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Winchester Law Enforcement Politician Breaks The Law

By Greg L | 28 October 2015 | Virginia Politics, Crime | No Comments

There’s a pretty wild turn lately in the Winchester Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race, a locality that I don’t often pay much attention to but these outlying localities in Virginia has been where a huge amount of drama has been happening lately. Conservative stalwart, Constitutional champion, and US Supreme Court litigator attorney Bill Olson is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate what appears to be misconduct under the interim Commonwealth’s Attorney Marc Abrams. It appears that Abrams, vying for the promotion against criminal law attorney and Republican Committee Chairman Beau Correll, may have been using government resources to benefit his candidacy.

Yeah, as in the taxpayers are paying for part of this knucklehead’s campaign.

Apparently Abrams has been refusing to release the volumes of electioneering e-mails occurring between he and staff that went out during during work hours. The allegations  seem pretty disturbing. Whether he will do the right thing and step aside to allow an investigation to occur ,or block it is anyone’s guess at this point but we’ve seen a lot of this over the past few years and the pattern tends to be for folks abusing their official authority to dig their heels in until at least the next election.  Then we get to find out about all the misconduct after the window for voters to hold public officials to account has closed.

The special election for Winchester City Commonwealth’s Attorney has been a very contentious race with Beau Correll running on sending heroin dealers to prison and stopping the “catch and release” policy of Abrams, where in 2014, 90% of heroin dealer (not user) convictions were plea deals and 75% of which were heroin dealers receiving mere months in city jail. The entire area surrounding Winchester and the city itself are currently in the throes of a devastating heroin epidemic and it’s having an impact not only on this locality, but a lot of the surrounding ones as well.  This is not a local issue at all.

While Correll’s campaign strategy has been laying out his plan to combat the heroin epidemic and stricter enforcement of stronger sentencing for heroin dealers while helping addicts end the cycle of addiction with use of drug courts, it appears Abrams campaign strategy to date is personal attacks on his opponent. He has no plan. Just business as usual.  We’ve seen this before from what folks call the “good ol’ boy network” and it’s a strategy with diminishing returns over the years.  We hear the same garbage from a lot of these candidates, and it’s getting really old.

Abrams is 66 and running in this Special Election to fulfill his predecessor’s term which will run until 2017. Since he needs three more years of being an elected official to receive higher benefits from VRS the financial incentive for him to dig in his heels this election is awfully strong, while resigning mid-term when the pension benefits can kick in if he wins is a pretty likely scenario. This is all about the publicly-funded personal gravy train, whether it’s using public, taxpayer-funded resources to maintain power or bellying up to the public feeding troth after power’s been relinquished.

It’s all about what people like Abrams can extract from the taxpayer.

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