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2014 Election Open Thread

By Greg L | 4 November 2014 | Uncategorized | 24 Comments

This election is going to be a test of whether the now-superior Democrat data management and GOTV efforts can blunt the wave of disdain voters have developed for President Obama’s policies.  When the odds are against them, can Democrats still get their base to turn out and overcome the dynamic of the election season?  That’s going to be an interesting question to answer with the 2015 and 2016 elections coming up.

Local races to watch: 11th CD (Scholte vs. Connolly), Manassas City (Marc Aveni vs. 3 liberals)

National races to watch: US Senate in New Hampshire, Georgia, Colorado and North Carolina.

It’s going to be an interesting night, giving us plenty to talk about tomorrow.

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  1. Red, White, and Blue said on 5 Nov 2014 at 6:59 am:
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    It was a good night for Republicans! Sorry we still have Connolly around and I was so hopeful we could finally be rid of that terrible Mark Warner but its not looking like it.
    Barbara Comstock won and we got rid of Foust.
    Marc Aveni won big in the city. In spite of (or because?) the other two dems and the other republican tried working together against him with a democratic “crossover” ballot? I think most conservatives were apalled by this.
    Of course having overweight and slovenly male Planned Parenthood volunteers shipped in from DC at Haydon Elementary saying vote for anyone but Aveni because he hates women while his attractive and clean cut female teens and young mom volunteers were handing out his lit probably helped him some too!

  2. Tom said on 5 Nov 2014 at 9:58 am:
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    Actually Shirley Bass won bigger than Aveni.

  3. Greg L said on 5 Nov 2014 at 11:20 am:
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    Local Results:

    Manassas City: Sheryl Bass, Marc Aveni and Ken Elston win, with Patricia Ritchie-Folks again coming in last and losing.

    Manassas Park: Preston Banks re-elected, Suhas Naddoni defeated by Michael Carrera (R), Don Schumaker (I, previously D) does not win.

    Constitutional amendment overwhelmingly passes by 87%.

    Congress: all incumbents re-elected, and will be joined by Dave Brat, Barbara Comstock and Don Beyer.

    Senate: Warner narrowly edges Gillespie, recount is likely.

  4. Anon said on 5 Nov 2014 at 3:37 pm:
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    It looks like the Republican issue (establishment vs tea party) may have prevented another Republican victory. Gillespie could have won that race, with just a little more support. With Gillespie being an establishment candidate. . . I wonder how a much better turn out from the tea party wing may have made the difference. Perhaps there were tea party types that recalled how the establishment types failed to support Cucinelli. . . Republicans in Virginia are continuing to lose elections, IMHO, due to this issue. Time to move beyond and support the candidate on the ballot? Or continue to have the likes of Warner and McAuliffe making poor decisions for VA.

    I support the ballot candidates, perhaps you should too!

  5. Anon said on 5 Nov 2014 at 4:05 pm:
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    Gillespie and his types go out of their way to poke conservatives in the eye. Are we ablidged to contribute money and time to an ungrateful candidate?

    By the way, where was Gillespies grassroots campaign.

    Maybe hiring conservative campaign workers might help keep the party more unified. Instead of making dc tv stations wealthy, invest his campaign treasure into an enduring ground structure for the GOP.

  6. Anon said on 5 Nov 2014 at 5:15 pm:
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    @ Anon2 4:05

    Get over it! Do you need a hug? Could you manage to drag your tail to the poll and vote?

    This attitude of yours will continue to produce negative results for the VA Republican ballot. . . Hope you like Warner and McAuliffe. Both could have been beaten if Conservatives and Republicans could work together.

    Just say’in.

    Anon 3:37

  7. anon said on 5 Nov 2014 at 8:41 pm:
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    Gillespie and others are the ones who kicked out conservative delegates out of the national convention. These delegates spent one thousand dollars or more to attend, only to be told to get out. Do you expect these delegates to then donate or volunteer for the people that kicked them out?

    Gillespie feels he can wage war against conservatives and still win in Virginia.

    Tell Gillespie he shouldn’t kick out Conservative delegates.

    Does Gillespie really expect activists who he helped kick out to come out and volunteer and donate?

    Gillespie was hurting for money, yet he felt he mistreat a part of the GOP that has millions.

  8. Anon said on 5 Nov 2014 at 9:32 pm:
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    So, punish yourself for six more years. . . That will fix it.

  9. Anon said on 5 Nov 2014 at 10:19 pm:
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    Actually it might fix it. I hope to see moderate republicans extend the olive branch to conservative republicans.

  10. Anon said on 6 Nov 2014 at 8:16 am:
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    Don’t count on it, if you can’t be trusted to show up when it counts. . .

  11. Anon said on 6 Nov 2014 at 8:38 am:
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    Actually, most conservatives did vote for Gillespie. It is his campaign that turns down offers of help from conservatives.

