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Corey Stewart Campaign Becomes A “Song For The Goat”

By Greg L | 12 May 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 4 Comments

You know those blogs that annoy you by constantly talking about one single thing to the exclusion of all else?  The ones that drive you so absolutely mad with their droning, unvarying drumbeat of monotony they make you want to throw random objects at your computer screen?

Well, let’s do that.

It’s not that I particularly want to, but this ongoing train wreck of the Corey Stewart campaign makes it exceedingly hard not to.

Breitbart pounces once again on the Stewart campaign, this time trying to ferret out what the story is with “Virginians for Limited Government” which has been sending out mail pieces in support of Stewart.  Normally you wouldn’t suspect third party groups are coordinating their effort with a campaign, but when they mysterious “Virginians for Limited Government” hasn’t registered as a Virginia Political Action Committee as the law requires, won’t answer questions about who is funding this barrage of mail pieces to all of about 13,000 convention delegates, and Stewart has been linked to other efforts to attack his opponents with shadowy entities no one has heard of before and who aren’t disclosing who is funding those efforts it all end up pointing at a campaign that willfully violates state election laws.

Some group no one has ever heard of, and which is not registered as a political action committee in Virginia somehow digs up at least $12,491.96 to send mail pieces attacking Corey Stewart’s opponents to a list of convention delegates that you can only obtain if you are a candidate, and Corey Stewart has no idea how that happened.  Right.  And the videos attacking those same opponents, made by a former employee of Prince William County who has worked for a campaign vendor you have a longstanding relationship with has nothing to do with you either.  Nor do the anonymous emails attacking your opponents sent to email addresses that have only been provided to your campaign.

I’m sorry.  At this point the “I don’t know who is doing this” and “I have no idea” shtick begins to wear awfully thin.  How can anyone possibly think we’re this stupid?

If Stewart manages somehow to win the nomination this trail of unethical and unlawful campaign activities is going to absolutely haunt him in a general election.  It’s gotten so bad that anyone out there could send out a ridiculously bad mail piece alleging that an opposing candidate of Stewart’s has sold his children into slavery in Kazakstan, or blocked a bill honoring “White Americans Day” on the birthday of Nathan Bedford Forrest — stuff that would utterly inflame violent outrage against Stewart — and everyone would absolutely believe Stewart was behind it without question.

You don’t really think the Democrats are above such behavior, do you?

Whoever is the guy coordinating this ridiculous garbage for Stewart’s campaign should never work in politics again.  Before all this erupted, before Corey went off the rails on county government issues, he was a tremendous legislator.  He was utterly fearless defending the interests of Prince William County residents and built up a tremendous record of genuine accomplishment.  He’s well spoken, had great political instincts, has been very accessible and wielded a pretty substantial gift for navigating policy issues through the process to deliver value for constituents.  He earned a lot of respect from me and I’ve been a Corey Stewart fan for a long, long time to the point that he’s used quotes from me in mail pieces for his Lieutenant Governor campaign.

This feels like watching a Greek tragedy.  The Sheriff, Derecho, Breitbart and I are the chorus, chanting our dire odes to the heroes deaf ears in between episodes where he is lead astray by meddling gods.  This weekend at the convention the goat is figuratively sacrificed, and the song about it — literally translated in ancient greek as tragedy — will be spread among the politically inclined.

Hopefully they will learn from it.

UPDATE: Stewart has admitted that he funded the mail piece by “Virginians for Limited Government” but claims he did not know how they were going to use the money.  When asked about the negative mailers and their spurious claims his response was “I play hardball.  This is politics.”

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  1. Anonymous said on 13 May 2013 at 1:15 am:
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    This past Friday at Mimi’s Cafe in Henrico, Corey claimed that those Virginians for Limited Government attack ad were not coordinated with his campaign, but he would also not come out and renounce them. He said something to the effect that politics is hardball.

  2. DeepThroat said on 13 May 2013 at 10:18 am:
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    Just wait until the mailer comes out this week attacking E.W. Jackson’s business bankruptcies from 15 years or so ago. Corey himself is neck deep in that hit piece. Sure, it will say “not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee,” but that is a bold faced lie as he not only authorized it, but solicited it.

  3. Anonymous said on 13 May 2013 at 8:02 pm:
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    I don’t know about a mailer, but a hit piece on E.W. Jackson just arrived in my inbox from tomgearontherecord@politicalslingshot.com.

  4. T2T said on 14 May 2013 at 12:04 pm:
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    Is the “mailer” on E.W. Jackson going to be an actual printed card that we’ll see in the mail? Or, will they blast the message again via e-mail from “VATruthsquad2000@Gmail.COM” as they did this past Sunday afternoon?

    C. Stewart seems like the white house of late. Claiming no knowledge about the various shenanigans going on, but potentially knows everything that his happening - rogue e-mails, etc.

    Many of us had views and opinions of Corey many, many months back. However, the incidents of recent have just worked to solidify the fact that these were not rumors, and tend to be more factual.

    I’ve grown frustrated of politics. Politicians (from both sides) have tossed ethics and integrity out the window. Coming from the party I’m affiliated with is even more disturbing. If one is a volunteer for the campaign and knows full well about the mud that has been slung, how are we to work at the grass roots level to convince others to vote for Corey? We’ll have to be a part of the “spin” as we’ll have to come up with a response to describe what happened in order to make Corey look innocent.

    I’m quite sick of all this. I will not volunteer for someone I have no respect for.

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