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Woodbridge Candiate Trivia Contest #1

By Greg L | 8 March 2015 | Prince William County | 2 Comments

Answer below the fold…

Probably not to anyone’s great surprise, the answer is: Steve Chapman.

From a complaint registered with the Better Business Bureau against one of the aliases used by Steve Chapman’s business:

I am a combat service disabled Marine and do not need the additional stress in my life, especially to the point of someone trying to speak with my NINE YEAR OLD daughter in regards to services that were questioned in the beginning.

I continue to receive collections activities from this business. They have threatened my wife, my nine year old daughter, and today myself. The individual today phoned me numerous times to the point I stated to him to cease bothering me and to validate the debt. I filed a Better Business compliant last week when this latest round began.

Could the complaint be invalid?  It’s possible.  That does happen on occasion, but the volume of complaints about Chapman’s business (under the various identities of National Home Improvement of Virginia, Inc., Elite Pressure Cleaning and Wash My Deck LLC, at least) are numerous and consistent.  When you look on YelpRipOffReport, or HomeAdvisor, which are the only reviews available that aren’t behind paywalls, there’s a lot of troubling narrative there that describes several quite serious ethical issues that are relevant to someone that wants to hold elected office.  Other businesses of the same type do not seem to have so many negative reviews, and none of those that do appear (any retail business will have some disgruntled customers, even good ones) to have such startling consistency.

He flat out lied. Then I got an email from the company saying that they rescheduled me for Sat. with no explanation..Not even an apology..And of course, nobody showed up on Sat.

I had them back five different times to correct problems… That summer when low pressure hose spraying, the stain came right off! And this past weekend when cleaning deck, again the same thing happened. It looks like the deck is in need of staining again. The sad thing is this poor work cost me $2,800!

I am left with winter coming on with a deck still marred by the incompletely-removed wrong color they started to stain it. They splattered stripper all over, put a hole in my screen door, and now refuse to return my calls.

There are complaints about sending customers to collections for work that wasn’t done, frequent complaints about quality, bad business practices and failure to perform on schedule.  To believe that the experience of someone who went to the trouble to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau is somehow outside of the norm when so many other customers have had very similar experiences suggests thaty perhaps it is the norm, rather than an exception.

I can’t imagine anyone in Woodbridge thinking this guy deserves their support or their vote.  If he’s not going to put in much effort to wash off a deck the right way, who is to believe he’d put in the effort required to understand a municipal budget, a proposed ordinance, or a rezoning request?

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  1. JustaJoe said on 9 Mar 2015 at 10:22 am:
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    But wait, wasn’t Steve Chapman so awesome at power washing that Arlington National Cemetery selected him to wash the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Kennedy Memorial? I mean it had absolutely nothing to do with normal government contracting, where the lowest bid wins. Nope! It was because he is so trusted. Next he’ll claim to have personally power washed Mount Rushmore and the Space Shuttle, while in-flight.

  2. What! said on 11 Mar 2015 at 6:34 am:
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    OO… this is good stuff!

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