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Rally Against The Outer Beltway

By Greg L | 6 October 2013 | Loudoun County, Local Economy, Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 2 Comments

Ken Cuccinelli delivered these remarks at the Rally Against The Bi-County Parkway (which I refer to as the Outer Beltway), making it very clear that this November we have a choice for Governor between one person who stands with people, and another whom stands for anyone willing to cut him a check.

Page Snyder, who describes herself as a Democrat, expressed in no uncertain terms that she solidly stands with Ken Cuccinelli because of his demonstration of principle on this issue.

The master of ceremonies for this weekend’s rally was Delegate Tim Hugo, who previously assembled a large group of elected officials to speak at a press conference on this topic at the site of a church whose future depends on this project being re-evaluated. Here’s that press conference in it’s entirety, except for the interactions with those of the local press corps that attended.

Terry McAuliffe, whose position on this project seems to shift on an almost daily basis, cannot explain any substantial reasons why he would support or oppose this project, or even describe in any detail what concerns he might have about it. He just doesn’t understand the project or the people who would be affected by it. If you want a Governor who just doesn’t care to find out what people in Virginia need, vote for Terry. If you want a Governor who takes the time to understand how Virginia agencies work and how their plans might impact the residents of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli is your only choice.

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  1. Scout said on 7 Oct 2013 at 8:23 pm:
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    That’s a bit flip-flop. There must have been a calculus that there are more votes gained by changing positions than by sticking to the earlier course. A lot of the people who are strongly opposed to the Parkway are not particularly R-leaning. I suspect that the vote pick-up is negligible. But, then again, when you’re trying to claw back from being down in the polls, every vote counts.

  2. J Doe said on 8 Oct 2013 at 8:16 pm:
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    This is the major problem caused by the new transportation taxes (i.e. Billion of $’s looking for a home), where do we wisely spend all of this money? It seems likely that Metro expansion will suck up a huge share of this money! A waste for sure. Hopefully well thought ought projects will consume much of those funds. Providing developers with access to new areas for unnecessary apartments, condos, townhouses, and golf courses would be a waste of those funds.

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