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Concerns Of County Officials Keep Getting In The Way

By Greg L | 24 October 2012 | Prince William County | 6 Comments

If I were a particularly stupid communications director for a political campaign, something like this coming out of my mouth wouldn’t surprise a whole lot of people who know me:

Stewart was not in favor of releasing the names of anyone on the interview panel keeping with concern aired by county officials that if the names get out, those on the panel, and their decision, may be unduly influenced by friends and neighbors. (emphasis added)

A smart political operative, realizing they’ve just been backed into a wall because their candidate got caught in an utterly no-win situation of their own making, would probably make the smart decision and stick with the truth, which might look a whole lot like this:

Stewart acknowledged that keeping the membership of a government body secret was an oversight that might have made the Prince William County look a little bit like Stalinist Russia.  Over the objections of staff members who felt that making the identities of those who serve in official government capacities actually public might make county government actually seem like a representative form of government instead of a science fiction horror movie, Stewart has decided to disclose that the selection panel is comprised of the equestrian police officers commonly referred to as “the horsey girls.”  Since they don’t otherwise actually perform any useful public service, serving on this selection panel would make their personnel records look better.

I’d say Chairman Corey Stewart would be well served to fire someone who looks like a particularly stupid communications director and hire a smart political operative instead.  That is unless, the comments were his own in which case it’s terribly difficult to offer any useful advice whatsoever.  But seriously, what elected official would ever think that having people serving on government panels having talks with friends and neighbors would ever be problematic in any way?  I’m certain this isn’t coming from Corey Stewart himself.

Absolutely certain.  Right?

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  1. Anonymous said on 24 Oct 2012 at 9:13 pm:
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    One horsey girl, one boat fella, one supervisor of a three person unit, and Chief Deane as the ghost in the machine, that’s a darn good selection panel… people will definitely want to work at the PWCPD and Peacor

  2. Maureen said on 25 Oct 2012 at 4:22 am:
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    What is up in the County? What is up with Stewart?

  3. Brian said on 25 Oct 2012 at 11:12 am:
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures? Hopefully they can work this out to save some face with the community.

  4. Facepalm said on 28 Oct 2012 at 5:59 pm:
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    I’m pretty sure Uriah got that quote directly from Corey.

  5. Done with 'em said on 29 Oct 2012 at 11:52 am:
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    Is this who we want to put up against the D’s in Nov 13?

  6. Anonymous said on 29 Oct 2012 at 3:00 pm:
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    Getting in the way of what?

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