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Archives for October 2015

PWC Voters Guide: School Board

31 October 2015 | Schools, Prince William County | 9 Comments

With so many races on the ballot it might be a little hard to keep track of the candidates for School Board in Prince William County, but given how the Board is in charge of a budget greater than what the Board of County Supervisors spend, it’s arguably among the more import votes you can […]

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The Wave Election of 2015

30 October 2015 | Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Are you ready for a wave election of historic proportions? ¬†Tuesday is going to be an opportunity to not only thwart some of the liberal agenda that’s been crammed down our throats over the past year, but to remarkably reshape the balance of power at the state and local levels for the next several years. […]

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Government’s Very Scary Halloween

30 October 2015 | National Politics | No Comments

Did you notice how expensive candy has gotten this Halloween? You can thank government for that.

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Earnie Porta’s Personal War On Women

28 October 2015 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

So much for the Democrat narrative that Republicans are the one’s waging a “war on women”…

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Winchester Law Enforcement Politician Breaks The Law

28 October 2015 | Virginia Politics, Crime | No Comments

There’s a pretty wild turn lately in the Winchester Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race, a locality that I don’t often pay much attention to but these outlying localities in Virginia has been where a huge amount of drama has been happening lately. Conservative stalwart, Constitutional champion, and US Supreme Court litigator attorney Bill Olson is calling […]

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Martha Boneta Doc Released On YouTube

4 October 2015 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

When I heard that Martha Boneta’s story had been made into a documentary film, I was intrigued, and when that film won an audience award at the Anthem Film Festival, I got pretty excited about seeing it. ¬†The only difficulty was waiting for a showing that was relatively convenient to travel to and for most […]

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