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Coup In The Senate Today?

By Greg L | 21 January 2013 | Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 7 Comments

Breaking… Prince William County Senate districts get major overhaul, Colgan’s grip on 29th Senate significantly weakened, Dick Black picks up more of Prince William County as well as Manassas Park, Barker’s district gets stronger for Dems, Bryce Reeves takes part of Prince William County, Richard Stuart and Toddy Puller are drawn out of Prince William, and more…

NLS Blogger Ben Tribbett reports on twitter and facebook that a floor amendment was adopted on a bill in the Virginia Senate today that would re-district at least one Senate seat, and perhaps more.  Senator Henry Marsh was out of town at the inaugural today, leaving the Senate with a temporary 20-19 Republican majority   The bill in question may have been was HB 259 which was to make modifications to some House districts, as it was on the Senate’s calendar today and the Department of Legislative Services reports that it passed with a floor substitute today.

This could shift the balance of power in the Senate of Virginia and potentially un-do some horrible gerrymandering that happened in during the last redistricting.

Stay tuned… Updates after the fold.

UPDATE: The bill used was indeed HB 259, which through the floor amendment (which is not available yet) will change the Senate districts for the 2015 elections.  There seems to be no Constitutional problem, as technical adjustments to districts are made all the time, and the Constitution doesn’t specifically prohibit a mid-term redistricting, only requires that one happen every ten years after the census.

UPDATE 2: The bill apparently shifts a portion of Senator Marsden’s district into Prince William County, according to Ben Tribbett.

UPDATE 3: Here are the senate districts outlined in the bill. These are significant changes that make these districts much more compact and contiguous.

Thirteenth. All of the City of Manassas Park; part of Loudoun County comprised of the Aldie (309), Between The Hills (306), Briar Woods (111), Carter (117), Dulles South (114), Eagle Ridge (106), East Lovettsville (411), Evergreen (408), Freedom (112), Hillsboro (303), Hillside (105), Hutchison (109), Legacy (116), Little River (107), Mercer (108), Middleburg (307), Mill Run (113), Philomont (305), Pinebrook (115), Purcellville One (301), Purcellville Two (310), Round Hill (302), Sanders Corner (101), St. Louis (308), West Lovettsville (401), and Woodgrove (311) Precincts and part of the Ashburn Farm (102) Precinct; and part of Prince William County comprised of the Alvey (406), Battlefield (402), Bull Run (403), Evergreen (401), Mountain View (410), Mullen (411), Pace West (412), Parkside (105), Sinclair (404), Stonewall (405), and Sudley North (409) Precincts and part of the Westgate (407) Precinct.

Seventeenth. All of Culpeper and Orange Counties; part of Fauquier County comprised of the Bealeton (303), Catlett (102), Lois (104), Morrisville (301), Opal (105), and Remington (302) Precincts; part of Prince William County comprised of the Brentsville (101), Forest Park (310), Henderson (307), Nokesville (104), Pattie (305), Quantico (304), and Washington-Reid (306) Precincts; part of Spotsylvania County comprised of the Belmont (501), Brock (505), Brokenburg (502), Chancellor (204), Courthouse (504), Elys Ford (201), Grange Hall (303), Hazel Run (302), Ni River (203), Piedmont (603), Plank Road (301), Smith Station (602), Todd’s Tavern (503), and Wilderness (202) Precincts; and part of Stafford County comprised of part of the Widewater (302) Precinct.

Twenty-ninth. All of the City of Manassas; and part of Prince William County comprised of the Ashland (309), Bennett (102), Benton (203), Bethel (506), Bristow Run (111), Buckhall (103), Buckland Mills (110), Cedar Point (112), Chinn (507), Ellis (106), Enterprise (608), Glenkirk (408), Lake Ridge (501), Limestone (113), Lodge (207), Marshall (202), Marsteller (107), McCoart (204), Mohican (505), Montclair (308), Old Bridge (503), Park (109), Penn (210), Powell (211), Pr. William A (000), Rockledge (504), Saunders (201), Signal Hill (114), Springwoods (508), Victory (108), Westridge (208), and Woodbine (209) Precincts and part of the Westgate (407) Precinct.

Thirty-seventh. Part of Fairfax County comprised of the Alban (623), Burke (801), Crestwood (415), Irving (827), Keene Mill (129), Laurel Hill (628), Newington (618), Saratoga (626), Signal Hill (125), South County (629), Valley (812), West Springfield (840), and White Oaks (833) Precincts; and part of Prince William County comprised of the Bel Air (606), Belmont (701), Beville (205), Civic Center (604), Dale (601), Dumfries (301), Featherstone (704), Freedom (609), Godwin (603), Graham Park (303), Kerrydale (607), Kilby (707), King (206), Library (702), Lynn (703), Minnieville (605), Neabsco (602), Occoquan (502), Potomac (302), Potomac View (705), Rippon (706), River Oaks (708), and Swans Creek (311) Precincts.

UPDATE 4: Summary of changes as they relate to Prince William County:

- Toddy Puller and Richard Stuart are drawn out.

- Bryce Reeves (District 17) picks up Quantico, Forest Park and parts of Brentsville and Nokesville.

- Colgan loses a lot of Woodbridge, gets Buckland Mills, Glenkirk and most of Linton Hall.  District becomes much harder for Dems to hold.

- Dave Marsden (District 37) picks up parts of Woodbridge and Neabsco.

- Dick Black expands farther into Prince William, all the way to Manassas Park, picking up Sudley and Sinclair precincts.

UPDATE 5: DLIS has an interactive map available on their redistricting website.  Amazing to see how these changes help make districts more compact and contiguous, and solve the problem of so many split precincts.  This is a vast improvement over what we were saddled with in 2011.

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  1. hate conservatives as much as liberals said on 21 Jan 2013 at 5:41 pm:
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    So with all of the real issues we have the dorks decide to play games

  2. Brian said on 21 Jan 2013 at 6:29 pm:
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    One thing it almost totally corrects is the Dem-engineered splitting of precincts. That one thing alone will make the 29th district more R friendly.

  3. Greg L said on 21 Jan 2013 at 8:29 pm:
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    Oh, also worth a minor mention: Vivian Page says that Barker has been drawn out of his district. Not much of a big deal, since his neighboring Senator Marsden wasn’t living in his when he was running for office. The residency laws are so easily flouted and so often ignored that they’re hardly worth mentioning any more.

  4. Not Larry Sabato said on 21 Jan 2013 at 11:45 pm:
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    Barker is in his district.

  5. Harold 72 said on 22 Jan 2013 at 3:17 pm:
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    It would be really, really, really nice to get that useless “hit and run” Gerry Connolly out of Herndon and for that matter of of VA.

    Send him back to NY or where ever he was hatched from.

    They gerrymandered Wolf out and gave us this useless it.

  6. Lovettsville Lady said on 23 Jan 2013 at 1:39 am:
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    Yes, the new districts are much better. It gives us a better chance of defeating Herring in Loudoun. He just picked up a bunch of republican precincts.

  7. Charles said on 23 Jan 2013 at 10:02 pm:
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    Hey, if it passes, it won’t take me 2 hours to drive to the other end of my district. On the down side, Colgan will be my Senator again, until the democrats let him mercifully retire and enjoy retirement.

    And in fact, this map could well help him gain the resolve to stop giving in to them, and go enjoy his family for a bit.

    Only wish we could have just adopted the common bipartisan option 2 years ago, and skipped all the nonsense with the absurd democrat senate plan.

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