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Stewart Backers Respond

By Greg L | 2 May 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 4 Comments

I was rather amused to find a diatribe in my inbox in defense of a Tea Party endorsement (wait, it’s supposed to be a vetting, right?) of Corey Stewart today, and it just wouldn’t be fair to readers if I neglected to share it.  Apparently I’ve managed to upset a few people and my inbox is now filling with all sorts of amusing nonsense from people whose better judgment seems to have fled them in search of more comfortable quarters.   

Corey is what the Tea Party was supposed to be. You people are anti-government extremists and you back extremist candidates like Susan who have a warped and detached view of reality. You deserve the blame for George Allen’s loss and if Ken and Susan lose to Democrats when Bill and Corey could have won then that blame will be yours too.

Wow, what a great start.  Bill Bolling is Tea Party now, and it is a bad thing that Bill Bolling’s dreams of being governor were thwarted by that pesky ol’ Ken Cuccinelli.  That sure helps us understand where this writer is coming from. We’ve also got someone here who thinks handing over $44 million in taxpayer money for a “cultural arts center” is the definition of what “core services” government should be restricted to.  Somehow, I get the impression that when Rick Santelli started rolling the ball on this Tea Party thing, it was in a somewhat different direction.

Corey is a champion of local government which is what the Tea Party is supposed to be about. The people needed a road so Corey built one. He did it locally and saved taxpayers money by keeping VDOT out of it. Would you rather have Richmond crawling up our ass and telling us what roads will be built and where?

Corey is a proven leader. He got the job done. He will be LG, then governor, and maybe more. He reminds me of Ronald Reagan.

Oh, yes.  The people needed a road widened.  Corey took leadership and decided to commit taxpayers to a four cent tax raise for the next twenty years in order to deliver 1.3 miles of road widening for $12.6 million dollars.  Taxpayers shelling out $1,797 per liner foot of asphalt.  That somehow saved taxpayers money.  That was somehow a better outcome than having VDOT screw it up for us.  And Ronald Reagan would be proud.

Good Lord, come quickly to save us.

Corey is a communicator. He bridges the gap between movement conservatives, social conservatives, the Tea Party, and the weekend Republicans we need to become more active. Middle Resolution saw this and so did the Federation. Real leaders recognize their own and they know what leadership looks like. The membership of these supposed tea parties doesn’t. The black helicopter and agenda 21 crowd is too detached from reality. They’d run a lunatic found in the gun isle of Bass Pro against Ronald Reagan if he were running today.

So local activists in Prince William County don’t understand and fully appreciate the greatness of Corey Stewart and what he’s done for local taxpayers, but folks in Richmond do.  Yep, that makes sense.

Just come out and say it. You don’t oppose higher taxes. You oppose all taxes. You are a nose hair away from an anarchist who would have us driving on dirt roads.

Karl Rove was part of a winning administration. Where’s Jamie Radke? Todd Akin? Sharron Angle?

Wait a minute.  Did someone arguing the position of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots just favorably mention Karl Rove, who is fundraising for “moderate” conservatives with the declared intent of opposing Tea Party backed candidates in primary elections?  What the heck is going on here? 

We win by expanding our base and Corey did it. Corey has reached out and filed more ethnic delegates than you can comprehend. Do you even have blacks at your meetings? How about Arabs? Corey earns the support of people who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Lay off the tinfoil hat conspiracies. The vetting process had that committee to save you from yourself. Now get behind Corey and we can beat the Democrats, if you’re still a Republican.

So this quickly devolves into the racial identity fallacy that seems to have gripped so many of the establishment of late.  Groan.

At least the person who sent me this didn’t bother to identify themselves.  I can’t imagine what life would be like for them if people could associate such patent nonsense with someone’s actual name. 

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  1. Joshua said on 2 May 2013 at 2:20 pm:
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    This post is one of the most amusing that I’ve read in quite some time. What is the tea party all about these days? Is it about winning elections? Promoting principles? Walking lockstep with the GOP establishment? I guess we’re finding out what some people think.

  2. Independent Thinker said on 3 May 2013 at 9:26 am:
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    Many Tea Party organizations have been hijacked by the GOP. One of the Tea Parties should ask for a national discussion of the role of government rather than assume that everyone is talking about the same thing.

    Note I am not talking about one Tea Party. There is no such thing. And many people who identify themselves as being “Tea Party” say some pretty stupid things–it doesn’t mean entire organizations all agree with the stupid comments anymore than using some idiot’s comments against someone else as though they automatically agree.

    I am beginning to think that we no longer have 2 major national parties (or 100 state parties). It is acting more like we have over 311 million parties.

  3. T2T said on 3 May 2013 at 10:03 am:
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    For the record, it wasn’t me who sent the e-mail of critcism to this site’s proprietor. However, I should also state that my level of being impressed with Corey Stewart was about a 5-minute event.

    When it comes to the convention in Richmond, I’ll have to let Corey know now that my vote can’t be bought at any price. The same will apply to many of those I know who will be attending too.

    When it comes to an individual’s character, nothing but arrogance can be seen in Mr. Stewart. On one hand, he tries to be caring for the people of the county, but on the other hand, one can see how quickly he goes into “ME” mode and it’s all hubris at that point.

    Enough is enough.

  4. Liz McCoy said on 7 May 2013 at 7:12 pm:
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    Can we stop with the “ethnic delegates” label already? We are a colorblind party. It sounds terrible when people say it, and it sounds bad when I read it.

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