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Manassas Park Election Guide

By Greg L | 3 November 2012 | Manassas Park | 3 Comments

In addition to the presidential and senate elections, Manassas Park will also have elections for city council as a result of a ballot initiative a while back that moved their municipal elections from May to November.  Few voters in the Park are really aware of this and will likely be making a blind decision on the spot based on which party they identify with, which was the point all along of moving municipal elections to November in the first place.  If you don’t want to be one of those uninformed voters, read on.

Mayor Frank Jones is running unopposed for re-election, which is terribly unfortunate.  He’s presided over the unraveling of the Park’s finances, punishing business owners, and a truly disturbing level of corruption in the city during his previous two terms.  Now he wants another.  Since no one is stepping up to stop that, he’s going to win again in a walk, but if you don’t want that distinctly unpleasant taste you’ll get in your mouth by punching the button for him I encourage you to write in “David Ruttenberg” as a protest.  You’ll feel good that you did.

Jeanette Rishell has apparently given up on her dreams of holding the levers of power in Richmond after numerous embarrassing campaigns for Delegate and has now set her sights on a Governing Board spot.  The local Democrat committee has abandoned doing much of any work for Obama or Kaine and instead focused on pushing this flake across the finish line in the Park, and they may well be successful since all the other three candidates are Republicans who are doing very little in the way of campaigning.  Just about any ticket-splitting will guarantee we will all get a chance to see just how awful Rishell would be not just as a candidate, but as an elected official.

Keith Miller, Bryan Polk and Bill Treuting are the nominal Republicans in that race, but what they actually are are establishment cronies that do Frank Jones’ bidding, especially Miller and Polk.  Any relationship Miller and Polk have with the Republican Party or its values is one of pure convenience.  Despite Treuting’s position as a Republican Party official and his frequent criticism of Obama, his voting record is nearly indistinguishable from Miller and Polk.  The only thing these three really have going for them is that they’re not Jeanette Rishell, which isn’t saying much at all.  It’s still worth punching the buttons for them, in hopes that the next time around there will be a ballot question in the Park about devolving from city to town status, where this whole crew can have their power to tax, spend and ridiculously mismanage severely curtailed.

What is it going to take to get folks in the Park off their butts and take their city back?  $2.00 property tax rates?  Well, if Rishell wins on Tuesday, we might well have a chance to test that.

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  1. Doug Brown said on 3 Nov 2012 at 1:11 pm:
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    The May to November move is a choice facing Manassas voters this Tuesday. Hopefully, we’ll have the common sense to reject it. Local politics is already a messy and difficult enough melee to decipher; subsuming it into the larger melee of the federal election process is a vote against a responsive, informed, representative local government.

    I’ve had my differences with Steve Thomas on some matters, but I have to give him credit for taking the lead in opposing what is a horrible idea, the purpose of which is to simply introduce another level of political BS, regardless of political orientation, into the electoral rhetoric which the electorate has to cut through to decide on the merits and integrity of a given candidate or proposition.

  2. David C.F. Ray said on 5 Nov 2012 at 12:52 pm:
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    I agree with you completely that moving municipal and town elections to November from May is a really bad idea, for all the reasons you cite.

    I have a question — did the Manassas Park GOP and the Manassas Park Democrats ever formally nominate or endorse any candidates this year? If so, when, and were there any losing candidates. If there were, who were they?

  3. Greg L said on 6 Nov 2012 at 12:47 am:
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    Both party units opened for nominations, but neither managed to attract any more candidates than are currently on the ballot. Dems only found one candidate for three positions, and no one other than the incumbent Republicans decided to mount a campaign.

    Yeah, moving elections to November really helps voters have better choices, huh?

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