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Radicalizing Our Children, For Fun And Profit

By Greg L | 5 March 2015 | Schools, Crime | 1 Comment

And here’s some of the rest of the story about ISIS radicals in our schools, and how they’ve been mismanaging the threat, from one of our readers:

The student recruited a former student of OP, someone who graduated last year and who is now in Syria. Well, I guess now we know why the FBI was crawling all over Osbourn Park questioning students and staff in January. Why would they take the risk of charging a minor, and the hassle of making the case for charging him as an adult, when they would surely prefer to wait until he turned 18? The only explanation is that the charges and evidence against him must be very serious and very strong.

Who knew what when? That’s the part that is problematic because concerns about this student - his radicalization, his espousal of militant extremist views in class, his intent to go to Syria after graduation and join ISIS then come back and target the US government, have been the topic of discussion at the school for a long time… How many others at the school were influenced by this student in the time that he was allowed to remain there while actively recruiting? He had stopped associating with his previous friends and started spending time with two other Muslim students. He had begun bringing his prayer rug to school and conspicuously praying during lunch and now these other two previously “typical” students are doing the same.

We will probably never know because PWCS is constantly in a reactive mode - they cover their asses during a crisis then move on to the next one, never any lessons learned and no one is held accountable for anything. Why? Because Walts and his two Greece partners don’t want to fire anyone because then someone might start looking at personnel management and see the underlying financial mismanagement that makes those three rich, meanwhile the school division falls apart. And, this part is just my personal opinion, but I believe that the Office of Special Education is the slush fund.

When you were growing up, I’m sure an incident like this in your school would have been handled very differently, but then your school probably wasn’t infused with multi-kulti garbage, either. ┬áIn return for feeling so smug about how we “celebrate” diversity, we have the great honor of exposing our kids to radical islamist doctrine that tells them how wonderful it is to massacre some innocent people and enslave the rest.

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1 Comment

  1. Greg L said on 11 Jun 2015 at 7:18 pm:
    Flag comment

    And on June 11th, the mainstream media finally discovers the story when the primary suspect pleads guilty. If it weren’t for government press releases, there’d be no news at all…

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