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PWC Republican Primary Voters Guide

By Greg L | 21 April 2015 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

By now everyone should figure out that they’ll likely be voting in a different place than their usual polling location, and that a Republican-run “firehouse primary” has rules that are a little different than a state-run government process.  Now all you need to do, if you’re a Republican (yes, it’s a process to determine the Republican nominee, so it’s for Republicans) who is planning on participating, is figure out who to cast your ballot for.

Chairman, Board of County Supervisors: We have’t had a chance like this before to retire Corey Stewart, who after promising us that he was not a developer’s candidate and he’d cut taxes, in short order became the poster child for the development community and higher taxes.  For the guy that initially ran as the anti-Sean Connaughton, he became Sean Connaughton II.  Everyone who had the qualifications to challenge him bailed, leaving us with an unknown and untested Chris Crawford.  Crawford is a nice guy, I’ve done some work for him, and perhaps sometime he’ll be ready for something like this.  Still, I’d suggest voting for him for no other reason than to voice a protest for better governance and conservative governance rather than the throwaway soundbites you get from Corey lately.  Maybe some message will get through, although I’m not all that hopeful.

Sheriff: Glen Hill is once again challenged by the Stoffregan holdover Mike Messier, who hasn’t been able to figure out despite constant drubbings that he’s just not ever going to get elected to this office.  Hill has done a pretty good job this term, and there’s no reason at all to hand this job over to the crew that was caught selling badges for campaign donations, and walking off with the Department’s rifles.

Clerk Of The Court: Michele McQuigg has done a generally fair job in the post, and I applaud her decision to become a plaintiff in the same-sex “marriage” lawsuit last year. We can do better here, however.  The politicization of this position as well as some rather shocking campaign behavior really demonstrates some needed change in this position, which shouldn’t be political at all.  For example, you don’t “lose” concealed carry permit applications just because the applicant is in the leadership of the Democratic Party, you don’t tell community leaders they can’t be certified to become marriage “celebrants” because the handful of ones we already have are “enough.” Austin Haynes brings a much better grasp of business process and leadership and isn’t about trying to use the office as an opportunity to pursue an agenda.  It’s all about doing a good job managing the process at the courthouse and making sure documents get managed well, none of which should have any relation to what political party you belong to.  Austin Hanes is a clear pick here.

Supervisor, Woodbridge District: Lee Price seems to have the maturity and intellect to be able to mount a credible challenge to Frank Principi, unlike his opponent Steve Chapman, who once again brings a thoroughly embarrassing campaign and personal history to politics.  In Chapman we’ve gone from “Pimp My House” residency fraud to leaving your wife with an infant daughter in her arms to go have an affair with a neighbor’s wife who is willing to appear in expletive-laden rap videos that demean women and celebrate illegal drugs.  Chapman is so awful he damages the Republican brand in Woodbridge, while Lee Price is precisely the kind of intelligent and sober leader that could actually help Woodbridge become a better place.

Supervisor, Coles District: Marty Nohe, who has unwaveringly supported the very largest tax hikes possible, rezonings to permit residential development in the rural crescent, and mouthpieced even the most idiotic baloney that Her Highness Melissa Peacor has wanted to foist on taxpayers to excuse her completely awful power-grabs, can be eliminated from public service this Saturday.  The list of reasons to remove Nohe is long and disturbing, and this is a rare opportunity to make a very significant improvement on the Board of County Supervisors.  Paul O’Meara is in every way that kind of opportunity in the same way that taxpayers had the option of replacing Wally Covington with Jeanine Lawson.  Paul’s a very highly knowledgeable local activist who reminds quite a few of his father who was very highly regarded and well known by long-time residents.  Replacing Nohe with O’Meara, and then the potential for a change in Woodbridge or Occoquan, makes it possible to have four or five solidly taxpayer-friendly votes on the Board of Supervisors to put an end to the never-ending local government thirst for ever-larger proportions of our wealth, open-space development, overcrowded schools, and a declining commercial tax base.  This is probably the most important election in Prince William County on Saturday.

