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Some Free Advice…

By Greg L | 13 June 2012 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

…to those folks who are rumored to be working on fixing the language of the Jenkins Amendments to the discretionary slush fund ban:  Don’t fix it, just dump the thing.  The amendments make no sense, solve no previously identified problem, and just make the Board of County Supervisors look like a collection of petulant preschoolers.  When leaders find that something they’re trying to do isn’t working, they stop.  We could use some more leaders on the board who understand this.

Here’s what actual leadership might look like:

“After further review, the Board determined that this proposal failed to deliver the benefits for the taxpayers that we hoped for.  We have decided to repeal this measure and instead take a more deliberate look at the extent of any issues there may be and how they might be resolved, as well as allowing residents the opportunity to contribute their ideas about how their county government should operate.”

County residents can support this call for leadership at the next board meeting rather simply.  You’d be surprised how powerful a visual message can be.

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  1. Danielle Hollars said on 13 Jun 2012 at 11:30 pm:
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    I will be there with bells on :p

  2. Anonymous said on 14 Jun 2012 at 1:49 pm:
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    Jenkins is an embarrassment to my district. He really needs to go and find a new hobby.

  3. Anonymous said on 14 Jun 2012 at 5:15 pm:
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    I don’t vote in your county but if i did I would get on the list and ask the BOCS if they honestly believe the voters are so stupid that they will believe the garbage coming from Jenkins, Caddigan and Stewart. A complete idiot can see there was nothing but payback and it doesn’t take a law degree to see that Angie Horan either hasn’t studied law or has no shame.

  4. Chester said on 14 Jun 2012 at 7:04 pm:
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    John Jenkins is the male version of Hilda Barg.

    Democrap politicians like Jenkins always create a false premise of superiority of themselves that must be ensconced by a long tenure in political office.

    They succeed in this by the brain dead libtard Democrap trough feeders that sustain their prolonged tenure due to keeping the trough full of slop paid for off the backs of hard working non-Democrap taxpayers.

    Akin to Obama, the more freeloaders slopping at the that trough, the more of a Democrap voter bloc they create.

    That’s all Democraps like Jenkins can hope for.

    His latest stunt of BOCS amendments reminds me of the French in World War II with tanks with 21 speeds in reverse.

    Bite me Jenkins.

  5. Maureen said on 15 Jun 2012 at 4:33 am:
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    Off topic

    Apparently Marco Rubio is working on a “dream act” bill. How about a bill to secure our borders? Quit catering to illegal aliens!

  6. Loudoun Insider said on 15 Jun 2012 at 5:53 am:
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    This really is a ridiculous situation. Corey Stewart should be ashamed of himself for taking part n this political payback. Go Candland!

  7. Cynic said on 15 Jun 2012 at 11:43 am:
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    Off topic!

    Maureen -

    Please check the Drudge Report - and other news outlets.

    “Secret report: Catch and release for low-priority illegals proposed

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the agency charged with guarding the U.S. borders, has written a secret draft policy that would let its agents catch and release low-priority illegal immigrants rather than bring them in for processing and prosecution.”

    Is it an election year?

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