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When Marty Nohe Saved The Day For Big Spenders, Again

By Greg L | 22 April 2015 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

A lot of us were surprised when Marty Nohe was the first to announce that the Ferlazzo school site would indeed be used for a neighborhood elementary school instead of being secretly re-purposed as an opportunity to relocate the Porter Traditional School.  For most of us, all we knew of Nohe’s involvement was that he wanted the activists attending School Board meetings to wear the T-shirts he had gotten to promote their cause - with Marty Nohe’s name plastered on it, of course.  The activists refused, as you’d expect.  But that wasn’t the end of Nohe’s meddling on this issue - not at all.

Nohe fancies himself as the king of negotiated compromise, so he set to work.   The school administration was in full damage-control mode as their sleight of hand was not only revealed, but identified as unlawful to boot.  The school board, usually really reluctant to exercise any authority over Dr. Walts and his co-conspirators, had been hearing such a heavy volume of outrage from constituents that they were about ready to pull the plug on the idiotic idea no matter what Walts wanted to do.  Also coming up this week was a final vote on the county budget, and it was this opportunity that presented a chance for one of Marty’s legendary deals.

If the schools wanted the highest tax rate possible so they’d get the most money possible under the revenue sharing agreement and were willing to give in on changing the project back to the Ferlazzo Elementary School, Marty figured this would be a pretty nice deal.  Marty would push to make sure Supervisors Lawson and Candland couldn’t get any spending reductions passed at the budget meeting, offering supervisors the opportunity to put out the public relations fire regarding Ferlazzo that they just wanted to go away, if only they’d agree to nailing the taxpayers with the highest legally permissible tax rate.  The schools got the most money that they could get, so they were happy with the idea.  As long as none of the supervisors he was going to work on were aware that Dr. Walts was going to cave on the issue no matter what they did, it just might work.

And it did.  Even Corey Stewart, who supposedly is facing re-election as he blathers on about how fiscally conservative he supposedly is, voted against each and every spending reduction that was put on the table.  The rest were happily going to go along with spending taxpayer money, or at least vote with any board majority so they’d get the chance to look like they were nicely centrist to voters.  One guy, one big-spending agenda, and a whole county gets screwed.

It’s no surprise that taxpayers got the short end of the stick, who got higher taxes and more government spending in exchange for something that was going to happen anyways.  As long as Marty Nohe can negotiate his big deals using taxpayer money and then claim credit as the guy who gets to announce the part of the deal that taxpayers are going to like, he gets to enjoy his self-appointed role as the great negotiator on the board.

Saturday we can replace Marty Nohe with Paul O’Meara, who isn’t going to play these stupid, ridiculous games that take money out of your pocket and give you pretty much nothing in return.  At least nothing other than the opportunity for Melissa Peacor to proudly announce that for the 28th year in a row, county government paid some organization called the “Government Finance Officers Association” to give them a piece of paper saying that they won an award for budget transparency, on a budget that was only fully available 48 hours before the vote was taken on it.

All of you out there in the Coles District who haven’t had your incomes leap by 25% in the past three years as have many of your taxes can get to this weekend’s “firehouse primary” and make this change happen.  Opportunities like this are pretty rare, and Marty Nohe is entirely deserving.

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  1. John Fitzgerald Byers said on 23 Apr 2015 at 9:30 am:
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    I’m convinced Walts caved WHEN he did in order to try and help save Marty’s bacon on Saturday.

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