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Jacobs Announces Independent Bid, Bull Run Strategies Still Gets Paid

By Greg L | 30 September 2014 | PWCRC, Prince William County | 5 Comments

When Scott Jacobs got the news that he was disqualified as a Republican candidate for Brentsville Supervisor because he failed to file on time as a candidate for the Republican Mass Meeting, he realistically had three options to consider.  He could endorse Jeanine “for the good of the party” and recover some of the goodwill he lost by consistently playing fast and loose with elections laws and county ordinances, preserving some future viability as a candidate.  He could try to find some parliamentary trick to get himself nominated at the mass meeting, which had a very low probability of success, but show he’s a fighter until the bitter end.  Or, he could declare himself as an independent candidate after a massive campaign failure — as Tareq Salahi did in his quixotic race for Governor last cycle — outrage a huge swath of the majority of voters in the district and go on to being soundly repudiated in a general election.

Jacobs picked option three, the dumbest option of them all.

The reason behind if is pretty clear when you parse the ridiculous press release the Jacobs campaign filed announcing this dumb move.  When I talked to Jacobs the day this all broke, he was being a man about it and owning up to the mistakes his campaign made.  He wasn’t trying to spin anything.  That gave me some hope about him.  Good public servants own their mistakes and share the credit for their successes.  This press release is utterly the opposite, and is filled with a stunning amount of untruths that are vastly at odds with what Jacobs related to me.  He clearly doesn’t believe a word of this absolute fantasy.

But Bull Run Strategies, the campaign consultants for Jacobs, don’t have to bother with believing in anything other than what gets them a paycheck.  Had Jacobs tried any other option Bull Run Strategies’ gravy train would have come to a halt.  I firmly believe they pushed Jacobs into an independent candidacy for the sole reason it would keep Bull Run Strategies on a payroll, and in complete disregard of how that action would impact Scott Jacobs as a potential candidate in the future.  As long as they get money, burning their candidate to the ground is just fine.

Pretty quickly this does fall on Scott Jacobs himself.  If he can be so easily mislead, so easily manipulated into continuing to employ incompetent staffers that forget such basic things as submitting an application to participate in a party nominating event, and to overlook a constant stream of complaints about his campaign staff acting in an unlawful manner, you really have to wonder whether this guy is cut out for politics at all.  Good leaders don’t neglect to hold anyone at all accountable.  Good leaders are going to make sure the people working on their behalf are doing their jobs right.

Can you just imagine what would happen if Jacobs was a Supervisor and this is what he did?  Goodness gracious.

I’ve seen a lot of first time candidates run for office.  I’ve discovered disturbing flaws in some of them, sometimes much later during their campaigns than I would have liked.  I’ve seen incompetence, greed, corruption and laziness undo many of those campaigns before election day.  I’ve seen stupidity implode campaigns.  I thought I’d seen it all.

I’ve never seen a Manchurian Candidate before, though.  This is new.

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  1. Bill Gates said on 30 Sep 2014 at 10:01 am:
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    All that developer money in his campaign war chest has to go somewhere. Bull Run Strategies obviously think it should go to them.

    Jacobs missed his opportunity to recover his reputation, and to the right thing. History will not remember him kindly.

  2. The Ghost of Steve Jobs said on 30 Sep 2014 at 10:14 am:
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    The idiocy of the Jacobs campaign knows no bounds.

  3. Anon said on 30 Sep 2014 at 4:19 pm:
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    I believe he was using his BS strategies when you spoke to Mr. Jacobs.

  4. Riley said on 30 Sep 2014 at 4:22 pm:
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    I think you have a new champion in the Worst Candidate Ever in PWC category.

  5. Cromagnum said on 1 Oct 2014 at 9:32 pm:
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    At the Republican Lawson nomination, some of his High School lackeys were outside trying to gather some names and addresses for their database.

    The kid that I saw out front near the parking lot, with long hair, showed his attitude when I declined to become a supporter. He said why, and I mentioned his guy’s lack of details, attention to details, like getting an application filled out on time. Then the kid started to talk about how great his candidate was, and then blurted out he was Jacobs campaign manager. [I almost laughed, and almost felt sorry for Jacobs] Then he continued his juvenile laudations, and I asked about which of Jacob’s men were damaging and destroying Lawson’s signs.

    He sputtered something as I walked away

    I just wish that on Saturday afternoon I had taken pictures when his worthless cronies removed Jeanine’s large 4×8 sign on Linton Hall at the Traffic light at Harris Teeter.
    Mr. Jacobs could show some actual class, and restore the sign. He should understand how important signs are, especially being a real estate agent

    But having seen his lackeys lack all class tonight at Patriot HS, I’m not holding my breath.

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