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Illegal Alien Wanted For Attempted Murder Arrested in Manassas

By Greg L | 18 March 2013 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Manassas City | 4 Comments

Where do El Salvadorans go when fleeing justice in their home country?  Apparently they run to Manassas.  But do they get extradited back to their home country to face charges?  Apparently not.

InsideNova reports on the arrest of 34-year-old Melvin Noe Sanchez-Izaguirre today, who had previously been deported in 2012 which would make his re-entry a felony under US and Virginia law.  Sanchez-Izaguirre is wanted in El Salvador on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, and INTEPOL issued an ‘active RED notice’ on this suspect which brought him to the attention of ICE.

Under normal circumstances foreign nationals wanted for crimes in their home countries are arrested and put into an extradition process, which places them within the criminal justice system.  This suspect was instead remanded to the immigration courts and placed into removal proceedings which are not part of the criminal justice system, but an administrative system that is heavily overburdened and given wide discretion about how it acts.  A person subject to extradition cannot be released on their own recognizance, but as we’ve seen with Janet Incompetano and her mismanagement of our border security system they can and do release hundreds of illegal aliens on a daily basis that are under their jurisdiction and awaiting deportation.

The open borders lobby would probably find cause for alarm in that Sanchez-Izaguirre will not be granted the due process protections that an extradition hearing would require, and instead appear at a less formal hearing before an immigration judge.  Given what we’ve seen from ICE under this administration, they probably have little to fear, and perhaps quite a bit to celebrate.  This administration could exercise yet another instance of “prosecutorial discretion” and release this wanted man, grant this suspect refugee status and halt the deportation process, or simply let this case get lost in the shuffle until the next invented budget crisis requires that he be set free.

Had this suspect been put in the criminal justice system where he belongs, we’d have some certainty about what’s going to happen.  Instead there’s nothing but questions about what the future holds, with the public safety of people in Manassas and Prince William County depending on this administration to do something it has steadfastly refused to do - it’s job.

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  1. Doug Brown said on 18 Mar 2013 at 7:29 pm:
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    Thousands and thousands of individuals were allowed into the country with no Interpol check whatsoever for years.

  2. Doug Brown said on 19 Mar 2013 at 9:26 am:
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    In fact, they use to shred those Interpol notices at the NBC out in Lee’s Summitt Missouri. Senior management did’t even know what Interpol was, they thought it had to do with some interpolitics thing, that is what happens when you hire according to the the friends and family plan. Of course, Congressman Wolf would know more about such things because he promised to look into it for me.

  3. Cynic said on 19 Mar 2013 at 2:38 pm:
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    Not to worry. The whimpering wimp politicians are running over each other in their race to be the first to grant amnesty to the illegals.

    Amnesty for current crop of illegals - just an other indicator that the USA is down, down, the tubes.

  4. Immigrant said on 29 Mar 2013 at 8:54 pm:
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    For crying out loud, just call Homeland Security on him and stop giving the rest of us immigrants a bad name.

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