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The Idiocy Of Amnesty

31 January 2013 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 12 Comments

After a full-court press since November of the meme “Republicans have to do something for Hispanics or they’ll lose every election,” Republican members of both the House and Senate have been working hard to come up with some version of “comprehensive immigration reform” that will make Hispanic voters like them more, but not alienate the […]

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Ken Cuccinelli Rescues Truck Driver From Burning Rig

25 January 2013 | Virginia Politics | 19 Comments

NBC 12 is reporting that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli rescued a truck driver from a burning rig and helped extinguish the fire while travelling on Interstate 64 today.  Given all the history he reads of our founding fathers, it surprises me not at all that when he encounters a situation where life is in […]

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Dick Black on the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

23 January 2013 | Loudoun County, Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 5 Comments

If the redistricting bill passes this session, I will be in the 13th Senate District in 2015, which is currently represented by Senator Dick Black.  This video of his reaction to abortion supporters celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade makes me especially excited about this possibility.

I thank God for people like this who […]

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Does Publishing Our Own “Pravda!” Make Any Sense?

23 January 2013 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

The apparent mission of the county’s “Office of Communications,” or whatever Orwellian name it has these days, is to be a specialized news publisher with preferred access to quotable public figures.  The value returned to taxpayers from this badly-conceived purpose, not to mention the usefulness of such an enterprise to county government is pitifully low, […]

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Why The Mid-Term Redistrict Is A Good Thing

22 January 2013 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

Although the process used to offer a mid-term redistricting in of Senate seats in Virginia is quite unusual, anyone who actually cares about democracy in principle should welcome it.  The 2011 Senate redistricting plan was an utter disaster begging for a fix, and it is a rare credit to Senate Republicans to for once actually […]

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Coup In The Senate Today?

21 January 2013 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

Breaking… Prince William County Senate districts get major overhaul, Colgan’s grip on 29th Senate significantly weakened, Dick Black picks up more of Prince William County as well as Manassas Park, Barker’s district gets stronger for Dems, Bryce Reeves takes part of Prince William County, Richard Stuart and Toddy Puller are drawn out of Prince William, […]

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Ashburn Is #1 Now, Until It Gets Burned To The Ground

20 January 2013 | Local Economy, Humor & Satire | 4 Comments

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced that it is moving hosting of their main technical operation, including Wikipedia, to a data center in Ashburn, Virginia from their current hosting provider in Florida.  Wikimeda explains that “this is intended to improve the technical performance and reliability of all Wikimedia sites, including Wikipedia,” which is a pretty big compliment to […]

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Student Suspended For Antibiotics?

18 January 2013 | Schools, Prince William County | 4 Comments

Here’s your latest brain-dead bureaucratic foul-up: A freshman Osbourn Park High School student gets caught having penicillin in his gym bag, so they throw the whole “zero tolerance” stupid book at him and suspend him for five days. Yes, it’s a serious problem when students bring prescription medications prescribed to them into school, moreso […]

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Joe Morrissey Is An Idiot

17 January 2013 | Virginia Politics, Humor & Satire | 17 Comments

Delegate Joe Morrissey wanted to make a point about the danger of firearms during this session of the General Assembly.  In doing so, Morrissey managed to point a firearm towards the visitors gallery of the House of Delegates in the Capitol Building in Richmond while putting his finder on the trigger, inadvertently endangering an unknown […]

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Davis Campaign To Supporters: Come Rescue Our Candidate!

17 January 2013 | Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

Here’s why it’s so hard to trust online polls: campaign staff, like this “senior adviser” for Jeannemarie Davis, once again pushing people to a poll at Virtucon to have them rescue a candidate.
Only a little less troubling is the rather ridiculous talk of a “groundswell of support” for the Michael Bloomberg surrogate in Virginia politics, which is […]

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16 January 2013 | Local Media | 2 Comments

This is definitely worth checking out: a mongrel cross between the Drudge Report and E-bay as the re-invention of local news.  The PWC News Network is here.

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School Board To Conservatives: Piss Off

2 January 2013 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

Steve Keen, the spoiler in the 2007 elections that enabled Frank Principi to become the Woodbridge Supervisor, has been rewarded for his determined efforts to undermine conservatives in Prince William County and was appointed to the Prince William County School Board this evening.  Keen will represent the Woodbridge District until an election can be held, […]

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