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Local Mosque Hosts Iranian Elections

By Greg L | 17 June 2013 | National Politics, Prince William County | 6 Comments

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what happens inside in the area’s houses of worship.  The faithful does what it wants to do, and we don’t concern ourselves with it.  That’s how it should be, up until we start seeing these facilities used by agents of hostile foreign regimes.  If a local house of worship wants to have a bunch of people parade around in military uniforms and glorify military firearms as part of their religious practices, that’s not going to alarm people too much as long as they’re not actually shooting at people.  When agents of the Iranian government take over a Mosque in Manassas right down the street from this militaristic church in order to conduct an election for the Iranian regime, that probably is worthy of a bit more concern.

This week Iran conducted another one of their sham elections, where the regime picks who can run for president and a small minority of Iranian citizens cast ballots to see which ayatollah-approved candidate will act as the figurehead for this sponsor of terrorism.  Iranian citizens in the United States had an opportunity to participate in this sham and of all the places for them to gather together in this exercise in supporting totalitarianism, Manassas apparently was the most logical choice to have a polling place.

We don’t have diplomatic relations with Iran.  Agents of the Iranian government are not permitted to travel outside of New York City, yet here in Manassas we have people not registeed as foreign agents conducting elections for the Iranian regime, which is about as official as you can get in advancing the interests of a government.  The Iranian government is not permitted to own or operate facilities in the United States, but they are using Mosques in Manassas to conduct official business of the Iranian government.  How is that?

Are not individuals actively operating as agents of a foreign government who have not registered with the State Department by definition spies?

How deeply involved are the religious leaders of this Mosque in the affairs of the Iranian government, which among other things is tasking Hezbollah to fight on behalf of the Assad regime in Syria?  Iran funds Hamas, Al-Queda and the Taliban, and has been recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism by the U. S. State Department.  We deserve some answers here. 

Not that I expect the Obama Administration to ever provide us with answers, after they looked aside while all this happened.  A State Department not gutted by political correctness in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s “leadership” would have put the kibosh on this sort of thing instantly and actually protected our national interests, as well as our national security.  Chances this administration and John Kerry (who runs the State Department these days) won’t do a thing, while the influence and connections between local Mosques and the Iranian government grow. 

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  1. Anonymous said on 17 Jun 2013 at 9:27 pm:
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    A lot of houses of worship rally around the current state of israel due to it being gods chosen people?

  2. Annoymous said on 18 Jun 2013 at 6:22 am:
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    Is this the same group that wants the city to change the zoning on the Merchant Family industrial property on Euclid Ave?

  3. Greg L said on 18 Jun 2013 at 9:42 am:
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    I believe these guys are a different group. The photos I saw make me think this is the “Manassas Mosque” that’s off Balls Ford Road near Business 234.

  4. bruce said on 18 Jun 2013 at 10:40 am:
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    turnout in iranian elections was near 70%! Not a “small minority” as you claim. Check facts please.

  5. bruce said on 18 Jun 2013 at 11:46 am:
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    USA provided seed financing for AQ and Republican Bush and Cheney were negotiating with the Taleban for a gas pipeline and just today, Democrat Obama is opening negotiations with the Taleban to talk peace. wow, I guess even “terrorist” definition can be gray sometimes…

  6. Citizen-Veteran said on 1 Aug 2013 at 10:22 pm:
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    I’m not sure which is a bigger fraud in the Western World . . . . Obama or Islam? Neither has anything to do with peace, building a 21st Century economy or the American Way.

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