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Ralph Northam Campaigns For Infanticide

29 March 2013 | DPVA, National Politics, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

The Florida legislature is now considering a bill that protects the lives of babies born alive in abortion clinics, which sometimes happens as the result of a botched abortion. Planned Parenthood came out to argue against the bill, and in this stunning video their lobbyist Alisa Laport Snow was asked some rather important questions […]

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Lingamfelter Gets NRA Award

27 March 2013 | 31st HOD District, Virginia Politics | 3 Comments

Established in 1989, the Carter-Knight Freedom Fund Award is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund. Named for Harlon Carter, founding Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, and George Knight, founder of the Fund, it was created to honor those who demonstrate exemplary support for the constitutional and […]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Throws Cops Out Of Restaurant

25 March 2013 | Manassas City | 25 Comments

Buffalo Wild Wings, you are the stupidest business in Virginia and I sincerely hope you go bankrupt soon.
Eight Prince William County Police officers were refused service at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday, apparently because they had their weapons displayed. (From Manassas Park Patch)
I don’t want explanations, or an apology, I just want this business gone.
H/T: PWC News […]

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Will Stewart And Stimpson Continue To Fund Gun Control Efforts?

25 March 2013 | Virginia Politics, Manassas City, Prince William County | 7 Comments

Earlier this month the Metropolitan Washington Council Of Governments approved a resolution calling for more gun control which has prompted a few localities in Virginia to threaten that they will withhold their annual dues payments until the resolution, which has pretty much nothing to do with the mission of the MWCOG anyways, is repealed.  Today I’ve learned that Manassas […]

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Chairman Milts’ Ministry Of Propaganda

22 March 2013 | Prince William County | 3 Comments

If you’re looking for a handy example that perfectly demonstrates just how massively screwed up Prince William County Schools are, look no further than the taxpayer-funded propaganda piece released this evening about a pool at the 12th high school and the stupidity therein.  Worse than the propaganda though, the schools system takes your money to professionally craft […]

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Bob Marshall Strikes Down Medicaid Expansion Scheme

22 March 2013 | 13th HOD District, Virginia Politics | 5 Comments

Once again Bob Marshall proves that he understands Virginia law better than anyone else in the General Assembly.  This time, Marshall suspected that the establishment of a “Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission” that had the power to enroll the Commonwealth in an expansion of the federal medicaid program was a violation of the Constitution of […]

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It’s The Land Use, Dummies

21 March 2013 | Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 7 Comments

We’ve talked a lot about transportation during the past decade at the state and local level, and we’ve poured a huge amount of borrowed money and tax increases into funding transportation.  Is any of that going to actually solve anything?

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Donna Sellinger Folds

20 March 2013 | 13th HOD District, PWCDC | 2 Comments

Well, that sure was a quick campaign.  Donna Sellinger, whose campaign kickoff was just last Sunday, has announced on twitter tonight that she will no longer be seeking election in the 13th House District.  This is the second Democrat candidate in two weeks to begin and end their campaign in this district without any public […]

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Illegal Alien Wanted For Attempted Murder Arrested in Manassas

18 March 2013 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City | 4 Comments

Where do El Salvadorans go when fleeing justice in their home country?  Apparently they run to Manassas.  But do they get extradited back to their home country to face charges?  Apparently not.
InsideNova reports on the arrest of 34-year-old Melvin Noe Sanchez-Izaguirre today, who had previously been deported in 2012 which would make his re-entry a felony […]

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Dummy Of The Week: Supervisor Maureen Caddigan

16 March 2013 | Prince William County | 6 Comments

I really appreciate independent local media, otherwise when local elected officials display utter stupidity it probably wouldn’t get reported.  Here’s a case in point: Potomac Local is reporting that Supervisor Maureen Caddigan wants to establish a new locality recognized by the Postal Service called “Potomac, Virginia.”

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13th HOD District Democrats: When Nutty Is Not Nearly Enough

13 March 2013 | 13th HOD District | 6 Comments

There’s probably no one in the General Assembly more hated by the homosexual lobby than Delegate Bob Marshall, so each election year whichever far-left wingnut in the district despises Marshall the most will mount a campaign to try to unseat him.  This wonderfully amusing bi-annual comedy to see if the Washington Blade’s endorsed candidate, backed […]

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A Personal Note To Tom Davis

11 March 2013 | Virginia Politics, Humor & Satire | 2 Comments

Oh, Tom Davis, you’re such a naughty boy.
Threatening campaign contributors that aren’t supporting Jeannemarie Davis but are instead contributing to other campaigns using your corporate email account is just so, well, cheeky.  What a cad you are!  Did you really mean it when you tell them that they won’t ever get any business from Deloitte […]

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Our Republican Bolivarian Militias

11 March 2013 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 1 Comment

While Hugo Chavez is dead, his tactics and ideas live on right here in Prince William County, courtesy of folks like Milt Johns and Wally Covington.  Dontcha just love it when Republicans show that beyond all the rhetoric, what they really want most is to be tinpot third-world communist dictators?

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When Educrats Attack: Chairman Milt’s Unhinged Tirade

10 March 2013 | Prince William County | 14 Comments

I have quite obviously hit a nerve with the educrat powers that be in Prince William County given that less than twelve hours after announcing that I intend to file a lawsuit against the Prince William County Schools educrat-in-chief Chairman Milt is publicly threatening me for being critical of government.  When your criticisms are wrong, government ignores […]

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PWCS, Let’s Go To War

9 March 2013 | Prince William County | 21 Comments

The Prince William County Schools require that all parents of students at Stonewall Middle School grant to the International Baccalaureate Organization a free, world-wide license to reproduce, for their own commercial purposes, any and all materials produced by those children until seventy years after their death.  A failure to agree to these terms prevents children […]

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Let’s Hold The Boring And Have A Convention Instead

9 March 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 9 Comments

Today’s Prince William County Republican Convention was going to be, by all indications, a pretty boring affair.  The convention wouldn’t be nominating any candidates for office.  Ten resolutions were offered. A plethora of candidates for state-wide office wanted to speak.  Between an excess of people looking for an opportunity to step into the limelight and […]

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Manassas: What A Great Place To Live!

8 March 2013 | Humor & Satire, Prince William County | 5 Comments

I really appreciate it when the local media outlets do such a fine job of promoting the communities they serve as such a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.  In this installment of “What A Great Place To Live” we turn to Manassas Park Patch which is happy to let us know that […]

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It’s Time To Play Budget Bingo!

8 March 2013 | Prince William County | No Comments

Sometimes it can be difficult to follow everything going on with the budget.  That’s especially true when county staff delivers a presentation that seems deliberately designed to lull citizens to sleep.  To help make watching the budget process be a little more enjoyable, and provide some much needed amusement, we’ve crafted our own special Budget […]

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Another Vacation To A Worker’s Paradise

6 March 2013 | Humor & Satire, Prince William County | 1 Comment

An email like this from Rob Clapper and the Prince William Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but it sure would take the most recent lovefest for Communist dictator Fidel Castro to a whole new level.

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Haymarket Flushes Proffer Dollars Down the Toilet

5 March 2013 | Prince William County | 4 Comments

According to an article at Prince William Times, a proffer agreement with developer D. H. Horton was made to offset the additional educational expenses the county would incur as a result of a townhouse development that would increase enrollment in area schools.  Instead of this money being provided to the Prince William County Schools and being used to […]

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