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Primary Election On Tuesday

By Greg L | 9 June 2012 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

Via twitter: “I wish the people arguing primary vs. convention for 2013 would remember that we have a primary this Tuesday. #vasen #mylastnerve”

Although I’m pretty certain this wasn’t directed at me, it is a reminder that there’s a primary election of minor importance on Tuesday.  Not “minor” because US Senate races are somehow inconsequential, but “minor” in that only one campaign in the race has mounted a respectable campaign and the outcome on Tuesday is pretty certain.

If you’re like me and would like to make a statement that might somehow, possibly get heard, you’ll be voting for someone other than George Allen.  Not because you necessarily have anything against him, but because you simply think one of his opponents would do a better job in the position.  I’ll be casting my vote for Bob Marshall on Tuesday because I appreciate how he has consistently stood for conservative values and had the courage to defy the establishment.  Here’s a great example of why I’m voting for Bob:

If you’re not a Bob Marshall person, and I can understand how some can be that way, I encourage you to cast your ballot for E. W. Jackson.  Nothing demonstrates why that should be more than seeing him in action.  He’d be a tremendous asset to the country in the role of U. S. Senator.  Heck, he’d be a tremendous asset to the country wherever he has a chance to serve, and I’d hope that happens somewhere sooner rather than later.  This guy is just awesomely inspiring.

If you’re in the 11th Congressional District there’s also a choice to be made in who is going to challenge Gerry Connolly in November.  I’ve found both of the candidates to be excellent, although I’m a bit uncertain whether either of them have the “stuff” to take on Boss Connolly in November especially since neither of them seem able to raise money.  Chris Perkins seems to be more of a retail candidate and has an excellent record of military service, but his recent pro-abortion stance is deeply troubling to me.  Ken Vaughn is a rather bright, intellectual guy with solid pro-life values, and someone who is getting signs out there and building a solid email list, but seems a bit too uncomfortable in the one-on-one art of retail politics to make me feel he’s ready for this.  Given this, I’d go with Vaughn in the hopes he has the opportunity to polish his campaigning skills, which is a lot easier than hoping that Perkins will discover some morality or the opportunity to build an effective campaign organization.

So get out and vote on Tuesday, and then we can go back to arguing about conventions and primaries for 2013 without such minor distractions.

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  1. Joan said on 10 Jun 2012 at 7:51 am:
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    In the long run, it is about who can beat Tim Kaine. Personally, I am voting for George Allen because I think he has a better chance against Mr. Kaine. I won’t take a stand in the 11th because I don’t vote there and haven’t educated myself on the candidates and their stands. But, it is who can beat Gerry Connolly.

    Or am I fooling myself? Are we really planning to select people that don’t have a chance?

  2. Prester John said on 10 Jun 2012 at 1:20 pm:
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    I am personally not that thrilled with the prospect of reading and hearing about “macaca” day after day, week after week, and month after month for the next 5 months when slightly more important things like the country going broke need to be addressed. I will therefore be voting for Marshall or Jackson.

    That being said, if Allen is the GOP nominee I will of course vote for him.

  3. ACTivist said on 11 Jun 2012 at 11:47 pm:
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    I’m no longer worrying about who has the “best” chance to beat Kaine. With an educated citizenry, my bird could beat Kaine. I have to vote for who I believe would serve the voters best and that would be Bishop Jackson. I am tired of recycling the same candidates and, if I remember correctly, those “newbies” in congress have been shaking things up and causing the established politicos to worry and take notice. The truth hurts and the right way will always be the correct way. Educate the sheep and drag them to the booths so that they can take some personal responsibility in the process. We have played this game of the candidate most likely to win for years. We get no where and no one should commit to less than the best candidate.

  4. June - Reston said on 13 Jun 2012 at 6:27 am:
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    After all the hype about how Marshall was so loved by the voters in Northern VA, it would seem you guys were just a tad out of touch with reality, and I was right on target when I said the man is a radical religious zealot who would fall on his nose in the Primary.

    With only 7% of the votes, all that work to educate Northern VA’s voters about Marshall paid off, especially in Manassas City Park.

    With a year to continue educating voters about Marshall, our goal is to remove him from the General Assembly as well. Remmber, the reason he won the last election was because only 26% of the voters turned out … we’ll be sure many more turn out in 2013.


  5. Greg L said on 13 Jun 2012 at 10:07 am:
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    Marshall actually beat George Allen in Manassas Park and ran strong throughout the rest of his district. All we’ve learned here is that George Allen can narrowly beat Bob Marshall in the 13th District in a Republican primary for US Senate. That’s hardly much of a surprise.

    I’d be quite interested to see who you specifically think might be able to beat Marshall in the 13th in either a primary or general election. That would be an amusing discussion.

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