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Are You Outraged Yet?

By Greg L | 21 November 2013 | Virginia Politics, Prince William County | 3 Comments

I am sick of seeing the thirty second propaganda spots running on cable TV that advocate the Outer Beltway, ads that are being financed by YOUR taxpayer dollars.  Government using your money to convince you that developers need you to spend money for their benefit is an absolute outrage.

If you want to help support an effort to run ads opposing the use of taxpayer dollars to sway public opinion in order to benefit developers and political insiders, drop me a line at the contact email address listed in the right-hand sidebar of this website.  Let’s hit back against this kind of brazen corruption with an effort to have the General Assembly outlaw taxpayer-funded government propaganda during this next session and make sure this never happens again. 

UPDATE: The House of Delegates is taking notice and starting to issue press releases condemning this.  I expect legislative initiatives will soon follow.

Michael Webert, Delegate of Virginia’s 18th District, has submitted a formal letter to Governor McDonnell calling for accountability and fiscal responsibility in regard to the Department of Transportation’s implementation of a Public Relations firm to quell disapproval of the Bi-County Parkway.

“On its face, this is an attempt to publicly drive a political agenda,” Webert Said. “Taxpayer dollars should not be used against the very people that pay them, much less to suggest that their concerns inconsequential.”

Webert goes on to elaborate that, “Fauquier County has experienced various forms of advertisements advocating for the Bi-County Parkway. I have heard concerns from constituents that have seen or heard these advertisements through various forms of media including newspaper, radio and television. If taxpayer dollars were in fact used to pay for this issue advocacy, then the government is failing in its duty as a steward of the their dollar.”

“We must call for accountability. My colleagues and I respectfully submit that the Secretary of Transportation be held accountable and no longer wastefully allocate tax funds to further an agenda and muffle the concerns of our constituents.”

UPDATE 2: Delegate Tim Hugo weighs in as well:

“I applaud Del. Webert for his comments in support of his constituents and Virginia’s taxpayers. This ill-conceived project will have far-reaching effects and will impact commuters from Arlington all the way to Fauquier. To spend taxpayer dollars to promote a major road project that our constituents overwhelmingly oppose is unacceptable. Secretary Connaughton is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to convince citizens that a road that will destroy their homes and their way of life is a ‘good thing.’ It is not a good thing and I call on Secretary Connaughton to immediately halt funding this biased media campaign,” said Delegate Hugo.

Hugo continued, “To use precious transportation dollars to create television ads on ESPN and local channels, to create radio ads, and to distribute door-hangers during an election are inappropriate actions by a state agency.”

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  1. Bye Bye Corey said on 22 Nov 2013 at 12:54 pm:
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    What Connaughton, the developers and their ilk are doing with this taxpayer-funded advertising blitz is as transparent as was McDonald’s phony petition drive for the McRib sandwich driven by the fake, “Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America” concocted by McDonalds themselves (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McRib). McDonalds attempted to create an impression of spontaneous public support for their product, where none existed. At least in the case of McDonalds they were spending their own money rather than ours.

    We know now as well that McRib sandwiches are made from pig tripe, heart, tongue and stomach parts all ground into a paste and then formed into frozen patties with ridges. Which is less appetizing? That, or crooked politicians, bureaucrats and developers stealing our money to use in a con job trying to fool us?

  2. D. Bowman said on 22 Nov 2013 at 4:14 pm:
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    I haven’t heard of this. Is this anyway related to the tolls being placed on all of the tunnels in the Hampton Roads area, I wonder?…

  3. The Bulletproof Monk said on 14 Jan 2014 at 5:15 pm:
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    The old adage comes to mind. “They’re bribing you with your own money”.

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