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Show Me The Money, PWCS

29 November 2012 | Schools, Prince William County | 6 Comments

Recently we heard from School officials that there’s pretty much no way to cut spending in Prince William County Schools.  If we’re supposed to place any trust in that statement I have one simple request: show me the money.
If I want to find information on how Prince William County is spending our money, it’s not that […]

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Bolling Announces….

27 November 2012 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 21 Comments

…that he will not run for Governor in 2013 tomorrow.  That leaves only Tareq Salahi (provided he meets filing requirements) as the only opponent to Ken Cuccinelli for the Republican nomination for Governor.  The RPV Advance will become one big Cuccinelli victory party.
Bolling has been polling way behind Cuccinelli, usually by about 30 - 40 […]

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2013 State-Wide Candidates Poll

27 November 2012 | RPV, Virginia Politics | No Comments

With Republicans gearing up for the Advance it’s time to check the political weather with these polls for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.  I wonder if there will be any surprises here…

Who do you support for Governor?

Ken Cuccinelli

Bill Bolling

Tareq “Gate Crasher” Salahi

Terry McAuliffe

View Results

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Who do you support for Lt. […]

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Is This Some Sort Of Bad Joke?

26 November 2012 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

A few years ago, Chairman Corey Stewart pushed for the establishment of an independent audit authority for Prince William County that reported directly to the Board of Supervisors, and in short order it uncovered millions of dollars in fraud and embezzlement within county government.  It was a brilliant move that significantly improved government operations in the county […]

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Joe Glean, Electoral Troll

25 November 2012 | Alexandria, Humor & Satire | 1 Comment

I have a supremely low tolerance for idiots, especially the kind that are determined to gain my attention and waste my time.  Take for example Mr. Joe Glean of Alexandria, a perennial candidate for just about anything who decided to run as a write-in candidate for President this year.  He was prepared for this […]

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Why I Will Not Join The Chamber

24 November 2012 | Virginia Politics | 11 Comments

Last week leadership from the Chambers of Commerce from a bunch of localities buttonholed members of the General Assembly so they could yell at them to raise gas taxes, or as the Loudoun Chamber president put it “they shouldn’t bother coming back from Richmond.”  After, yes after this delegation claimed in all sincerity this is what […]

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Massive Voter Fraud In Prince William County?

17 November 2012 | Crime, Prince William County | 14 Comments

Last week some folks were rightly shocked by a segment on WMAL when Dara Fox called into the show to describe rampant voter fraud on behalf of Democrats in the Lodge Precinct of Prince William County.  During that segment Fox alleged numerous clear instances of faudulent voting, including multiple votes being cast by the same […]

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Budget Criticism Draws A Budget Cut Proposal

17 November 2012 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

If you scream at your political friends when they lose their way for long enough, they’ll probably start to listen at some point.  Such is the case with Corey Stewart this week, as Corey tacks back in the conservative direction by embracing budgetary constraint and offering a list of proposed cuts to the county’s budget. […]

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PWC Government Sinks To Political Censorship

15 November 2012 | Local Media, Prince William County | 44 Comments

We’ve seen our local government spend upwards of $900,000 ”freshening up” the office spaces for senior county employees during a difficult recession.  We’ve seen local elected officials buying campaign advertisements with taxpayer dollars.  What we hadn’t seen, until now, was local government censoring opposing viewpoints in the local mainstream media.  Really, is there any low Prince William County […]

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The News & Messenger Goes Bust

14 November 2012 | Local Media | 18 Comments

What I had long anticipated has finally happened: The Manassas News & Messenger will cease operations at the end of December.  I will not be mourning the loss, but rather looking forward to what will eventually step into the gap, as there is a strong demand for local news, plenty of advertisers who want to place […]

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The 2013 LG Candidate Scorecard

13 November 2012 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

For a while there in 2012 it seemed that if you randomly tossed a rock in Virginia it would likely hit someone either running for US Senate, or considering a run.  The experienced, the known, the inexperienced and people no one had ever heard of all decided to run in that race.  This year the […]

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It’s The Ballot Questions, Stupid

9 November 2012 | Prince William County | 17 Comments

Politicians across the country and locally are lamenting the long lines that we saw at the polls on Tuesday and demanding something be done to fix it.  That something to be done is, or course spend more money because no one ever seems to bother trying to figure out why the lines were so long. […]

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Julie Phone Home!

7 November 2012 | Schools, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Right on the heels of having a nut like Lillie Jessie get elected to the Prince William County School Board, who is famous for her anger management issues and other nonproductive personality quirks, Woodbridge representative Denita Ramierez has announced her resignation this evening.  The School Board will soon announce a process to collect applications and […]

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How They Won

7 November 2012 | RPV, National Politics, Manassas Park, Manassas City, Prince William County | 69 Comments

Candidates and campaigns win elections in the environment that exists while voting is conducted.  While that statement isn’t terribly revealing it points out the three primary components of an outcome.  Activists like myself can’t change the candidates (at least after they’re nominated), the environment is largely out of our control, but we do impact campaigns […]

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So Now What?

7 November 2012 | Prince William County | 43 Comments

If you’re a conservative in Prince William County, Tuesday’s election results are beyond disappointing.  Obama wins on your turf by about 9 points, driven by a spectacular and pretty stealthy GOTV effort?  Are you going to take this sitting down?
Here’s my question: what are you going to do now?

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6 November 2012 | RPV, National Politics, Virginia Politics | 15 Comments

With the kind of enthusiastic crowd I saw in Fairfax today, I’m pretty hopeful for a Romney and Allen win in Virginia!

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Tuesday’s Loser: Pollsters

5 November 2012 | National Politics | 7 Comments

While we’re not quite sure at this point who is going to win the Presidential election on Tuesday, we already know who the losers will be: a set of pollsters.  When one set of polls would show Obama with a pretty comfortable lead in a state, another would show Romney with a slight lead, and […]

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Manassas City Election Guide

3 November 2012 | Manassas City | 4 Comments

In addition to the Presidential and US Senate elections, about which I’m pretty sure voters have pretty heard their fill already, Manassas City has a ballot initiative specific to the city this year.  The question involves moving municipal elections from May, when they happen now, to Novembers when they’d be down-ticket from a Presidential election.  If […]

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Manassas Park Election Guide

3 November 2012 | Manassas Park | 3 Comments

In addition to the presidential and senate elections, Manassas Park will also have elections for city council as a result of a ballot initiative a while back that moved their municipal elections from May to November.  Few voters in the Park are really aware of this and will likely be making a blind decision on […]

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