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Melissa Peacor Jumps The Shark

24 May 2013 | Prince William County | 22 Comments

The Sheriff was the first to notice that our County Executive took it upon herself to decide that not only did the county needed a new logo, but that she was going to be the one who would determine what it would look like. As a result, we end up with this kind of meaningless, […]

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Fact Checking The May-LaRock Race

23 May 2013 | Loudoun County | 37 Comments

I had no doubt the Joe May-Dave LaRock primary campaign was going to get a bit testy with a June 11th primary coming up so quickly.  Recently that testiness got somewhat bizarre as the campaigns traded charges and counter-charges that are hard for the average voter to make much sense of, so we’re going to […]

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Rezoning For Allah Not A Good Idea

22 May 2013 | Manassas City | 17 Comments

Manassas has a tough fiscal problem to solve.  Commercial development in the city has been stagnant at best, and the city wants to invest in all sorts of new infrastructure projects.  In a “have your cake and eat it too” moment it decided the way to address this was to raise property taxes by an […]

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YouTube Covers For Democratic Super PAC

22 May 2013 | DPVA, National Politics, Crime | 2 Comments

Yesterday morning I submitted a copyright infringement complain to YouTube complaining that the Super PAC “American Bridge 21st Century” had stolen clips from two of my productions. Twenty four hours later, which is quite a bit more of a delay than I had ever encountered before, the infringing video has been re-edited to remove […]

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Corey Stewart Calls His Constituents “Cowards”

21 May 2013 | Prince William County | 13 Comments

“Everyone who is opposed to the [Bi-County Parkway] and not offering an alternative is a coward.” — Corey Stewart.
The question here is what the alternative is supposed to accomplish.  If the purpose is to provide profit opportunities for the developers that contribute to Corey Stewart’s election campaigns, I suppose we could pay them with public […]

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The Liberals Steal My Stuff And Somehow Think I’m Going To Ignore It

21 May 2013 | DPVA, Crime | 4 Comments

It’s nice to see that Democrats appreciate the quality of my work.  It isn’t quite so nice to see Democrat campaign consultants blatantly stealing my work so they can make a buck, but it’s hardly surprising that they do.

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Republican Ticket Fly Around Speeches

20 May 2013 | RPV, Virginia Politics | No Comments

Meet the 2013 ticket!  Here’s videos of the speeches filmed at the Fairfax rally that was part of the RPV Fly Around that kicked off the day after the Republican Convention.
Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

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Let’s Debate Democrat Racial Extermination Practices

19 May 2013 | Virginia Politics | 10 Comments

The left obviously still can’t figure out what to do when confronted by a conservative that doesn’t fit their racial stereotypes, especially when that conservative is a Republican nominee for state-wide office.  Their first shot across the bow is to take one of E. W. Jackson’s most powerful assaults on the culture of death that […]

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RPV Convention Notes

19 May 2013 | Virginia Politics | 14 Comments

Today’s RPV State Convention wasn’t just a nearly twelve hour long ordeal for delegates, it was plenty of fun.  That is, if you know where to look for it.  Stay glued to a seat talking to people who don’t know what’s happening and it can seem like an ordeal.  Be a real political junkie and […]

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My Convention Picks: Lingamfelter And Bell

15 May 2013 | RPV, Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

Delegates going to the Republican Convention in Richmond this weekend are still reeling under all the direct mail, phone calls and email messages the seven Lieutenant Governor and two Attorney General campaigns have been putting out in earnest over the past couple of weeks and having a hard time sorting it all that information out. […]

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How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes

15 May 2013 | Prince William County | 5 Comments

Just in case anyone felt there weren’t enough depressing stories out there about how local governments in the area are being wasteful with our tax dollars comes this morning’s PWC Education Reform bombshell about how Prince William County Schools is secretly planning to build not one, but six pools in local high schools.  At the same time […]

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Convention Week Political News Roundup

15 May 2013 | National Politics, Virginia Politics, Manassas City, Prince William County | 2 Comments

There’s lots happening in the lead-up to the Republican Convention and around the area in local politics, so let’s take a quick pass at all that’s happening since there isn’t time to cover all of these in detail right now.

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Corey Stewart Campaign Becomes A “Song For The Goat”

12 May 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 4 Comments

You know those blogs that annoy you by constantly talking about one single thing to the exclusion of all else?  The ones that drive you so absolutely mad with their droning, unvarying drumbeat of monotony they make you want to throw random objects at your computer screen?
Well, let’s do that.
It’s not that I particularly want to, but […]

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Corey Stewart Doesn’t Even Understand The Tea Party

10 May 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 13 Comments

An email from the Corey Stewart for Lieutenant Governor campaign landed in my inbox today with such a depressing thud that I couldn’t focus any longer on getting productive work done.  This campaign silliness has gotten so bad I’m starting to get awfully angry.

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Stewart Backers Respond

2 May 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 4 Comments

I was rather amused to find a diatribe in my inbox in defense of a Tea Party endorsement (wait, it’s supposed to be a vetting, right?) of Corey Stewart today, and it just wouldn’t be fair to readers if I neglected to share it.  Apparently I’ve managed to upset a few people and my inbox […]

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Birds Of A Feather…

1 May 2013 | PWCDC | 4 Comments

PWC Democratic Chairman Harry Wiggins had the pleasure of receiving a delegation of Chinese Communist Party members today, May Day 2013.
I have to wonder just who learned more during that exchange.

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Corey Stewart’s Week Goes From Bad To Worse

1 May 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 4 Comments

What started out as a promising week for Corey Stewart’s Lieutenant Governor campaign has swiftly turned in to a really bad one.

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