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Save Us News & Messenger - You’re Our Only Hope!

By Greg L | 31 October 2012 | Local Media, National Politics | 4 Comments

It’s been a long time since I’ve been surprised by the idiocy of the Manassas News & Messenger, primarily because I don’t bother to waste time reading the mindless drivel they try to pass off as journalism.  Calling me tonight just as I was getting the kids ready to go out trick-or-treating, I got enough of a fix of that previously absent numbskullery to last me a lifetime.  It wasn’t just that they were calling me now, after a three year hiatus, with my elementary school-aged children waiting for me to escort them as they were redistributed candy from our neighbors.  It was what they wanted to talk about that really stunned me.

undefinedBack in July I put together a video of protesters at an Obama campaign event in Clifton. It’s gotten about three-quarters of a million views so far, but entirely escaped the attention of the News & Messenger until Ron Wilcox of the Northern Virginia Tea Party sent out a screenshot from about 2:16, which probably looked something like this screenshot on the left.  One of the News & Messenger editors, which was working on an “opinion piece” wanted to confirm that I was the one who shot the footage and asked me several questions about that sign.

This “opinion piece” writer asked me what this sign was, and I was happy to fill him in.  I had arrived about four hours before the event was to start in order to get to a press event for Delegate Tim Hugo, Delegate Barbara Comstock and Fairfax County Chairman Jay McConville, well before the Tea Party protesters arrived and the crowd for the campaign event was just beginning to arrive.  The sign was there when I got there, and had obviously been placed by the Obama campaign to indicate what line to stand in if you had a white colored ticket, and this line lead to the front of Clifton High School.  It was my assumption that there were tickets in other colors as well, and they lead to entrances in other parts of the building that I didn’t see.

It might not be terribly well thought out by OFA, but if you had a white ticket, you went in the front door.  Colored gets you in the back.  Just like the Democrats of old, you see, the ones who invented Jim Crow, Massive Resistance, and reserved seating by race on buses in the deep south.  ”White” gets you in the front door.

Anyways, this “opinion piece” writer was absolutely convinced that someone in the Tea Party had run up and placed this “racist” (his words) sign out front while evading detection of a very heavy and quite vigilant law enforcement and security personnel presence, and in the process done some guerrilla volunteer crowd management for OFA that managed to quite effectively control where several hundred Obama supporters stood in line.  Maybe in another universe, but not this one, bud.  That conspiracy theory is about the bravest one I’ve ever heard, and this guy is a journalist, you know, those folks that are supposed to be rational and reasonable?

For some reason calling to account this behavior will wait until after the election, because it’s “too inflammatory” to release before then.  No matter how hard I tried to convince this guy that matters of such importance should be made public while the public has an opportunity to effectively act on it, he stuck to his guns and isn’t going to run his “opinion piece” until after the election.  So not only is he going to stick to being a stark-raving mad pseudo-journalist who steadfastly refuses to consider facts and evidence, but a deliberately be an ineffectual one who doesn’t want to cast his pearls of ignorance before the swine in time for them to do anything with the misinformation.

Seriously, you folks at the News & Messenger should get this guy up off his timid butt and get that “opinion piece” out pronto.  Ron Wilcox has suddenly morphed from being a rather unkempt, overweight, uncoordinated goof who can’t even run a hundred yards into some sort of superman who can manage to swoosh by several dozen security personnel on a presidential security detail in the blink of an eye and place racist signs at Obama’s campaign events.  Signs that quite mysteriously fail to attract any attention whatsoever from hundreds of Democrats who happily stand right beside them, pleased that they got those special “white tickets” that let them in the front door to see the Messiah. For goodness sakes people really gotta know about this!

It’s your God-given duty as members of the fourth estate to unmask the mutant force of evil that lurks within the Tea Party, and protect all that is good and decent in America from whatever dastardly plans have yet to unfold.  If Ron Wilcox can do this, there’s no telling what utter chaos and destruction await us poor, unsuspecting slobs that kind of look at him with a sense of pity now, when we really should apprehend him with sheer and utter terror for his hidden super powers.  If not now, when?  If not you, whom?

Civilization as we know it precariously teeters in the balance here.  The News & Messenger must save us, and quickly!

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  1. Done with 'em said on 1 Nov 2012 at 5:00 am:
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    Journalism is dead, except here. Let them die in peace. They have gone downhill ever since the told Jim Young they didn’t want him writing for their paper. Yet Jim was by far the best they’ve had in 20 years. Really.

  2. Allison said on 1 Nov 2012 at 4:06 pm:
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    Pray tell, Greg, who was the “journalist” from the News & Messenger who called you?

  3. Anonymous said on 3 Nov 2012 at 8:11 am:
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    that are supposed to me rational and reasonable

    Pointing out typo… darn spell check…

  4. Facepalm said on 5 Nov 2012 at 10:02 pm:
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    “No, there is another…”

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