Sell, as I have had concerns with Bobbie Kilberg ever since she supported Marshall Coleman over Ollie North in 1994. One did not have to be a Cuccinelli supporter, to support both Whitbeck and Sells. (For the record, I have not quite decided who to support for Governor next year).
    Regarding the national convention delegates and alternates, Phil Griffin was also endorsed by Governor Romney, and Erin Smith was running side by side with Phil, even though she was not listed on the Romney slate.
    It is also clear that many people at the convention voted for delegate candidates based on their speech to the delegates, as Erin Smith, Phil Griifin, Jim Huber all gave good speeches, with humor and/or strong and convincing reasons to vote for them. Jo Thoburn was well organized and has been a known force in Fairfax for a long time.
    In summary, other than Howie Lind, three of the five other delegate/alternates elected were people I voted for.
    And now that we know who our nominee is, it’s time to unite, for the sake of defeating Obama. I trust you agree with that, right?

  2. Lovettsville Lady said on 19 May 2012 at 9:44 pm:
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    Erin Smith is well known in Loudoun, well liked, has work hard for our candidates and she campaigned for the job. Since Louduon had 403 delegates, I expected a big vote for Erin. If she was running with Phil Griffin, I never saw that in Loudoun. I had never seen or heard of him before today so his win was something of a surprised to me. Jo Thoburn also campaigned and mailed information to all the delegates, including a copy of the Constitution. She supported Whitbeck, came to his events, and campaigned for seat. Of course we all know Howie and I expected that he would win because of all the work he has done for us in the 10th.

    Mark Sell won because two of his three supporters asked their supporters to vote for Mark and because he’s been Chairman of the LCRC for the last 2 years and recently re-elected to that spot.

    John Whitbeck won because he worked hard, campaigned tirelessly, had Howie’s support and backing, recently ran for office in Loudoun and Clark counties where he is well liked, and was obviously the best person to represent us. He’s has worked hard for republican candidates during past elections and he’s also smart, funny, and fun. He’s the all ’round, real deal. Considering how much his opponent hates Ken Cuccinelli, and has been vocal about it for years, it’s not surprising that Ken would back John, but that was far from the only reason that John won.

    That being said, it was a great day for Ken Cuccinelli. With every convention in the state his support grows on the state central committee. It was very smart for him to come out early with his slates across the state. Ken Cuccinelli has proven once again what a good politician he is. There’s a reason he’s never lost an election. Many reasons.

  3. Wolverine said on 19 May 2012 at 11:41 pm:
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    What Dave Karmol said in his last paragraph: a big ditto. This intramural fighting has got to stop — unless you want to hand November by default to the current occupant of the Oval Office. We cannot afford to screw up the main event.

  4. Rick Boyer said on 19 May 2012 at 11:54 pm:
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    The Cuccinelli slate swept all three seats in the FIfth today as well, with Peyton Knight, Renee Maxey and Chris Shores overcoming a nasty, negative campaign. With all the district conventions wrapped up, this gives Ken a majority on State Central Committee, and if I am correct, Ken gets credit for the FIRST EVER conservative majority on SCC.

    We in the Fifth are indebted to Ken for his courageous support for our conservative ticket here. One thing’s for sure after today: The Fightin’ Fifth is proud Cuccinelli Country!

  5. Loudoun Lady said on 20 May 2012 at 7:39 am:
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    There was no fighting at the 10th CD Convention, no drama, smooth voting and the candidates (for various positions) that lost were gracious.

    I’ve met Phil Griffin several times and he is very well known for having worked on some very high profile campaigns all across the country and is an expert on voter fraud. He is a great resources for the 10th and I am glad he threw his hat in the ring. We expect to see more of him in Loudoun (and Fairfax) this summer helping us prepare to combat the union thugs and Obama Campaign tactics.

    I wish Jim Huber had pulled it out, but at least he is an alternate!