Supervisor, Occoquan District: Ruth Anderson and Don Scoggins are facing off in an open seat with Earnie Porta as the Democrat in the general election.  Scoggins seems to have the strategy of appealing to Democrats, since Scoggins himself voted for Obama along with them, and maybe they’ll think they should switch from Porta to Scoggins.  Fat chance, that.  You can’t out-Democrat the Democrats, and it’s patently silly to try.  If you want an actual opportunity here to have Republicans win this seat, Ruth Anderson is the only opportunity.

Stay tuned for more coverage on these and other races in Northern Virginia.

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  1. Anonymous said on 23 Apr 2015 at 11:07 am:
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    We need a change.

  2. Anonymous said on 23 Apr 2015 at 4:16 pm:
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    I wanted to stay off this topic but since you brought it up let’s go there. The rumor that Sheriff Stoffregen sold badges is just that, a rumor. This rumor has been investigated by the FBI and the Virginia State Police and it was determined to be unfounded. No one has ever been convicted or spent one day in jail. On the other hand, Sheriff Hill has one of his crew in the federal penitentiary doing 17 years for child pornography trafficking from his collection of over 900 pictures and another of his crew was sentenced to 10 years for making illegal land deals. Under Sheriff Hill it shouldn’t be called the Sheriff’s Office, it should be called the Felony Office.

  3. Greg L said on 23 Apr 2015 at 6:13 pm:
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    I’ve seen the badges, personally. It’s NO rumor.

  4. Anonymous said on 23 Apr 2015 at 6:22 pm:
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    It was investigated at least twice and was determined to be unfounded by the FBI and Virginia State Police.

  5. Hollis K said on 24 Apr 2015 at 6:03 am:
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    Not so fast to declare what a great job Hill has done. What has he done? Status quo that is about it. The reason he is attempting a 4th term is not because the people need him, but the time entrenched politicians need to ensure they stay rock solid. And bringing any new faces to the party may just shine a light that they don’t want …

    As the comment about the Stoffregen hold over, really. 12 years ago, Lee got his ass whipped because HE screwed it up. Sheriffs have an absolute control over their staff, and if anyone dare to object at all, they get quickly dismissed without recourse. With incumbency comes the increasing ability to disregard what is in the department’s interst, and continue to build upon the power madness.

    If you really look into it, Hill has followed the same path that Stoffregen did, becoming deaf to what the department is really suppose to be, and puff up one man’s ego. Left u corrected, a fourth term for Hill will stifle progress in the county because he will just be the same old, same old do nothing supporting the other same old same old do nothings.

    Saturday is an opportunity to rid this self centered set of incumbents and get some fresh ideas into the offices that are suppose to lead this county. Labeling Hill’s opponent as more of Stoffregen is just BS. Emerging from a Tryant and seeking to lead, would be a plus in a politician, not a negative. So Saturday is is good opportunity to evict the sitting Tyrant(s), and replace them with those who are motivated to do the right thing for the citizens and staff, and not just continue to party on the tax payers dime.

  6. J Chambers said on 24 Apr 2015 at 6:27 pm:
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    Greg, the big time fan of Glendell Hill has personally SEEN the badges???? Come on, Greg. You can’t possibly be serious. It’s surprising to a lot of people why you are still obsessed with the Stoffregen subject, when in fact,
    you obviously know little about that matter. You would deny the FBI’s determination? Who do you think you are? Oh, wait a minute. I know…..you think you are the master-mind of everything political. Stop showing your
    ignorance, please. You have become a laughing stock.

  7. Bwana said on 25 Apr 2015 at 3:18 pm:
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    When will results be announced, and via what method/website?

  8. Scout said on 28 Apr 2015 at 7:33 pm:
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    Just curious - how did they determine if voters were “Republicans”? Was there some sort of screening mechanism? If a voter showed up and claimed to be a “Republican” was that assertion enough to enable the citizen to vote? Or was it more or less an honor system - if you showed up you were presumed to be “Republican” enough to vote?

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