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The Utterly Unserious Terry McAuliffe

By Greg L | 21 July 2013 | Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Terry McAuliffe spent a whole lot of time at the Virginia Bar Association Debate this weekend talking about how important abortion is.  One of his more creative arguments is that if you restrict abortion in any way “it would be very hard to bring women to Virginia.”  I’ve rarely ever seen someone so doggedly partisan in their favoring of Planned Parenthood that they’d go to such lengths as to invent patently ridiculous arguments.

The gist of McAuliffe’s argument is that women will make choices about whether they’d be willing to come to Virginia to get a better job based in large part on whether they can get an abortion here.  The “women’s healthcare clinics” that McAuliffe is talking about are specifically abortion providers like Planned Parenthood which would be free under any regulatory environment one can possibly imagine to offer counseling, cancer screenings and the other services that McAuliffe says he’s so deeply concerned about.  The one service that arguably should be restricted is providing abortions, particularly late term abortions, and especially when those abortions are performed in such brutal charnel houses of the sort we’ve recently been hearing about.

This isn’t about healthcare.  Abortion isn’t healthcare, it cures no condition, it serves to address no disease or disability, it’s sole purpose is to kill unborn babies deemed to be inconvenient.  If Planned Parenthood and other “women’s heathcare providers” wish to actually provide healthcare, I don’t imagine anyone cold ever find fault with that and no one is proposing any regulatory restrictions in regard to providing actual healthcare services by any medically competent providers.  If Planned Parenthood was interested in this sort of actually valuable medical service, they wouldn’t be shutting down “clinics” as a result of regulations they consider too inconvenient to comply with that solely involve abortion, they’d simply stop providing abortions and focus on mammograms, STD screenings, and actual “health” concerns.

In what sort of twisted world might someone be so concerned about getting late term abortions in unsafe “medical” facilities that they’d decide to pass on a better job because they can’t find that in Virginia?  About the only entity that could actually make an economic argument here is Planned Parenthood itself, which has been heavily donating to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign in an effort to protect their grisly business and the profits it generates.  The notion that Virginia’s economic engine will grind to a screeching halt if abortion on demand anywhere at any time is restricted in any way is utter demagoguery.

That’s about the same approach McAuliffe adopted claiming that personhood legislation would “outlaw most birth control.”  Let’s get this straight, Terry - if human life is legally considered to begin at conception, which is about the only rational demarcation one could make, it somehow “would outlaw most forms of contraception.”  Right.   If you think that abortion is a form contraception, that inflicting death is healthcare, and that women are basing their economic decisions substantially on whether they can have their nearly full-term infant hacked to pieces in the womb, perhaps.

The rest of us just think you’re silly, Terry, and entirely too non-serious to be considered a reasonable candidate for Governor.

UPDATE: For more non-seriousness, check this out:

Can anyone identify a coherent idea in this absolute mess?

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  1. Citizen-Veteran said on 1 Aug 2013 at 10:11 pm:
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    Terry McAuliffe should be easy to understand for all voters. Of course, the Marxists and low-information voters will support him - the first group because they are criminals and the second group because they are . . . stupid. McAuliffe is a huge sham artist, egotist and generally . . . a jerk. He has had his nose up the Clintons and Obama for so long, he will need their help beyond the millions of dollars they are pushing his way. McAuliffe is an empty suit and wouldn’t have a clue running Virginia - except into the deadend. All of the legal and illegal scum will crawl out of their dark spaces to vote for him. And yes, the dead will vote. Now that the Obama campaign has figured out how to conduct voter registration and absentee voting from overseas - the illegal votes will be massive.

  2. Craig Fisher said on 20 Sep 2013 at 12:39 pm:
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    If God heard the voice of one murdered person’s blood cry out from the ground (Abel), how much more loudly do 50+ million aborted babies cry?

    The noise must be deafening.

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