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In the Crosshairs: NOVA Firearms

By Greg L | 8 July 2015 | Arlington County, National Politics, Patriotism, Fairfax County | 6 Comments

In The Crosshairs: NOVA Firearms from NOVA Digital Films on Vimeo.

Anything that might possibly offend the delicate sensitivities of liberal statists is under assault across the country, and right here in Northern Virginia the target-du-jour is a small gun store that would like to expand their business.  Myself and another strong supporter of liberty and our Constitutionally-protected rights spent an afternoon with these fine people to learn their story and share it with you.

Stay vigilant.  Never quit.  Once surrendered, rights are terribly difficult to restore.

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  1. Tom Fitzpatrick said on 8 Jul 2015 at 7:24 pm:
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    If the self-appointed elite want to identify and eliminate crime in their communities, they can begin by stopping their assault on this business and the Constitutional rights of its owners.

    By extension, this action is also an assault on all Virginians, as all Virginians are being denied commerce in a place of their choosing. Don’t think that what happens inside the Beltway today cannot happen outside the Beltway tomorrow. Elections in Prince William County are almost upon us. Vote accordingly.

    Well done, Greg, although I wish that there was not a need for it to be done.

  2. Cynic said on 8 Jul 2015 at 8:43 pm:
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    Hope NOVA Firearms prevails.
    But, why do they have to spend a fortune to maintain their rights?

    The goal of the mentally ill liberal elite is to disarm the sane American citizens. Once disarmed, their beloved cadre of illegals - who have come here out of “love” and to “work” - and other misfit allies will meet with far less obstructions while they spread their “love”.


    And three cheers for DT.

  3. linda said on 9 Jul 2015 at 6:25 am:
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    Now I know where to go to buy my next gun, thanks Greg.

  4. winston said on 9 Jul 2015 at 5:16 pm:
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    As usual you “gun nuts” leave out some pertinent facts. GL filmed the place ALL night and has video of guns sneaking out and doing God knows what but does he report that? Noooooooo!

  5. Steve Thomas said on 14 Jul 2015 at 1:55 pm:
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    I constantly here about how “there’s too many guns on the street”. I’ve looked high and low, and have yet to find that street that is just “covered in guns”, where “anyone can get a gun”. Someone please direct me to that street. It sounds like a magical place.

  6. DJRippert said on 25 Jul 2015 at 7:49 am:
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    Conservatives are missing a great political opportunity with regard to gun rights. Here’s an article from left leaning NPR that lays it out pretty well.

    “According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of blacks now see gun ownership as a good thing, something more likely to protect than harm. That’s up from 29 percent just two years ago. In places like Detroit, more African-Americans are getting permits to carry concealed weapons.”


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