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A Call To Arms In Brentsville

By Greg L | 27 September 2014 | PWCRC, Prince William County | No Comments

Members of a political party should have the opportunity to choose whoever they think is the best candidate to run as their nominee in a general election.  I can’t even imagine a circumstance that would cause anyone to disagree with such a basic premise, one that’s part of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Amazingly there are those out there who do, and they’re part of the Scott Jacobs campaign for Brentsville Supervisor.

The reason for this, of course, is money.  Builders stand to make a ton of money getting land reserved for agricultural and commercial purposes rezoned to allow for dense residential development and they need someone on the Board of Supervisors to keep the gravy train rolling that allows for them to degrade the balance of our tax base, encroach on the Rural Crescent, and profit from hiring cheap illegal alien labor to build low-quality, tax-negative, high-density housing projects that will increase traffic congestion and school overcrowding.  They need compliant supervisors on the county board that will let them avoid the costs of offsetting the impacts of their developments, keep a blind eye on unlawful labor practices, and feign surprise when proffered infrastructure improvements fail to appear on schedule, or even at all.

Ramming this developer agenda past the political party nominations process and through the general election in a place like Brentsville is a challenge.  The only realistic way to do that is to flood the Republican primary process with people who aren’t Republicans in the hopes that they’ll outnumber the number of actual Republicans, and instead of allowing the Republican party to select their own nominee the developer industry, with the help of Democrats and independents, gets the nominee they want.  That’s precisely the tactic that Jacob’s supporters are pursuing, and Republicans should be thoroughly disgusted.

This tactic is destroying the Republican Party.  Instead of principle driving the nomination process, profit becomes the ultimate goal and that will alienate those driven by principle from the party that supposedly stands for principle more effectively than anything else could possibly ever do.  Deliberately striving to get non-Republicans to participate in the nominations process that decides to the Republican Party nominee would be in a general election is electoral poison to the Republican base.  Republicans officials are trying to head this off, but appealing to reason and principle to combat money and corruption can only succeed when ethics are more important than personal financial gain among those who will participate in this nominations contest.

There is utterly nothing that Scott Jacobs brings to the table as a candidate for Brentsville Supervisor other than a devout dedication to the developer interests that are nearly the sole source of the funds he is using to advance his campaign.  There is no policy he promotes in his campaign other than promoting residential development once you dismiss the meaningless, empty generalities he trots out on any other issue.  Ask anyone who says they support Jacobs why they do so and you’ll get the same reaction you’d expect of anyone enamored of Hillary Clinton trying to explain to you what her accomplishments are - confusion.  I asked Jacobs once what ideas he had regarding economic development, and he actually told me those ideas of his are secret and he couldn’t tell me what they were.

I can only imagine why that would be.

The Scott Jacobs campaign is just one more battle this year over the soul of the Republican Party, but this one is more transparent than most.  It was at least possible to provide a plausible reason to support Eric Cantor or Thad Cochran.  They actually stood for some things.  There isn’t even a thin lie that can justify support for Scott Jacobs, as there’s nothing at all behind his campaign other than financial interests that will profit from the corporate cronyism that he will so clearly promote should these interests encourage enough non-Republicans to participate in the Mass Meeting on October 1st.

If you stand for principle, you cannot allow that to happen.

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