  6. G.Stone said on 20 May 2012 at 8:03 am:
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    Yes, it was a big victory for AG Ken Cuccinelli. Ken has done the work, laid the groundwork for a bottom up grass roots victory in 2013. His work as our AG against the overreaching Obama administration has been first rate. Whether it was Obama care or the EPA he came out from day one fighting what he knew was going to be an opponent that would use the full force of the Federal Gov’t to continue its assault on freedom. Ken saw it coming and reacted in the best interest of Virginia as well as the rest of the nation. His push back against the excess power grab by this administration has begun a national movement of like minded AG’s. Ken has traveled the nation encouaging other AG’s and lawmakers to get into the fight. Americans from across the country own AG Cuccinelli a debt of gratitude for starting what will become the begginning of a long fight in retuning to our First Principles.

    Virginia and our nation are craving leaders that will fight back, educate, inject rational principled conservatism as well as a real sense of urgency. America is in trouble. The clock is ticking , time is running out. Leaders like Ken Cuccinelli ,and at the federal level Paul Ryan get it. Support them !

    Ken knows he has my support and help. It is my hope others will do the same.

  7. jz said on 20 May 2012 at 3:50 pm:
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    Greg, This is also my first time to your blog and yesterday’s 10th Convention was my first convention –I thought it was run well and everyone seemed motivated to end the madness called Obama.

    I read and hear a very subtle thread that if we’re not for Romney we’re giving in to defeat and letting BO have another 4 years to further dismantle the Republic –I don’t believe this, that’s why I got involved.

    Everyone elected yesterday was on the Liberty Slate and many people believe Ron Paul will defeat BO where Romney can’t. I’d rather cast my vote for the guy who can beat Obama on principle and not just with unlimited campaign finance –remember, Obama has unlimited funds too.

    Take care.

  8. wannawin said on 20 May 2012 at 7:37 pm:
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    That KC & Co. totally shellacked the Romney team in 10th yesterday is indisputable. Joining with the RP ticket produced a powerhouse. Plus, they organized their ground game to file & then their delegates showed up to vote on a glorious, sunny day. That is huge in & of itself.

    Now that the intramural contest is behind us, I totally concur with Dave Karmol: time to rally the troops for 2012 to win. The 2013 contest is some 533 days away, people. Let’s focus on winning the WH, for the sake of the republic. If we lose in ‘12, will there be a free nation in ‘13?

    It has been opined that perhaps one of the many & various reasons many of GOP candidates failed last year is due, in part, to an inordinate amount of energy expended on the 2012 contest. We are all worried about winning; I get that. But to replicate the mistakes of 2011 would be tragic.

    The huge shout-out goes to the Allen team, for their support of our 2011 candidates, all across the state.

    Congratulations to all those who won yesterday. Now let’s get to work on routing the dems.

  9. freedom said on 21 May 2012 at 5:26 am:
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    jz, please don’t perceive this as a confrontational post, it’s not intended that way.

    I’m for anyone but Obama…and you may be right, Mitt may not be able to win. It’s abundantly clear however that even though we might individually prefer another candidate, third party candidates not only don’t stand a ghost of a chance, but they also spoil the chance of the only candidate who does stand a chance.

    For ANYONE to defeat Obama, that person must FIRST have the unmittigated support of the entire Republican party, whether conservative, moderate, or liberal. Obama has and will retain the support of those who prefer to “take” rather than contribute, those who belong to and support labor unions, and those who support Obama based upon race. The defeat of Obama will require all Republicans as well as some of the independent vote and some of the disenchanted, traditional Democrat vote — otherwise, Obama supporters will prevail.

    So, although Mitt Romney was not my first choice, and apparently is not YOUR first choice either, all of the others, including Ron Paul, had a chance but just simply did not and do not have enough Republican support. So, if we’re to even have a chance in November, the Republican nominee, and presumably that will be Mitt Romney, is our ONLY choice. It’s time to get behind the Romney train and not only push…but push HARD! Come on, let go, let’s push hard and win!!!

