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The Democrat War On Christianity

23 September 2013 | Local Media, Virginia Politics | 14 Comments

Bishop E. W. Jackson gave a sermon this Sunday in Northern Virginia.  Not a political rally, he was delivering a sermon.  The Washington Post then writes an article about the sermon as if this was some sort of political event, sourced by a “Democrat tracker” who apparently was following Jackson around in church, and they […]

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Gerry Connolly: A Heartless Monster

20 September 2013 | Gerry Connolly | 7 Comments

When the family members left behind after this Administration abandoned their sons, fathers and husbands in Bengazi went to talk to Congress, Gerry Connolly walked out on them.  Ambassador Chris Stevens, US Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died during an hours-long battle with terrorists, abandoned by an administration […]

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Bob McDonnell Trashes His Legacy

5 September 2013 | Virginia Politics | 7 Comments

When Bob McDonnell championed Virginia’s largest-ever tax hike as his signature achievement, a lot of us on the conservative side thought there couldn’t possibly be any worse way for McDonnell to seal the memory of his administration.  Today, he attempts to eclipse that outrageous betrayal of the principles he claimed he held by disregarding the […]

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Freedom For Liberty Farm

4 September 2013 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Virginia Senate | 3 Comments

We like to think that local governments, being the closest to the people, are the ones that would be the most responsible. As we’ve seen too often in Prince William County, that’s not the case. There’s sadly no unique characteristic that makes a local government better or worse than any other level, but […]

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