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Why Illegal Aliens “Pay” Taxes

10 May 2012 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens, Crime | 11 Comments

Remember when open border advocates went to such great lengths to claim that illegal aliens pay taxes to justify their unlawful presence?  When there’s an incentive to doing so, such as offering $1,000 refundable tax credits to illegal aliens for each child they claim as a dependent, sure they will.  What a deal.  It only […]

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Jim Rich, The Undead Politician

7 May 2012 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 9 Comments

When the Washington Post needs a quote from someone to pursue their attacks against Ken Cuccinelli, they have a new useful idiot to draw on – disgraced former 10th District Chairman Jim Rich.  This is telling in two respects:  First is that the Post had to venture as far as Fauquier County to find someone to […]

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Manassas City Elections: Winners and Losers

3 May 2012 | Manassas City | 24 Comments

This one goes out to the leftist wackjob, ridden with grief about the performance of Democrats in Manassas City elections, who whines that people are starting to wake up about this “hate filled blog.”  It’s only taken them seven years to do so.  Sheesh.
This was the first city election in several cycles that was little […]

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Understanding The Left

1 May 2012 | National Politics | 9 Comments

Today is International Worker’s Day, a celebration invented by Marxists.  In honor of this occasion, and while we await the Supreme Court’s decision on ObamaCare, it’s a good time to dig deep into why anyone would think ObamaCare is a good idea.  Anyone who has listened to Ken Cuccinelli talk about the case such as […]

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The Manassas Political Establishment Fires Back

1 May 2012 | Manassas City | 21 Comments

Your kids are kidnapped, you give up your high paying job to go rescue them in a foreign country and suffer terrible financial consequences as a result.  Then some miscreant decides to attack you for having gone into debt at one point in order to save your children.  Yep, that’s how afraid some establishment types in Manassas […]

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