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PWC Voters Guide: County Legislative Races

By Greg L | 1 November 2015 | PWCDC, PWCRC, Prince William County | 1 Comment

Here’s where things get interesting - in the races that decide what your property taxes should be and how they’re used.  Prince William County has some major challenges ahead and we really need some changes if we’re ever going to be able to address them.  Here’s how you might be able to make those changes happen…

Chairman: Corey Stewart throws taxpayer money out the window towards any constituency he thinks will reward him with their loyalty without any regard to how that impacts you.  If your taxes spike, he clearly doesn’t give a crap.  Rick Smith clearly intends to throw taxpayer money out the window towards any constituency he thinks will reward him with their loyalty, justifying your tax increases as “just what we collectively to to get the government we want.”  Is there a difference here?  Not much.  While there’s a possibility that on non-fiscal issues Stewart might actually make decisions that help county residents, there’s a certainty that Smith will make decisions that benefit the Democratic Party.  How you tell the difference between those two is a hard one.  My suggestion: give up and write-in Jeff Frederick.

Gainesville District: Supervisor Peter Candland is running unopposed.  Anyone running against him would be blown out of the water anyways.

Brentsville District: Supervisor Jeanine Lawson is running unopposed.  See above.

Coles District: Supervisor Marty Nohe won the primary against Paul O’Meara by encouraging Democrats to participate in the Republican primary and then recruited someone to run against Republican-endorsed school board candidate Willie Deutch.  Nohe is a fetid pestilence on our government, always supporting the highest tax rates and most lavish government funding possible.  Write-in Paul O’Meara and encourage ten friends to do the same.  Bring a marshmallow to the polls and give it to either Nohe or whoever has the misfortune of representing his interests at the polls.  If you’re still not satisfied afterwards (and you won’t be), write a check to O’Meara along with your encouragement to take Nohe on the next time around.  It is an abject disgrace to have Nohe representing any part of this county.  If he were running against Obama even then I wouldn’t vote for him.

Occoquan District:  On a much more positive note, Ruth Anderson’s position statements are stunningly good.  I haven’t seen this level of policy and planning comprehensiveness and coherence since information technology eggheads were introducing the concept of Enterprise Architecture as a planning tool for organization, investment prioritization and resource planning.  Here’s someone who can lay down a ten year policy plan on county land use along with all the collateral entity impacts as if she was offhandedly handing you driving directions to get to the McCoart center.  I knew she was likely to have her head in the game as exposed to all she has been in her career and with Delegate Rich Anderson as a husband, but I honestly was dumbfounded by what I saw from her when these policy papers started coming out.  Forget all the drama of sexual harassment lawsuits involving Earnie Porta and the typical partisan back-and-forth here.  This lady is a real diamond in the rough.  We should have gotten her into elected office at the county level in some capacity a long time ago.

Potomac District:  Here we go again, back to the awful.  Supervisor Maureen Caddigan’s performance in this office is so utterly awful people in her district have resigned from the Prince William County Republican Committee because they can’t in good conscience say they support her.  She calls volunteer budget committee members “despicable” for helping out during budget season, uses taxpayer money to buy advertisements for her political campaigns and engages in highly questionable behavior in diverting campaign money to her family members.  If you can’t stomach voting for her Democrat opponent Andrea Bailey, writing in Jeff Frederick is a great option, but in no circumstance should anyone ever consider voting for the awful that is Maureen Caddigan.

Woodbridge District: Here you’ve got a choice between the Gerry Connolly mini-me of Frank Principi, the patently awful Steve Chapman, or an independent by the name of Antonio Merrick.  Between the hard-left Principi and drug-addled, oversexed, under-educated trainwreck that is Steve Chapman there simply isn’t a choice here no matter how bad Merrick may or may not be.  It doesn’t particularly concern me whether he barbecues live kittens in a Weber grill on his back porch every Friday night while spraying chemical waste into his neighbor’s yard in a case like this.  I’d pull the lever for him anyways, and I hope those in this district will as well.  My Lord, you poor people in Woodbridge.  What could you have possibly done to deserve something like this?

Neabsco District:  John Jenkins is not, we are told, cast as a stand-in for a remake of “Weekend At Bernie’s”.  He’s often not awake, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue in this district.  Other than that, what we know about him always seems terribly uncertain.  Write-in Lisa Bell so you can get the sense of a brighter future, a future that will someday come.  Have faith, Neabsco residents, better days are coming soon.

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  1. Anonymous said on 2 Nov 2015 at 10:24 pm:
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    For Woodbridge, I would suggest writing in the name of Terrence Boulden, the editor of Virginia Virtucon who passed away about a week and a half ago. That would be a fitting tribute to the man who gave some much of his life to trying to make Woodbridge a better place.

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