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Pete Snyder And Buttlickers

By Greg L | 4 February 2013 | RPV, Virginia Politics, Humor & Satire | 4 Comments

Sometimes, YouTube is a dubious friend.

In this instance, Lieutenant Governor candidate Pete Snyder posted a video on YouTube, and it helpfully suggested some other “related” videos that I might be interested in watching after I finished with Pete.  In this case, there are some news clips, something about a swine flu panic, a cow, a couple of other videos I can’t immediately classify, and a picture of some guy licking a girl’s nearly naked butt — all of which are somehow “related” to Snyder and his campaign.

Either YouTube likes Pete XIII a lot, or not.  It’s hard to tell.

Which brings us to the problems inherent in using YouTube as a delivery medium for political messaging.  What you see after a video plays is a mix of what YouTube thinks is relevant to the content you just watched, and what it thinks, based on your previous viewings, are of interest to you generally.  A campaign can’t control what is shown after a video plays, and ends up leaving their visual messaging to the mercy of a YouTube algorithm that may, or in this case certainly does not make connections the campaign would appreciate.

In my case I have an eleven year-old daughter who has discovered dance music and is determined to show me everything she likes.  YouTube apparently makes a connection with Pete XIII’s “pig rig” so you get all the references to animal husbandry, and thinks I’m a pre-teen interested in the dance music that is using that unfortunate butt licking image as a thumbnail for a dance music video (as if a pre-teen would appreciate that - c’mon YouTube!) next to a picture of a bovine.

So a voter in my situation ends up with imagery of animal infectious diseases and soft-core pornography after watching Pete XIII’s video.  Not quite optimal connections for a campaign, at all.

So here’s a hint to all the political campaigns out there - be aware that when you post a campaign video on a site where you cannot control all the variables, they could become a problem, unless your campaign doesn’t particularly mind cementing images of soft-core porn and animals alongside your campaign.

I imagine most campaigns wouldn’t want that, so they might want to pay attention here.

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  1. Hmmm said on 4 Feb 2013 at 6:49 pm:
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    Bull and kissing butt? You betcha. YouTube absolutely nailed this one.

  2. Cynic said on 4 Feb 2013 at 9:00 pm:
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    Is Kissing Babies now passe?

    Knew that politicians pandered, butt to that level.

  3. Dave Wilson said on 4 Feb 2013 at 9:13 pm:
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    You know that youtube basis those suggestions on what you normally watch.
    Just sayin’. . . .

  4. Johnny said on 5 Feb 2013 at 7:52 pm:
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    I just watched that video and I didn’t get that result at the end. Those videos are usually suggestions based on YOUR viewing habits. All I got was 100% Pete videos with him apparently on FoxNews or something.

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