    Blame his campaign and associates, don’t blame activists. If Gillespie doesn’t ask for help, are conservatives suppose to read his mind and start running his campaign for him. The candidate has to engage with the voters and activists and ask for their support.

  12. Mo said on 6 Nov 2014 at 11:03 am:
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    Anon & Anon,

    This is exactly why the Republican Party has fractured. There are things I don’t like about both Conservative and Moderate Republicans. No one can agree 100% of the time.

    I didn’t want to vote for Gillespie (he has fought to have amnesty happen) but the thought of Warner again is even worse.

  13. Anon said on 6 Nov 2014 at 2:51 pm:
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    Agree, no perfect people/parties out there. As stated, IMHO this attitude can and does defeat good candidates. . . it is sad/bad for both sides, and the results can be terrible.

  14. Derron said on 6 Nov 2014 at 4:59 pm:
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    Still holding out hope that Gillespie pulls out the win with the recount.

  15. Anon said on 6 Nov 2014 at 5:42 pm:
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    Gillespies own attitude led to his own defeat.

  16. Stephen Spiker said on 7 Nov 2014 at 11:37 am:
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    Gillespie united most Republicans, partly due to the lack of caliber of his convention opponent, and partly due to the campaign he ran.

    The minor extent to which certain so-called “conservatives” abstained or didn’t vote for him are largely malcontents who cannot possibly be relied on, and therefore have provided no rationale for being given the time of day.

  17. Anon said on 7 Nov 2014 at 1:08 pm:
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    I am referring to his role in the Romney campaign and that national convention. I would say the moderates are the malcontents who cannot work with conservatives and hence kick them out of conventions or worse.

  18. The Bulletproof Monk said on 14 Nov 2014 at 4:04 pm:
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    anon should stay anon….and just get out of the way. Mr. Negativity couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a flashlight. We could let them cheat and use a GPS, but the result wouldn’t improve until they remove their head from the sand it’s stuck in.

  19. anon said on 15 Nov 2014 at 12:13 am:
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    I hope the moderate GOP reaches out to democrats and conservatives in future so they can win.

    It is amazing that the moderates will more viciously attack their own natural allies than go after the Democrats with any force.

    Where were all of the RNC friend’s of Gillespie?

  20. Stephen Spiker said on 16 Nov 2014 at 12:03 pm:
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    Gillespie certainly went after Warner and the liberal policies in Washington. The fact that he didn’t kowtow to certain needy egotists in the Tea Party is only a plus in his favor.

    I’d rather a candidate that spoke to all voters on based on his own ideas, rather than seeking the approval of those who can only be bothered to give a shit about conservative policy if they’re personally ass-kissed.

  21. anon said on 16 Nov 2014 at 7:41 pm:
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    I don’t think Gillespie went after Warner very effectively and neither did the RNC and NRSC which denied Gillespie funding and help.

    So the establishment didn’t think much of Gillespie.

    Considering the US government is facing trillions in deficits and Virginia will have another tax increase on Gas on Jan 1, 2015 and local counties will probably raise our taxes again, Tea Party types have a legitimate gripe about spending and taxes.

    Being that the future survival of the US is at stake and many local jobs are on the line, I would say many voters have a right to demand accountability from Gillespie.

  22. Stephen Spiker said on 17 Nov 2014 at 1:27 pm:
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    Neither Mark Warner nor Ed Gillespie are responsible for the gas tax increase or local property taxes.

    It’s cute that you think that Gillespie didn’t go after Warner–after losing by only a few percentage points–and it’s even cuter that you think saying things like “the future survival of the US is at stake” would have helped anything.

    All I hear from the few Tea Partiers who didn’t support Gillespie is blathering about purity and bitterness at not being treated as a more relevant voting bloc than they actually are.

  23. Anon said on 17 Nov 2014 at 2:11 pm:
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    Gillespies friends are responsible for tax increases. As a former GOP party leader he could use his influence to tell his biddies not to raise taxes. It is bad for Republican Brand which always solicits the voters and donors as the party of small government and low taxes.
    Some donors might conclude that the GOP is a fraud guilty of bait and switch.

    Since the RNC and NRSC raise over 100 million a year, they bear more responsibility for Gilespie’s loss by their lack of help.
    Question the establishment power structure, Why didn’t they help Gillespie, where did the money go?
    What consultants got paid and how much?

    As you said, the Tea party is small.

    Anyone who reads this and supports small government and low taxes should immediately run and join a tea party.

    As you can read here, moderates will blame the Tea Party for Gillespie’s defeat when the moderate establishment should look in the mirror to see who is most responsible for Ed’s defeat.

  24. William R. said on 18 Nov 2014 at 9:33 am:
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    Thought I saw Mr Kelly at Haydon showing support for Councilman Aveni. I thought he was sent to prison for like, forever. Wasn’t he?

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