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Terry McAuliffe’s Economic Illiteracy

29 July 2013 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

So Terry McAuliffe has no idea what he’s talking about when the subject turns to Virginia. That’s hardly a surprise.

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The Utterly Unserious Terry McAuliffe

21 July 2013 | Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Terry McAuliffe spent a whole lot of time at the Virginia Bar Association Debate this weekend talking about how important abortion is.  One of his more creative arguments is that if you restrict abortion in any way “it would be very hard to bring women to Virginia.”  I’ve rarely ever seen someone so doggedly partisan […]

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Time To Have Mark Wolfe Arrested

8 July 2013 | Crime, Manassas City | 34 Comments

So it would appear we have conflicting views about what a statute of criminal law means in Manassas.  The proper venue to determine the correct interpretation of the law is a court, and the first step towards having that happen (in the absence of a Commonwealth’s Attorney concerned in any way with doing his job) […]

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Obama Beers

8 July 2013 | Schools, Prince William County | 8 Comments

In the middle of June, Prince William County Schools announced they’d be participating in a USDA program to provide free meals to any children up to age 18 in the county’s Title 1 schools during their summer sessions.  No questions asked, a kid shows up and he gets a free breakfast or lunch.  At the local elementary […]

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5 July 2013 | Prince William County | 14 Comments

Your local taxpayer dollars are now being used to pay county employees to comment on local blogs and root out who the “Sheriff of Nottingham” is?  Seriously?
This is utterly ridiculous.  Melissa Peacor and Jason Grant have got to go.  When government at any level is spending taxpayer dollars in a propaganda war and working overtime to discover […]

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