  10. park'd said on 21 May 2012 at 8:22 am:
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    Ron Paul is the ONLY chance this country has. PERIOD.

    Also, I love it when it rains. No traffic whatsoever leaving the park at 6am this morning. More proof positive that a good percentage of the inhabitants of this town are illegal aliens working in blue collar jobs and stealing those jobs from Americans. Politicians don’t give a rat’s a$$ either whether they be local, state or federal. We are living in something akin to ancient Rome during the decline. What a sad, sorry lot of people we’ve become to allow this to occur.

  11. The Bulletproof Monk said on 21 May 2012 at 9:34 am:
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    I supported all of the winners on Saturday, too. And I’m a Bolling guy. There goes your theory.

  12. The Ghost of Alexander Hamilton said on 21 May 2012 at 11:38 am:
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    In looking across Virginia, one has to admire the organization Ken put together in throwing out long-term Party leaders but I am concerned about the impact and ramifications this is going to have on the Republican Party.

    These individuals were elected, not because of their love of the Republican Party but because of their steadfast devotion to one candidate. Moreover, there was a lot of experienced individuals who lost and that will have a negative impact on RPV’s ability to assist Republicans in getting elected beyond 2012 and 2013.

    What’s more insulting is this was done under the auspices of reversing the Primary/Convention decision that was made last year but from my understanding that cannot happen because of legal precedent. So instead, we’ve elected a bunch of people who do not have the interests of the Party in mind and are focusing all their efforts on assisting one candidate, before he is the nominee. Of course, this begs the question as to what happens if Ken loses to Bolling? Unlikely…but still.

    Ken chose to dismantle a group of folks that have worked hard to save RPV from the dark-ages of the 2006-2008 era. Unfortunately, he replaced those good, hard working folks with the very people that made RPV irrelevant to begin with.

    I don’t blame Ken, he acted for selfish reasons. However, I can blame McDonnell and Bolling for sitting on their hands, while Ken cleaned house.

  13. The Ghost of Alexander Hamilton said on 21 May 2012 at 11:41 am:
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    One last note, I do believe John Whitbeck was the only choice in the 10th. His victory is fine by me.

  14. wannawin said on 21 May 2012 at 10:42 pm:
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    Phil Griffin is highly respected all around the Commonwealth, even if he may be unknown to a few posters here. He was named ‘Best Young Lawyer in Virginia” recently. Although he was not on the ‘approved’ slate, he made it as an alternate perhaps because of his excellent reputation. He and Erin Smith ran as a team, visiting various jurisdictions in the 10th in the quest to win.

    I hope he will set up a twitter account to keep the Home Team informed. (Full disclosure: he is also a friend.)

    In fact, he is my fav for the Wolf seat when it is vacant. I’m confident many will agree that he has a brilliant future ahead of him as a principled conservative leader.

    Griffin For Congress: sounds good to me!

  15. The Bulletproof Monk said on 22 May 2012 at 3:16 pm:
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    wannawin, I’ve been impressed with Griffin as well. We met sometime back at a RPV function, and I found him to be very engagiing and knowledgable. It was a pleasure to vote for he and Erin.

  16. PFC said on 24 May 2012 at 2:37 pm:
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    I understand that Whitbeck was the best and quite frankly only choice in the 10th but I’m very concerned with the impact of the FEC inquiry. There are a lot of rumors circulating, and I have heard there might be further action and more complaints. How does this affect John? We’ll have to watch him closely to see how he reacts.

  17. Just saying said on 25 May 2012 at 1:15 am:
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    Whitmore doesn’t have any more elections so he probably has no need to file any more of his bogus complaints.

    On the other hand, now that he is out and has nowhere to go, what else has he got to do with his time?

  18. The Bulletproof Monk said on 5 Jun 2012 at 10:43 am:
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    I’d be more concerned with the $600 expenditure for each outreach to the FEC if I were you.

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